Rachel Maddow Says Fight But Is Pelosi A Figher?

Should Democrats act more like Republicans? Is that the lesson of the recent election? Well let’s answer that with “Boehner speak”! “Hell NO!” With that logic in 2006 the Republicans should have just rolled over since Democrats took the House. In 2008 we had possession not only of the House but the Senate by a whopping majority and the Presidency! Naturally the Republicans joined us and became more left leaning?

Instead they became the “party of no”. Rachel Maddow is 100% correct in stating “that Democrats need to get in touch with their inner pugilist”! But is backing Nancy Pelosi the way to do that? (See Rachel Maddow in the video below). I believe Nancy Pelosi paved the way for Barrack Obama. But the wrong way –  she wasn’t liberal enough! Do you really believe the Stimulus Package was a strong package when AIG got more money than Green Technology development or infrastructure repair?

It’s ok we are all friends here! Go ahead now get in touch with your inner pugilist! Or perhaps you would rather chant the Obama mantra of “MEOW”!

I can never figure out why some conservatives I know are so angry against Nancy Pelosi. Nor why many Democrats viewed the loss of the speakership as the end of the world! It’s not like Nancy Pelosi tried to impeach Bush or use the House’s power of the purse to end the Iraq Halliburton enrichment program!

But now John Boehner is going to use the House against us! Don’t blame him for pursuing his party goals. I say blame Obama, Pelosi and Reid for being wimps! Gosh you would think Nancy Pelosi would have impeached  George Bush as she had two years in office before Obama even became President. (see video below)

You see I also want to “get in touch with my inner pugilist”! That is why I am fed up with Obama, Pelosi and Reid! We Democrats need to stop “playing Progressive” inside the corporate sandbox and break out to save the Progressive Agenda!

Why didn’t Obama, Pelosi and Reid launch endless investigations concerning the Iraq War. How we got into it and who is profiting from it? Why didn’t they get in touch with their inner pugilist to produce a real stimulus package and throw some class warfare red meat to America concerning off shoring American jobs and the growing income gap between the upper 1% and the middle class?

While Republicans have no problems with race baiting or gay bashing our “warriors” of the Democratic Party are terrified of going outside of the “corporate sandbox”! They cannot get in touch with their inner pugilist to campaign against the “economic royalists” and the forces of “organized money” that FDR enjoyed fighting against.

But then again where would they get their money to run? I agree with Rachel  Maddow, I would love to see Democrats get in touch with their inner pugilist! However all I can see is the charge of the Castrati Brigade!

Inner Pugilist Experiential Exercise!

Go ahead don’t put your loyalty to Obama above “Change We Can Believe In”! Do this short exercise!

Repeat outloud:

  • Stimulus Package
  • Off Shoring
  • Lack of Tariff
  • Outlawing usury not just making the print larger!
  • Constitutional Amendment to reverse Corporations As Persons!
  • Public Option
  • The Bush Tax Cuts to the upper 1%


As a progressive are you honestly in touch with your “Inner Pugilist” or do you just want to vomit and say the Obama mantra of “MEOW”!

If you can honestly say you are in touch with your “Inner Pugilist” might I suggest that you should have attended the Senate Democrats Prayer Vigil!

I am sick of Democrats saying “Meow”!

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