Republican’s Definition Of “Freedom” And It’s Danger To the Middle Class

When I hear Republicans talk about “freedom” I need to take a Rolaids because my stomach turns acidic. Tim Palenty used this terminology at a recent meeting of the conservative group CPAC! Actually this is classic Republican rhetoric!  The “Freedom” that they so prize is not freedom for the American Middle Class!

In this era where corporations are defined as “persons” I find my personal freedom under further attack! Just this year we have the record recalls of Toyota cars for multiple reasons.  Also the diabetes drug “Avandia” has been labeled by many as the cause of heart problems! CBS News says that the company that makes Avandia, “Glaxo Smith Kline” knew about the danger for years!

With the recent Supreme Court ruling now in place, Glaxo could finance a lobbying campaign underwritten by the sale of Avandia. Under Bush the regulatory powers of the Federal Government to investigate were under financed. We would not want to fuel bureaucracy now would we? Perhaps we should just follow Ayn Rand‘s free market ideology! When enough people die from bad cars and prescription drugs  then the market will adjust itself!

These same people will lecture us on death panels! They also applaud the recent Supreme Court ruling defining “corporations” as “persons” who are “entitled” to spend the money they collect from middle class Americans to advance their agenda! These elitists will cut Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” but levy “taxation without representation” via  our purchase of corporate goods and services! With this mechanism they can dip their corporate hands into our wallets to finance their K Street Agendas!

Why should these elitists be allowed to engage in “Taxation Without Representation? Because  in their grandiose view they are the “producers” not middle class Americans. They are “entitled”!

Just look at the results of their “entitlements”.

  1. Every time I fill my car at the gas station this Democrat could be financing big oil ads for Republicans!
  2. Every time I pay health insurance I could be financing the K – Street lobbying of the Health Insurance Cartel.
  3. Every time we make a credit card payment, frequently  at usury level rates, we are being taxed without representation to support the agenda of the big banks! But this is their “entitlement”!

The Republicans have a name for this!

They call it “FREEDOM”! To oppose this so called freedom is to be labeled a “Socialist”! Please understand that I am a west European style Social Democrat. Being that I am a Middle Class American and have self respect, I start to question what someone is “contributing” to society when they make more than five times my yearly income. When it goes into millions per year and I don’t see a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids then I want a strong progressive income tax to bring reality to the situation. But then again that is just me as I am a Middle Class American who has self respect!

Apparently many middle class Americans seem to lack self respect. You will notice in the above paragraph I used the term “contribution” to society! When I graduated college nothing irritated me more than to have to be subjected to employment interviews where I was to “role play” a serf desiring to pledge his loyalty and subject my individuality to the “Corporate Collective”. There were a multitude of books on how to perform during the “employment interview”! I was to use key phases like making a “contribution” to the corporation.

Don’t misconstrue what I am saying. A prospective employee should try to be a team member and give value and loyal work to his employer! But what irritated me then and still does now is when I hear Republicans talk about “Freedom”!

Middle Class Americans are to subject their freedom to the corporate collectivists and act as if our only desire is to “contribute” while our lords in the Corporate Collective are free to fire us at will, move overseas or import technical workers to undermine programming jobs. Why don’t we want to subject our corporations to the concept of “responsibly” as in western Europe where employees have more contractual rights!  In job interviews we were not supposed to talk about our needs only how can we serve the Corporate Collective!

In this era of licentious permissiveness we see these “persons” called corporations shipping our jobs, wealth and technology overseas to serve their perverted sense of “entitlement” yet we in the middle class are to are to lower our expectations in terms of health care, social security and the social net in order to lower the tax rate of our social betters!  Furthermore they frequently ship our society’s assets to the enemies of America!

The time has come for the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to say enough to these effete snobs of privilege with their grandiose sense of “entitlements”! We need to repeal not just the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan Tax Cuts as well!

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