Progressive Talking Points: Income Inequality pt1

Barrack Obama is finally starting to talk about income inequality. That is when he is not devoting his time to Machiavellian machinations in support of a fast track for TPP or his pathetic dream of a “grand compromise” that undermines the work of FDR. But Obama aside in this series of posts I want to focus on using psychological warfare to mobilize the American electorate against income inequality.

The issue here is that Democrats frequently never address and vigorously confront the underlying assumptions of conservatives. If you do not confront these underlying assumptions then you are fighting the battle on Republican grounds. The problem is that most Democrats today, unlike FDR do not have the testosterone to challenge their corporate sponsors.

No President Obama “income inequality” is not “silly season in economics“.

Income Inequality: Show The Middle Class They Have Skin In This Game

Waging this fight involves demonstrating to all members of the middle class that they have “skin” in this game.

  • It is more than merely those who are currently unemployed.
  • It is more than those who currently have no health insurance. The 1% – the “entitlement class” is pursuing an agenda to undermine the security of the American people for their profit.
  • It is not just blue collar employees but white collar employees.
  • It is not just about older Americans who will have to work longer before retirement but the “competition” for jobs that this brings about and how the entitlement class can lower the income compensation for all ages because of this.
  • It is not about those who don’t own stock vs. those who do own stock. People who own stock are frequently one job loss and/or major illness away from being what Romney calls a “moocher“!
  • It is not just about off shoring but TREASON to America and the testosterone deficient, Goldman Sachs financed Democrats like Obama who will only be liberal as long as it does not upset their corporate sponsors.


The motto of the entitlement class is:

Our security is based on your insecurity and we are entitled to bring about the conditions for a nation of necessitous citizens”.

“Your employment, access to affordable health care, and old age security are the “tools” by which we shall bring about a nation of necessitous citizens who shall compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks. While we enjoy the dividend checks from your pain! – We are the 1% – we are the entitlement class!”

In this ongoing series of articles we shall examine the exact nature of this challenge to America and how you can join to wage “psychological warfare” against the agenda of the entitlement class.

Democrats and Progressives  must confront the underlying assumptions that Conservatives have sold to America. We must do so with motivational fire brand rhetoric. They have no problem using such rhetoric against us.  If we do not then the fight will be waged on the terms of the right wing. We will be like the impotent corporate sponsored majority of the Democratic Party. That is the reason we don’t have a vast outrage calling for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

As I will illustrate in this series our prime directive must be:

Do not surrender the American flag and the “definition” of America to these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who sing their Globalization Internationale while America suffers at their profit! It is not just about the poor but every member of the middle class has skin in this game. This includes white collar employees and those who own stock.

We must wage psychological and rhetorical warfare.

We must spread the message to those who believes the market is the New Jerusalem come down from God  to be the divine presence on earth!

In this ongoing series of posts I would like to address how you the reader can can in my humble opinion, arm yourselves to combat the mythologies of the right wing to influence your friends, family and neighbors on the important issue of income inequality!

Despite the fact that I use fiery rhetoric not all corporations are evil. Some have to be because the market rewards evil. The time has come in America to face the issue:

Will the market with it’s “one dollar – one vote” become supreme. Or will the political institutions of a free and democratic nation with it’s “one real person – one vote” have dominion over our society!

The very life of our democracy is at stake.

The market, left to it’s own devices, is a black hole sucking the concept of ethics and humanity out of society if it is left to it’s natural “telos” to spiral downward. Society through it’s democratic institutions must oversea the contingencies of reinforcement or the behavior of social Darwinism will be the output.

Competition On An Unequal Field Is Not Freedom

If you listen to these bleeding hearts for permissiveness in the market place they extol the value of “competition”. Naturally only if it does not effect them.

Yes competition has it’s virtues. But even corporations and their share holders are at the mercy of unethical corporations. Finally competition is a process that can only last a short time and then you are stuck as the competitors die off. Monopoly or oligarchy is the end result.

The fun cannot last forever!   Like masturbation it is for jerk offs and in the end you are left with a sticky mess! 

The bleeding hearts for corporate collectivization of America are a threat to the fabric of our nation and even our national survival. That is because they have no loyalty to America as they sell us out to China.

While I will employ rhetoric for you to use in your arguments, I honestly believe our nation and the American way of life is at stake. I mean no one ill will. In this ongoing series of posts I will list ways ethical members of the 1% can join us for a better America.

This is not a war against wealth but a war against unethical means to achieve wealth. This is a war against this  bizarre sense of entitlement to undermine the lives of the SILENT MAJORITY!

