Republican Governor Of Michigan Wants Socialist Medicaid For Flint

The children of Flint Michigan have been poisoned with lead in their drinking water. Now the Republican Governor of Michigan has a solution!

Governor Rick Snyder wants President Barrack Obama to extend Medicaid to the children of Flint, Michigan.


My question to Republican Governor Synder:

If you allow federal funds from a National Health Care system to aid these children aren’t you subjugating these children to DEATH PANELS? After all the wackos in the GOP have been talking about death panels for years, now goverment health care systems are ok to bail the Governor out of his problems?

The Wages Of Austerity: Lead In Drinking Water

Michigan has ended democracy in several of its cities by imposing financial martial law. The law allows the Governor to place financially trapped communities under the “emergency managers”.  One of these cities is Flint, Michigan. To save money, they changed the source of their water supply and now their children have been poisoned by lead.

Now Republicans are not afraid of a federal goverment health plan after they spent years scaring people about death panels! Republican Governor Rick Synder wants an extention of Medicaid to help the children of Flint.

Gosh, Golly ghee Governor Synder before you decided to call in the Federalist Government with Obama’s “Death Panels” maybe he should have consulted with that Republican Think Tank Sarah Palin!

Ok but now I want to relate something personal to my readers, and I am not joking.

My Personal Experience With Corporate DEATH PANELS

When corporate health insurance companies engage in “managed care” this is not termed “death panels”. My dad had entered a hospital before Obama was President. He was cured of the illness that put him in the hospital but caught a hospital resistant strain of pneumonia.

The hospital told me they could only keep him in pulminary care for a few days as he “got his chance besides he was in his seventies and was an old man anyway!”

They then threw him out into a bed in the hallway. There he most likely infected other patients in the hospital just as he was. Yet their decision was not called a “death panel” just “good business practice”.

We moved him out of that hospital, but he died from his disease anyway. Don’t talk to me about “death panels”! The second hospital where he did die, I have no complaints as they tried their hardest. It was a Catholic hospital, and they showed me the protocols for dealing with hospital resistant pneumonia that the first hospital did not use as it was not cost effective.

The patient has to be kept in a isolation room. When anyone enters we had to wear a mask, gloves, suit and headgear. All of which had to be thrown into the garbage when we left and a new set put on when we or any of the staff entered.

When my dad was in the first hospital, they did not do this with a patient down the hall who had hospital resistant pneumonia. I know so because one of the nurses told me so. That is how my dad got the disease that killed him.

We would not want to have the hospital engage in safe practices as that would add to their costs. Besides our lives are not as important as their profit margin!

Progressives Must Wage An Ideological War

I am fed up with Obama being too damn polite and not waging an ideological war. Obama’s marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle is what gave us:

  1. The Tea Party and their smears of death panels, birtherism and austerity.
  2. The loss of the House of Representatives then
  3. The loss of the Senate.
  4. The rise of Donald Trump – Americans want ACTION FIGURES NOT WIMPS!

Bernie Sanders and Alan Grayson are not wimps. Below Rep. Alan Grayson gives us the Republican Health Care Plan.

Why don’t Democrats go on the attack and point out the hypocrisy of Governor Synder in asking for federal Medicaid? Yes, I believe we should give those children Medicaid, my point is the GOP was talking for years about non-existent Death Panels. So where are they?

This is not to say that ObamaCare doesn’t have problems – it does. Just as our VA system has problems and Donald Trump is correct in pointing this out.

Meanwhile, as I closed a prior post, back at the White House Barrack Obama is saying “gosh golly gee can not we all just be friends and work together instead of this SILLY SEASON in politics? – MEOW”

No, Mr. President, the time has come to stand up to Wall Street, the Republicans and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.

We Need Bernie Sanders In 2016!