Question: Did Insurance Have Any Role In Sending Ebola Victim Eric Duncan Home?

I cannot understand how Eric Duncan, the first person to develop Ebola in America could have been sent home with a fever of 103 degrees! We were told that that his travel history from Western Africa did not make it into the database that the doctors viewed! But the information was available to the nurse who did the ER intake interview. Computer error is blamed?

Hello I am not an MD nor a RN. Yet even I know that someone with flu like symptoms, a fever of 103 degrees  AND was a  resident of West Africa should not be sent home – PERIOD! Regardless of his fever, his travel history was a crucial factor and it does not take an MD to realize that.

Below is a short video from MSNBC concerning Eric Duncan being sent home with a fever of 103 degrees.



Maybe the hospital should have hired me as a triage nurse!

One has to wonder just what tests where performed on Eric Duncan before sending him home with anti-bio-tics?  Everyone knows that such drugs are used to quiet patients into believing they are being given a weapon when in fact anti-biotics are over prescribed and USELESS in the case of all viruses!

Here are some questions I would like answered?

  • What test was performed that was POSITIVE that mandated anti-bio-tics instead of a hospital stay considering the patient’s travel history?
  • Even if such a test were positive for an illness that uses anti-bio-tic treatment, with a West African residency history  one still needs to worry! Could the positive result for a bacteria induced illness be an opportunistic infection that is secondary? Again we are not even told if he tested positive for a bacteria induced illness that then would mandate anti-bio tics.
  • Could the crucial test be the patient’s FICO SCORE or his presumed FICO SCORE?
  • Did the patient’s INSURANCE have anything to do with him being given a pat on the head with some Anti-biotics then sent home?While  I am sure that being from West Africa he had a great health insurance plan one has to wonder in this land of Dr. Adam Smith and Dr. Ayn Rand.
  • How could a RN allow him to be sent home with flu symptoms and a history of living in West Affrica?

Meanwhile FoxNews reports a cruize ship is being returning to Dallas as it has a Ebola health care worker on board.