Putin Takes A Gamble: How Will It Play With The Arab Spring And Street?

I think our nation should stay out of Syria as there is no one to back. It is ISIS vs. Assad vs. so-called moderates. But I recall that when ISIS was beheading Amerian and European captives ISIS did not capture them. Instead, they were purchased by ISIS from the so-called moderates. But regardless why this sudden zeal when 400,000 died in Darfur.

Oh, but I forgot we don’t get any oil from that region and the people who died were Black. What is more amazing is our nation’s first Black President just turned his head and did not use air strikes to save the people of Darfur, while fighting ISIS is a different story for Obama!

Putin Does His Thing In Syria

When the Arab Spring occurred several years ago, it resulted in the overthrow of governments in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt. Syria’s Assad looked like he would fall too but instead held on by using chemical weapons.

We have been fighting ISIS but not directly helping Assad. We have even helped non-ISIS rebels against Assad. Putin is fighting ISIS but taking a direct stand behind his friend Assad. I believe this will hurt him in the streets of Cairo and Tunis. By his actions, he is hurting the long-range interests of Russia.

I would suggest trying to win him over to our side to fight ISIS and Assad with the stipulation that no matter what government emerges in Syria Russia can keep her warm water naval base. Maintaining that base is very important to Russia. But having a friend in Egypt will be a problem as long as the Arab street is in power or in potential position to overthrow the Egyptian government.

Russia now has made enemies of both ISIS and the Arab street. Putin has also sided with Iran which is Shiite. But they are the minority of Muslims. This could present a good opening for American foreign policy to exploit by pointing out that we are behind the values of the “Arab Spring”!