Reid On Romney Tax Returns: Possible GOP Psychological Warfare

Mitt Romney is an elitist. So why has this liberal blogger raised a caution warning especially since I am for going after Romney on his elitism and placing his money offshore? Let me explain some tactics of psychological warfare and how Harry Reid might be falling into a trap. We already saw this tactic perhaps deliberately used by the Bush campaign and I will detail this and how it could be used by Mitt Romney’s defenders currently.

We know Romney has off shore accounts and is an elitist. The issue is a “specific charge here”. Below is some background on the Reid – Romney controversey by by Chris Mathews who hosts the MSNBC show “Hardball”. If the video is not visible please hit your browser’s “refresh button”.


Mitt Romney “Harry Reid to ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ on Tax Return Accusation”



Psychological Warfare By Breaking The S-R Link: Romney Vs. Harry Reid

Allow me to illustrate how Harry Reid could be tempted to be a duped by the Republicans. Let’s say I am accused of committing ten rapes.  The evidence is suggestive but not completely out in the open yet. Further investigation could reveal some cases but requires some work.

Remember Americans have the attention span of an amoeba and that may be bad mouthing amoeba.

So what I would do if I had the resources as Mitt Romeny has is the following:

  1. I know American have limited attention span.
  2. I would have myself accused of raping an 11th woman.
  3. I get the media all excited with juicy accusations flying.
  4. I then pull the rug from the story.
  5. People then “generalize” my innocence from this 11th case to the ten other cases which do have evidence worth pursuing.
  6. Remember in court the prosecutor would not use this 11th case unless he or she did the leg work first before making it public.


Example: George Bush Being AWOL

There is ample evidence that George Bush, Jr. was a draft dodger. See the short video below.

However “one false document” was raised against him and it latter was revealed that the typewriter fonts were not consistent for that era. This one piece of false evidence destroyed the mountains of reliable evidence in the public’s attention span.

In psychology we have S->R. Where S stand for stimulus eliciting a response or “R”. The LINKAGE was broken by this incident when the document that CBS presented was proved false. People would hear the “S” or accusation of George Bush being a draft dodger but then remember the one incident of evidence that was indeed false and generalize this to all the evidence against Bush.

American have a limited attention span. Refer to my prior article on how many still believe the recent economic crisis was mostly due to bad home buyers.

If Harry Reid is taken down the road falsely by a poor witness  it could generate a similiar scenario as Bush geting off the hook for being AWOL. People would drop the issue of Romney’s tax returns because their limited attention spans would just remember one source as being false hence all sources are false! That is how George Bush beat not only the draft but that he was a draft dodger.

This raises the issue was the one piece of false evidence against Bush raised to put the public to sleep concerning the numerous more credible evidence or was this merely a “function” of an overzealous media that was latter proven in this one case to be false!

The media then became cowards to follow the other more creditable evidence! Remember “function” does not always equal “purpose”! None the less if Harry Reid’s source is disproved the public might reaction would follow the outcome of the Bush draft dodging debate. The fact that both Bush and Romney have more evidence against them does not matter!


The fact is the result is the same.

The “S -> R” link is broken and the issue of Bush being a draft dodger and Romney not paying taxes could be forgotten by the news media! Remember the news media is scared of false charges of liberal biases. Thus if Harry Reid shoots from the hip with a bad source then in the public and the media’s minds all issues concerning Mitt Romney’s tax returns would be muted. This is sometimes called the “all or nothing fallacy” or the “halo effect”.


Amazing When Obama’s Job Is At Stake “No Turning The Page”

I am a Social Democrat to the left of Obama. I find it amazing that Obama can use surrogates and finally get some testosterone when his job is at stake! When the issue was the banksters and the rape of the American economy or Bush getting us into Iraq Obama wanted to just “turn the page”. He did not want investigations.

Now that the issue is Obama’s job he finds his testosterone!

  • Where was this will to fight when the battlefield was the unions in Wisconsin?
  • Where was his testosterone when the issue was a constitutional amendment to overturn “Citizens United” and to separate corporation and state?
  • Where was Obama’s fight when the issue was to end the practice of usury and “to big to fail”!
Just something to think about.
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