Republican Social Engineering Experiment Moves Up To Four Thousand Dead and Counting

While George Bush and his fellow traveler John McCain lecture us on the virtues of the coming “One Hundred Year War” our nation sadly passed a grim milestone. We have now lost over 4,000 dead. These are the military regulars and reservists who did not emulate their Commander in Chief by not attending their required National Guard Meetings but instead took the call up to active duty. Some even serving four tours in Iraq. Imagine if they did a “George Bush” and did not attend their National Guard meetings as required by law?

Mean while let’s look at the great “fruits” of the Republican SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT that McCain would like to continue for one hundred years! Why look who is coming to dinner! (See the Video Below)

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Look who is landing in Bagdad in the video above! Why if that isn’t the ever cuddly Iranian President Ahmadinejad who is arming militias in Iraq to kill our troops! Where is he pray tell? Why he is visiting his chum the Prime Minister of Iraq, al-Maliki! But then again he is only returning the favor as al-Maliki has visited him!

Yet John McCain who doesn’t give a krap about the genocide in Darfur and doesn’t even care about CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who are investing in Vietnam, the nation that once tortured him, lectures us about turning a blind eye to the Al Qaeda Homeland in the border regions of Pakistan and even vows to follow Al Qaeda to hell and back but not to their homeland! Yet he criticizes Barrack Obama for wanting to take strategic high tech action where it would count!

Senator McCain is so afraid about genocide in Iraq! When will he and his fellow travelers ever learn you cannot impose democracy on those who are not ready for it! Oh my I made a anti-war statement and a politically incorrect one at that! – Good this is a blog by a progressive Democrat not a knee jerk PC Liberal.

Let’s understand something. Four thousand troops dead for a vital war is actually very small. We lost far more in the Civil War and World War II. But can you imagine five years after the fall of Berlin and that city still having snipers? Can you imagine Germany in 1950 with key cities falling into the hands of insurgents?

That is the situation we have today because we never had enough troops to perform an occupation. But then why should we? Remember MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? As this REPUBLICAN SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT continues to divert us from the War on Terror and our economy is falling from carrying this unnecessary war debt, let us take heart that under our President Taliban opium production in Afghanistan is at record world levels. This drug money will be used by the REAL Al Qaeda in their homeland in next door Pakistan! With this opium money financing renegade Pakistani nuclear scientists and training camps in the Al Qaeda homeland of border Pakistan we can look forward to a mushroom cloud over our cities. So enjoy the diversion in Iraq. But don’t worry just look at the great work George Bush did securing our national borders and ports! Now you can sleep peacefully at 3AM!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to stand up and stop this social engineering experiment in Iraq and return to the War on Terrorism! God Bless America!