Progressive Talking Points #2: What Ever Happened To The Term “Liberal”?

The term “liberal” has become a causality of the psychological warfare that Republicans have waged on the left. Recently Bill Moyers did a show concerning the surrender of American liberals. We have to admit there is very little voice for the progressive Agenda in America.

Part of the reason is that Democrats are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donors! However Conservatives have waged psychological warfare against the left and seem to have won. They have over the years done a successful pairing of the term “liberal” with being “weak”, “masochistic”, and “unpatriotic”. No I do NOT agree with their logic. This post is part of a continuing series of posts on the need for Liberals to wage psychological warfare against the Republicans.

As I have stated numerous times in this website the problem with Barrack Obama is that he frequently falls into the trap set by the Republicans. He merely “responds” to Republicans rather than taking the initiative. He allows Republicans to set the “question” for the nation and he gives a very poor testosterone free response. As President he should be setting the question rather than the Republicans.

In this brave new world of super-pacs that is making the influence of the 1% even more powerful we need a President who will not resign from his role as “Pontifex Maximus”. We need a President who will not only up the rhetoric but do so repeatedly and over every forum that is available to him in this brave new wold of PACS and Super-PACS!

Obama’s Refusal To Wage Psychological Warfare Has Cost Us Big


The questions we should be addressing are:

  1. How to best implement a SOCIAL CONTRACT STATE rather than allowing the GOP to define this as a “Welfare State”. We need to give all Americans some “skin in this game”. Loss of income is a threat to all middle class Americans. Just look around you at all the pawn shops now in operation in middle class neigborhoods. Frequently they use a polite term such as “we buy gold” but they are pawn shops none the less.
  2. Should we roll back permanently the Bush AND Regan Tax Cuts or should we also ADD the Kennedy Tax Cuts as we imprison those who hide their wealth off shore to avoid their responsibility to America! Instead Obama has allowed the GOP to set the agenda. Obama has allowed  Republicans and the Tea Party to make the question: “How to best implement austerity? This demonstrates what a weakling Obama is.
  3. Why is the concept of a “stimulus” a bad word in America? Especially when we still have record unemployment? Those jobs that have been created are generally not as well paying as the ones we have off shored! Also there is a hole in the virtuous echo chamber when a stimulus is applied that did not exist in the 1950’s. Back then the “multiplier effect” would run up the power of a stimulus! Today due to off shoring when consumers make purchases they are building China’s economy while making the 1% richer.  But don’t worry dear reader our beloved President, the champion of “change we can believe in” has an answer! He calls it “TPP”!
  4. Why is “trickle down economics” still considered a viable theory after eight years of George Bush? That is because both Democratic and Republican administrations have become enablers of the “corporate moochers”. Those CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, technology and security to their fellow travelers in China and soon Vietnam. While they all sing a round of the “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE”! The reason why “trickle down economics” is still in vogue is because Democrats do not have the guts to confront the mechanism that maintains it! That is to say “trickle down identity“. Oh dear we would not want to up the rhetoric. But it is alright for Romney to talk about “moochers”. Once again Democrats are role models of impotence -“meow”.
  5. Why is our beloved champion of “hope and change” not mounting a day and night campaign for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? – Again “Meow”! That is why I refuse to get caught up in the drama of defending the wimp Obama! But Obama supporters will counter, “We don’t have the votes to pass a constitutional amendment!” So what! How many times has the GOP lead House passed bills to repeal Obama Care? Even though they know it is doomed. Don’t the corporate shrills in the Democratic Party have the testosterone to fight for the separate corporation and state? No instead they are role models for the “celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle”. Americans reject this intuitivily and want “action figures” not wimps. Even if it goes against their own self interest.


The issue is the self concept of the American people not just their self interest! When will Democrats learn this? Americans will always choose “action figures” over wimps! 


This excellent short humorous video clip below is a great introduction into the methodology that Republicans are using against us. It was made over five years ago but it is still relevant today!

How The Right Conditioned America Against Liberalism


What ever happened to the term “Liberal”?

Today we use the term “Progressive” because the right wing has successfully paired in the public’s mind the concepts of “weakness” and “unpatriotic” with the term liberal. While Conservationism was paired with being “bold, patriotic and masculine”. Remember “french fries”? Conservatives used to talk about the “silent majority” in the days of Nixon. Today Progressives are claiming the middle class. This website is a part of that battle, including the name of this site! By the way I am not merely a liberal but a Euro Social Democrat! – Oh my God guess I am not ever running for office:) B

Can you believe the Democrats actually have to fight to maintain the Senate? There is a reason for this and we Social Democrats need to address it.

The Republicans are doing well because, even if Americans think the Tea Party is nuts, they are demonstrating TESTOSTERONE! Americans are so despondent being the victims of corporate subjugation, seeing both blue and white collar jobs off shored while Wall Street gets bailed out that they cry to see “action figures“! The Republicans are answering that need. Americans will support them even if it is against their own class interest. They want to feel “part of the 1%”. This is the meme of “trickle down identity” at work and it must be confronted by Democrats.

Barrack Obama is no action figure but a wimp. Well not all the time. Sometimes he is worse. Obama is a corporate shrill who supports TPP and would even cut social security to get his “grand bargain”.

We need real Democrats like the aristocrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who while paralyzed  was a dynamo of testosterone in defense of the middle class. FDR was not afraid of waging class warfare, unlike the wimp we have today as President. Just listen to the short speech I have posted in the upper right corner of this site!

Why Liberals Need To Wage Psychological Operations Against Right Wing Idiocy

There are several reasons why this is a must:

  1. The first is that it drives Conservatives and Republicans absolutely INSANE! I have used these techniques on forum boards on several news papers. I can assure you as a psychology graduate I gain great personal satisfaction!
  2. By taking right wing rhetoric and re-spinning it you take away their potency to infect moderates and centrists. These poor innocent souls are not aware of the gamesmanship and psychological warfare that is being used by the right wing. Frequently you will note my usage of right wing lexicon by the usage of bold font and italics. Look for such usage in other posts of this series. Enjoy my sarcastic humor! Also use the examples I cite in your own arguments.
  3. Usage of right wing lexicon also assists in awaking a  “middle class consciousness” within the middle class. Most Americans today are mindless robots who accept trickle down economics because they are not aware of the meme that I call “trickle down identity“. I urge you to check out the article I linked to concerning “trickle down identity”.
  4. We need to wage psychological warfare if we want to appropriate the concept of POTENCY and PATRIOTISM! Conservatives have been exploiting those for years without a push-back from the left. Notice how I use the concept of patriotism concerning the “cut and run capitalists“. I urge you to employ the same rhetoric when arguing with conservatives.
  5. We need to arouse “cognitive dissonance” in order to demonstrate testosterone and to induce change! Americans love “action figures”. That is why we could even loose the Senate.
  6. Sometimes liberals play into conservative hands by advocating masochism. I will detail this problem in a future post.


The future of our nation is at stake and the prospects do not look bright as long as we allow the infection of corporate money to shape our politics!

  • What good is a Democratic Party controlled Senate if under Barrack Obama horrible practices like TPP and social security cuts are passed?
  • What good is the Democratic Party if it is a role model for the celebration of the testosterone free political life style in the face of corporate subjugation of individual freedom and financial security?

I will be posting future posts of this series under the category “progressive talking points” as listing the words “progressive talking points” followed by the topic for the particular post makes the title to long. Please bear with this humble blogger.

I urge you to incorporate right wing lexicon into your arguments but with a left wing spin! In future posts I will use bold and italic fonts to illustrate my usage of conservative lexicon so you can enjoy my sarcasm against the right wing!

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