Putin And The Russians Did Effect Our Elections

Putin may not have interfered with the jury’s “tabulations” but he did effect the jury’s “deliberations” with it’s resulting tabulations! I will argue in this post that a jury makes it’s decision after due deliberation inside the “confines of evidence” established by law and certified by the trial judge.

Using the analogy of a court room, Vladimir Putin broke into this court room and stuck his hand on the scales of justice to alter the “input” to the jury. That the “tabulations” of the jury vote were left free does not prove that the “deliberations of the jury” were untainted by foreign contamination.

Vladimir Putin Is Not The Judge Of This Court Room


Comrade Putin does not decide what is evidence, nor what available potential evidence is admissible. That is the job of the judge aka the law of our democracy.

Imagine a trial taking place and the two opposing attorneys presenting their evidence to the jury after that evidence is cleared by the judge.

Remember, by our laws, the judge  has the right to determine what is and what is not valid evidence, while the jury determines with that evidence the outcome of the case.

Dear reader imagine that into this court room a screaming Vladimir Putin runs and presents some evidence. Regardless if it is correct or incorrect he is in “contempt of court” as only the judge can rule such evidence as “admissible” to the jury.

Our nation has been undergoing a period of “deliberating” the merits of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Our laws determine what is “evidence” not Vladimir Putin. See the short video below where a judge lays out the rules of evidence to a jury.

Comrade Vladimir Putin committed an “act of contempt of court”, I believe in our intelligence community not Vladimir Putin.

  1. Putin presented evidence that was not certified as “evidence by the judge” or laws of our land and
  2. Was illegally obtained . Furthermore
  3. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may or may not have “skeletons” in their closet. It is not comrade Putin’s prerogative to present evidence nor to be potentially selective in presenting such potential evidence to effect the “deliberations” of this democracy.

My Conclusion

While we don’t have any evidence that the “tabulations” of our national deliberations were effected I do believe our “national deliberations” were effected.

Should Donald Trump step aside? 

I believe that the extent of Putin’s contempt of our processes cannot be factually determined. Thus alas I would have to still say that Donald Trump is the legally elected President of the United States.

My advice to Donald Trump!

George Washington placed our nation first. Mr. Trump legally won even though he lost the popular vote by over 2.8 million.

I would advise him to be a virtuous role model for our nation and to step aside. He could capture the hearts of the world by showing:

  • He doesn’t want any help from Putin regardless even if he would have won the College of Electors anyway.
  • Being that he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million he could go out with style and my respect by sticking the finger to Putin and saying, “while he is the legal winner he only wants it by popular vote”.

Below is the modus operandi this could legally take.

Both Trump and Piece could announce their intentions to step aside. At this late date Trump could take the oath and get his VP to resign. Then name Hillary Clinton vice president. When she took the V. P office then he could resign.  Hillary Clinton then would be President and could fill the ticket.

Again Donald Trump is the legally elected President of the United States. But if he wants to really do something meaningful why not go by the popular vote and show he is clean of Putin. Stick it back to Putin!

If Trump did that he would gain my unlimited respect and I mean it!

  • Come back in four years,
  • be forceful in speech
  • but end the hate speech,
  • still do the popularist “make America great again”! Go after China and raise the tariff (bravo).

Hell I might then vote for him. He would show real support for American values. If he did step aside he would be “making America great again” because he would be a great role model. A 21st century George Washington.

What is that? That is my alarm clock ringing as I was just dreaming. I got to get up out of bed. What was that I was dreaming? That Trump would step aside for the good of the nation?  Oh well got to wake up to reality!



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