Republican Leader John Boehner Spins On "Meet The Press"

Today I watched Republican House minority leader John Boehner do a full court press spin on “Meet The Press’. He blamed the Democrats for not being able to lead the nation by pointing out the problems that Obama had with blue dog Democrats. What the host failed to press Rep. John Boehner on was that the Democrats had more than enough votes IF the Republicans allowed governmental processes to take place by not resorting to the filibuster in the Senate. “Meet The Press” host, David Gregory did not press Republican Minority Leader John Boehner that his Republican counterparts in the Senate were engaging in the filibuster at record levels! Hence the Democrats had to have all 60 votes not just 50 votes plus Vice President Biden to act as the breaking vote to pass. While Rep. Boehner is a member of the House not the Senate, none the less the record Senate filibusters are the only reason the Democrats have come to a halt.

Just imagine if the situation were reversed! Republicans would be demanding that Democrats accept the election results and stop filibustering like babies! We would hear their whining sanctimonious cries of “let the votes be cast” and “allow the delegates of America’s SILENT MAJORITY to pass their legislation!”. Furthermore if the situation were reversed and it was Nancy Pelosi on “Meet The Press” and David Gregory let her get by with statements about the majority party not being able to govern we would hear a vast Republican out cry of “liberal news media biases!” Below is a video clip of the interview.

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Republican Minority Leader Boehner was also asked about “Don’t ask don’t tell” which you can also see in the video clip above! Basically his response was “with the problems we are facing as a nation, fighting two wars and the threat of terrorism do we really want to get side tracked into such a divisive issue right now?”

Well actually there are several reasons why we have to end “Don’t ask don’t tell:

(Short Video above: Gays want in to military service while Bush wanted out)

  1. Just when exactly are we going to be with out problems? Then according to John Boehner we have to be free of national problems before we can address this issue!  If we said that when the issue was slavery we would still have slaves, woman would not be allowed to vote and Massachusetts might still have the successor to the Puritan Church as it’s “official church”. They did not end having an official church till the 1830’s! Republican House Leader John Boehner just wants to postpone this issue forever. Naturally we should not postpone tax cuts for the rich only equal rights for gays!
  2. The BUSH FACTOR: We have a shortage of troops and folks like former President Bush did not want to go to complete their lawfully required Reserve meetings. (See Video above). Amazing isn’t it! Instead of creating stereo types of “no atheists in the fox holes” or gays cannot serve like they do in many other nations, maybe we should demand that before a President send our troops to die in the Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq they should first finish their military obligation that they signed up for.
  3. Finally it is the right thing to do. We are a nation of values. Our military must reflect a cross section of the society they represent.

Might this humble liberal blogger suggest to Republicans that since you never tire of wanting proof of Barrack Obama’s proof of native birth, maybe you should join with the military officer in the above video and ask where was George Bush when he signed up to serve in the National Guard!

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