Progressive Arise: Say NO To The Romney – Obama Drama

I was away from my home for over a week on vacation. No big deal the issues are still the same! Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats have been purchased by the corporations! Spare me the bull! You want to get all excited about Obama yet again? No I am not saying sit this election out. That is exactly what the Republicans would like.  Nor should we just gripe about the situation. My 60’s era fellow hippies will remember the pop psychology called “Transactional Analysis” by Dr. Eric Berne. His popular book “Games People Play” featured a game called “Ain’t it awful” where folks would dull themselves into inaction griping about events.

That is the last thing we Progressives ……NO we LIBERALS need to do is become apathetic. The right wing has successfully used psychology to the extent that the label “liberal” is a bad word. Actually I am not merely a liberal but a “Social Democrat”.

Hell yes I like Western and Northern European Socialism. I would love to see these values proudly  imported into America! There I said it!

Liberals Need To Be Assertive

The first thing liberals need to do is reassert the term “Liberal” or even better the term “Social Democrat”. We need to stand for a new social contract that places democracy over the market rather than the market over democracy!

By the way dear reader if you hear a purring noise that is the sound of the wissie wimpie Democratic Party of grade A pussy cats lead by our Wimp – In – Chief, Barrack Obama! We need to counter Republican rhetorical devices that have made the term “liberal” the same as “impotency”. We need to be more aggressive and drive a wedge between Republicans and the middle class. See the short funny video below.


Let me inform you of a little secret.


Americans are MORONS! (Oh God help me if I ever run for office). But I mean it. American have the brains of an amoeba!

How else can you explain the following:

  1. Our economy crashed and we reward those who destroyed us with million dollar golden parachutes! Then when middle class Americans loose their jobs we whine about extending unemployment! We whine about “entitlements”! Yet the parasites that did this rack in millions and frequently at reduced tax rates!
  2. We elect Barrack Obama who “turns the page” to this nonsense and only now starts to rediscover his base because he needs us. Yet some Democrats would still love to call the last four years “Change We Can Believe In”! The issue is NOT that progressive laws where not passed, the issue is that Barrack Obama is a mealy mouth wimp who never used the bully pulpit to preach liberal values non-stop for the last four years. Now many Americans actually toy with the idea that Keynesian economics  is a failure.
  3. The Democrats are merely playing “make believe Liberals” inside the corporate sandbox of their money sources in the corporate world. Oh sure this is “hope and change we can believe in”! Give me a break. Where is the rage?
  4. Our nation had it’s decision making processes infected severely prior to Obama’s election by corporate money. But now we have the “Citizens United” Supreme Court ruling and it is going to get even worse. Where the hell is Obama? No more excuses!
  5. Americans who worked all their lives and created investment portfolios to protect themselves in old age don’t even realize what went on in the recent crisis. They vaguely know the words “Goldman Saches”, “hedge funds”, “leverage” and that the banks are not as regulated as before. But they still believe the crisis came because of over indulgent home buyers.  If an individual who works to accumulate stocks, and should have an incentive to do research, does not understand how junk was passed off by elite then what hope does our nation have? That is why we needed a President who would use the bully pulpit night and day. Instead Obama wants to “turn the page”! Yes “Change We Can Believe In”! Stop making excuses for Obama!

The Occupy Wall Street Movement And Third Party Alternatives

Our nation can never reclaim our ideals as long as the Republicans are controlled by Tea Party morons and Democratic Party corporate shrills. Unless Barrack Obama embraces “Change We Can Believe In’ by cutting his ties to the corporate elites I will vote either for Buddy Roemer or the Green Party.
But wait that could mean a Romney victory?
Yes it could! Real Democrats have to stand up and say enough! If Barrack Obama wins he could sign away the work of FDR. I am tired of protecting Obama’s friends on Wall Street and shutting my eyes to the fact that Obama is a wimp!
Democrats can also use the filiburster in the Senate if Romney should win. But that would take testosterone. A Romney win would generate huge support for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. We need to get the income gap on the front page of America’s news media. We need to over turn “citizens united”. Obama does not have the guts to fight this war. Open your eyes!
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