Rand Paul Bleeding Heart For Corporations

Rand Paul is a whining little sissy hypocrite! He was afraid to go on “Meet The Press” because he said he did not want to get involved with liberal news media biases! Now note the blatant hypocrisy here! Aside from the fact that this is just a cover up to facing responsibility for his statements, I would like to present Rand Paul and his fellow travelers two questions:

  1. Isn’t NBC a “corporation” and thus a “person” with the right of free speech?
  2. Rand Paul would deny minorities protection from the bully power of corporations yet he and fellow traveler Sarah Palin whine that their rights are being violated by the news media which are corporate entities! Yet their alleged “injury” is nothing to being denied the right to shop, eat or find housing when denied by corporations!

Below is a segment from NBC’s “MEET THE PRESS”.

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Americans have better learn that it is not just Blacks and minorities rights’ that are at stake here. Rand Paul places the rights of non-persons, the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE above the rights of the individual! We see this right wing philosophy of permissiveness that gives power to the corporate collectivist over the rights of the individual in case after case!

Just look at how the Health Care Cartel manipulated even the Democratic Party by blocking the public option, or how big pharma blocked Canadian imported drugs! Rand Paul and his Ann Rand idol would have nearly  succeeded in infecting the American electorate with an “meme” or “thought virus” that Democrats don’t have the guts to confront!

When the power of a Democratic Government is reduced it does not translate into individual freedom but rather FREEDOM FOR THE BULLY! Without a strong referee the Corporate Bully fills the vacuum! We see today the repeated loss of individual freedom to the Corporate Collective! We the members of the middle class must pay though the costs of corporate goods and services the K-Street costs of our social betters! We are TAXED without representation to finance the K-Street Agenda of the Corporate Collective at the expense of individual freedom!

Just look at the video below how Michael Steel does a song and dance around Rand Paul’s stand on Civil Rights! I believe that is called “ethical relativism”! You know the thing that conservatives accuse liberal of doing!

For God’s sake why aren’t Democrats attacking this hypocrisy day and night? Could it be that Democrats are becoming “corpocrats”? I believe the answer is “yes”. One example is how no one wants to take on the banks and their institutionalized position of to big to fail! They need to be broken up and regulated by officials who don’t receive gifts and politicians who cannot accept contributions except from real people!

Our nation faces a choice!

  • One person equals one vote! Or
  • One dollar equals one vote!

Rand Paul and his fellow travelers do not stand for individual freedom but for the license of those who are geometrically compensated out of proportion to their contribution to society, or even completely inherit their wealth! The above license is at the expense of the economic freedom of the middle class silent majority of Americans!

What I really resent is how Rand Paul and his fellow travelers like Sarah (the brains) Palin have stolen the iconography of the pre-revolutionary Tea Party!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority –  our great Middle Class to take back our nation and it’s iconography from these effete snobs of privilege!

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