House Votes 50th Time To Repeal ObamaCare

Yes they did it yet again. The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted for the 5oth time to repeal ObamaCare knowing that it will not pass the Senate and certainly not be signed by President Obama!

But why you ask?

Because as much as I hate to admit it the Republicans have TESTOSTERONE while President Barrack Obama is on a crusade to celebrate the testosterone free lifestyle of a politician!

We have fifty times the House has voted to repeal ObamaCare! Now here is a question for you?

How many times has Barrack Obama gone before Congress, the news media or any group to call for a Constitutional Amendment to Separate Corporation and State? When will he do this? When we have 150 Democrats in a Senate of 100 yet still loose!

So you see dear reader we are NEVER going to have CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN as long as we have a President who is a wimp and a Democratic Party that has been purchased by corporate America!

If Obama had stood up to the Tea Party and hammered them back daily yet never won a single vote I would have voted again for him in 2012. Instead I voted Green. He is not a leader but a Carl Rogers style facilitator best suited for being a community organizer.

Americans want ACTION FIGURES not wimps! Furthermore if this wimp had stood up to the Republicans in his first year and had taken his head out of Joe Lieberman’s ass then we would not have lost control of the House and even now be fearful of loosing the Senate!

Think of it. All this fighting about the budget would never have been a problem if Obama had some testosterone and Democrats did not play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors!


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