We Must Wage Psychological Warfare Against the 1%: “The Entitlement Class”


We must push Progressive and Democratic Party politicians to engage the 1% – the “entitlement class”. How much longer can we allow our jobs, wealth and even technology to be shipped overseas, frequently to America’s rival, China?

All of this done by the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who sing their “Globalization Internationale” while they under cut the nation that gave them birth, profits and protection. They not only receive profits for their treason but back in their prior homeland they create a nation of “necessitous citizens”. Americans must now compete for a smaller pool of jobs while the entitlement class benefits from the insecurity of those Americans who still have a job! Because now even those who have a job feel threatened. The entitlement class calls this “freedom“!

Yes and they believe they have an “entitlement” to do this to America. Like a deadly virus they have attached themselves to the decision making processes of our society. That is to say the government by means of PACS and SUPER-PACS.

Dear Reader,

Notice my usage in this website and especially in this oncoming series of post where I:

  1. Use right wing rhetoric but with a left spin to arouse “cognitive dissonance”.  Yes I am trying to use satirical rhetoric to get under the skin of conservatives but it goes beyond that. We must stop being defensive and go on the offensive. We must undermine the right wing mindset. Both in the right winger and for those who are “infected” with their meme.
  2. Utilize the assumed dichotomies of the right wing but again with a Progressive spin. One example is right wingers love to talk about individual freedom vs. collectivism. The latter being the government. They are right sometimes as when the NSA spys on us. But amazingly conservatives have no problem with the NSA except for some Tea Party folks. I urge you to talk about the loss of individual freedom to the corporations who are the new “collectivists” in our Brave New World!

Do I hate the rich?

Absolutely NOT! In future posts of this series I  will present  some videos of rich people that I not only like but wish them even MORE SUCCESS ADD WEALTH! Why? Because they are team players. They really are making America better for all of us. Their success does not come from hurting us but actually helping society by producing things of value while treating their employees with respect.

So what is the issue concerning the rich? Should we love them or hate them?


The answer involves their behavior toward us!

  • Are they making their gains by hurting America?
  • Are they they trying to steal opportunity from the average middle class America and those who apire to become middle class?
  • Are they trying to avoid their responsibility to the land that gave them profits, protection and freedom?
  • Are they members of organizations that are trying to bad mouth the middle class.
  • We thrived as a nation under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower with a high progressive income tax, strong tariffs and unions. Are they willing to roll up their sleeves and accept that their excessive rate of return is partially structural not individual?
  • Some may be entirely innocent of out sourcing and off shoring but they have to because the market is now structured that way due to the work of the cut and run capitalists. If they are innocent, even if they do have to participate, will they join forces with us to establish an “American market” that reflects American values rather than exploitation? Again more of this in this series.


Time To Stand Up To The Mythology Of The So Called Free Market

We must wage psychological warfare against the right wing or they will win. They will win by either conniving Americans to go to sleep because we are impotent or that their principles are true.

These include mythological false beliefs such as:

  1. Hard work and wealth have a close correlation. Structural position of employment and/or inheritance factors are like the Wizard behind the curtain and not to be examined.
  2. The interests of the 1% which I call the “entitlement class” are the same as the interests of America. This is a concept in America that is worse than trickle down economics. That concept is “trickle down identity. You might want to familiarize yourself with this in overcoming the objections of those you speak to in everyday life. Click the link above.
  3. Confronting the crisis of income inequality is a ploy by the “moochers” in our society against the “producers”. Notice how they “frame” the issue and the lexicon that is utilized. If you are a regular reader you no doubt realize I love to poke fun at conservatives by using their lexicon but with a liberal counter spin.
  4. To object to income inequality is to be a Communist! The right wing will argue that they are for equal opportunity but not guaranteed equal outcome! In truth they are for unequal opportunity.
  5. The “FREE” market is synonymous with the freedom of the individual. The issue is freedom vs. big government. No they want to get rid of the “referee” so that the game can be played by their rules.
  6. If you don’t believe America is the land of opportunity then why not leave? -Wow seems the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS do not believe America is the land of opportunity as they are bailing out to China. But then again I forgot they have a right to put our national security at risk with their transfer of wealth, jobs and technology to China. They also have a right to stash wealth in the Caribbean because they are “The Entitlement Class”

I am fed up with these “moochers” who want to perpetuate income inequality. Living my life in economic subservience to the corporate collective is not my idea of freedom! That is why we need:

Elizabeth Warren For President In 2016!

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