Progressives Arise And Take Back Our Party

The time has come for Progressives to say “ENOUGH”! We need a new viable political party that represents Progressives and is a pragmatic American adaption of Euro-Social Democratic Principles! Does Obama really represent “Change We Can Believe In”? – HELL NO!

However the issue is not simply Obama! We need Progressives to be as aggressive  as the Tea Party! All I see is Progressives talking merely about not supporting Obama in the next election! We need Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean or Dennis Kucinich to run for President! First in the Primary and then if need be, as a third party candidate!

Barrack Obama Is A Lost Cause But Not The Progressive Agenda!

The issue we now face as Progressives is to defend the Middle Class in an era where many Democrats have been “tamed” to play “liberal” inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox“! Some Democrats are two faced while others are just trying to get enough money for their campaign chest so they can win election, but to what purpose?  These Democrats want to do the right thing but unfortunately they are forced to do so within the confines of the “CORPORATE SANDBOX”! Meanwhile the income gap is ever widening between the middle class and our social betters!

What complicates the picture is that Democrats and even Progressives are at a lost to explain how our first African American President can turn his back on the Progressive agenda.

Many Progressives just want to stay in the nostalgia that we finally have a Black President. But the issue should be that we don’t judge people by the color of one’s skin!

Blacks can have the same flaws as Whites.

Obama is a wimp! Will Democrats finally accept this and move on?

If we are not willing to support a third party Progressive candidate then we will have joined Barrack Obama in the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle!

Progressives Have To Get Some Testosterone!

Republicans will play the game of “Divide and Conquer” with smears against Gays, Feminists, the unemployed, those who have defaulted on their mortgages, Unions, the nasty so called Pro-Liberal News Media and their endless usage of scare tactics. With that in mind we have to ask, “Why cannot Democrats return to the rhetoric of FDR?” President Roosevelt spoke about the forces of “organized money” and “economic royalists“! FDR even wanted a “Second Bill Of Rights” added to the Constitution! Instead today, under Barrack Obama, we see the legacy of FDR under attack while Obama compromises!

To Hell With Your Karma Time To Fight Back!


True Obama folks will counter!

1. But that is talking about class warfare!

Oh dear me we wouldn’t want to do that now would we? We are witnessing American jobs, both blue collar and white collar, being shipped overseas! While at home the “Job Creators” in 2008 did such a good job that 47% of Americans did not earn enough to even pay Federal Income Tax! Most were employed, yet they earned so little they were below the requirement line to pay Federal Taxes!

What is worse we hear Republicans attack the American middle class by saying we are a nation that does not save! Well if the “JOB CREATORS” produced employment compensation that was so meager how would you expect anyone to save in that 47% and even the next to tiers above them?

Funny isn’t it that our social betters had no problem collecting their dividend checks that were financed by the “Aggregate Demand” of  consumer credit card spending!


2. If Progressives fight back hard then we will be getting down to their level and they win!

Sure then we should not have fought the Revolution! Conservatives know something that most liberals do not! When you show “force” people will identify with you because then you have the “potency” for “Change We Can Believe In”! Americans are frequently stupid and in their state of powerlessness will gravitate to the movement that demonstrates power to a down drodden middle class. Republicans furnish “Red Meat” in terms of hating civil service workers, gays and other minorities.

Well our social betters are a minority and why should we not fight back and throw “RED MEAT” to the electorate!

Democrats must make elections a means by which the helpless majority can feel power again!

“Democrats need to Make pulling the lever in the election booth  an act of fighting back against the voter’s  boss!”

3. If We Don’t Back Obama We Could Have A President Michelle Backmann!

If we are not willing to loose the Presidency for “Change We Can Believe In” we have become as pathetic as Obama! The danger is not that Michelle Bachmann could be President. The danger is that the remaining Democrats in office will continue to be the corporate funded little pathetic pussy wimps that they are now! You know like “Pharma Reid” and “Wall Street Chuckie” who did not want to add consumer protection against “usury” in the Financial Reform Act!

Again the issue is not a Republican President but wimpy Democrats in Office.

In 2006 Democrats won control of the House two years before Barrack Obama became President! Now compare John Boeher and Eric Cantor to Nancy Pelosi! The Republicans are not afraid to use the “power of the purse” to bring the Government to a halt.

Was Nancy Pelosi willing to do the same in 2006 while George Bush was still President to end the right wing SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT IN IRAQ?

Meow… Meow…. Meow…..

I have Republican friends who rabidly hate Nancy Pelosi. You would think that she is some type of radical! Where was she for the two years before Obama took office when she could have mustered the Democratic House of Representatives to use the power of the purse to end the war in Iraq?

The Republicans noticed she did nothing and that is why they are confident they can now win at brinkmanship. Especially now with Obama as President they have turned the whole situation around. Remember when we were talking about expanding unions in America with “card check”. Now unions are under assault everywhere! Meanwhile Barrack Obama talks about Social Security and Medicare being on the table.

The issue is this:

Will Progressives Accept Obama’s “AUDACITY OF IMPOTENCY” or fight back for “Change We Can Believe In”!

Will we also become tamed into living our political lives inside the “CORPORATE SANDBOX” with it’s definitions of engagement to serve our social betters!


4. But those nasty Republicans were just so mean and nasty to nicey nice Barrack Obama. We have to support him!

Wrong! Obama deserves to be treated as the pathetic turn coat wimp that he is! Sure the Republicans are obnoxious but Obama has resigned from the most important role of the Presidency! That of being the nation’s “Preacher In Chief”. Instead Barrack Obama wants to be a “Carl Rogers style Facilitator“! The consequences to Progressives is a disaster!

My God we are now acting in this nation like the national debt is the most important issue instead of jobs and the advancement of the middle class!

Where are the jobs Obama?

Obama could have pushed for a real stimulus and instead he made the choice to be “nicey nice” and compromise! He could have taken to the Presidential bully pulpit and made the nation go into a rage that the top 1% are taking this nation’s wealth away while middle class Americans are working for less if at all!

But then again what would you expect from the winner of the Goldman Sachs PAC to do? Meow….meow…..meow!

Instead of raising the “Capital Gains Tax” we the middle class are to pay a “Longevity Gains Tax” by working beyond 65 to receive Social Security and Medicare which may be reduced still further so we can give tax cuts to the rich! !

Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”! I have a better idea!

Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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  1. Mark Curran says:

    I am an old school teacher, fed-up with the Obama game that I voted for. Campaign promises unkept; Republican-wanna-be compromises (give-aways); with the working poor and middle class left out in the lurch. Yes, it is time for a Bernie Sanders/D. Kucinich-type Progressive candidacy. I would, and will, contribute to and vote for that combination. A THIRD PARTY can be a reality, especially in the current mood the public is in; and especially in light of the fact that the two-party system has become a club of ruling elitists, who care more about the care and preening of the wealthy and corporate interests, than it does about the working poor and middle class. It’s THIRD PARTY TIME. Curran