Ready For Bernie Sanders: Run Bernie Run

I watched the pathetic video clip of Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy. i have deliberately restrained myself from commenting till now as I hoped to see something definitive from her.  She says she is going to run for middle class families.

Question dear fellow Progressive:

Are we Progressives so enamored by glitter objects made of corporate smelted tin that we will under cut our deepest values just to have the superficial thrill in putting a minority member into the White House?

We did that with Barrack Obama and look what he did to undermine the Progressive agenda. For God’s sake he would not even stand up to defend Keynesian economics nor attack the banksters who gave us the 2008 crash. Our nation is bleeding from NAFTA and Obama wants to give us TPP.

But not to fret we have another tinsel tinny glitter substitute for substance in Hillary Clinton. Just listen to both of these clowns, Obama and Hillary Clinton as they debated in 2008.


Obama in the speech above was against NAFTA. That is why I voted for him in 2008.  Yet what did this pathetic excuse for a Democrat do to reverse NAFTA?

Barrack Obama gave us more free trade deals. This time with Columbia, South Korea and Panama.

Barrack Obama And The Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle

So where was our champion of “change we can believe in” as the nation saw card check go down the drain? He was pushing for fast track of TPP!

  1. The wimp stood by while the former Bush administration was not investigated for getting us into Iraq and creating mountains of national debt. He said we should “turn the page”!
  2. The wimp stood by while the banksters were not investigated.
  3. The wimp did nothing to end the off shoring of American jobs but instead helped the process along.
  4. The wimp would never stand up to the Tea Party.
  5. Organized money already was buying Congress then came two Supreme Court decisions that made it even worse. Where was our champion of “change we can believe in”. Did Obama or Hillary Clinton call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state? How could they since they are part of the problem not the solution!

Americans want action figures. They will vote against their own interests but they will never vote against their self definition of being action oriented. If the Tea Party ups the rhetoric then they must be action oriented in the minds of many Americas. Thus we lost first the House and now the Senate. You have to give the GOP credit for endlessly trying to repeal Obamacare. Not because I want it repealed but because they are not afraid to go against the odds.

The result is that the GOP set the nation agenda and the issue of the national debt as the big issue. Obama should have been raising the rhetoric but that would be too much for a corporate shrill. Good bye control of Congress.

Great work President Obama, not what I call change we can believe in.

Below yet again I present our fearless leader, the glitter tinsel object who is all symbol but no substance, who was smelted by corporate tin into the wimp he is. Below President Obama stands up for the middle class against the GOP and defends the Progressive Agenda!

Progressives have tried to push Elizabeth Warren to run. I have listed my support for her.

But she has decided not to run. She states she wants to become the next Ted Kennedy in the Senate and she left the door open for a run some years latter.

We must now accept her decision. The question is do we want to go with another glitter object, that is to say Hillary Clinton our beloved lady of Wall Street or someone else?

Haven’t we Progressives learned our lesson yet or are we so masochistic that we will choose another “tinsel object” just because they are a minority group member? 

Do not write me that I am prejudice. I do NOT care what the race, gender, religion or sexual orientation of a candidate is. I care if they will support the Greening of America! I care if they will break the corporate stranglehold on America rather than play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors.

Sure both Obama and Hillary Clinton are progressive as long as they do not cross the boundaries and confines of the corporate sandbox that their donor class has established.

Below is a video attacking Hillary Clinton NOT by a Conservative but Progressive Thom Hartmann.


Cannot we Progressives act with the same determination as the Tea Party and be decisive no matter what the cost?

Now here is an idea! What about…… a Non-glitter object.

What about a real Progressive. Shouldn’t that be our goal rather than choosing yet another corporate smelted tinsel glitter object just to play “feel good”. The result being another corporate shrill simply because they are a member of a minority group?

We do believe race, gender and sexual orientation do not matter? Don’t we?

So who can we choose to run in the primaries and if need be as a third party alternative if the primary is lost? Is there such a person or are we so addicted to tinsel that we will pick Hillary Clinton?

There is such a person. You know that person with three strikes against him!

I am talking about that:

  1. OLD
  2. WHITE
  3. DUDE

You know Senator Bernie Sanders!

The senator who on a recent talk show was confronted by his host who said there are rumors he is a Socialist!

Senator Bernie Sanders said “I want to put that rumor to rest. It is NOT a rumor I AM A SOCIALIST!”

Bravo finally after years of Barrack Obama and his never ending celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle, someone who has guts! That person with guts Senator Bernie Sanders! You know that  old white guy!


This election let’s have a diet that is free of corporate smelted tinsel objects. We need Bernie Sanders for President.




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