Republican Sophistry On Torture And Ethical Relativism

Remember the days of Nixon when the Republicans whined about “Law and Order”! Oh the Republicans whine about a “strict constructionalist” interpretation of the the Constitution! Today on CBS’s show “Face The Nation”, former Vice President made the mistake in saying his oath was to defend the United States. While that is implied in the oath the actual literal requirement is to “preserve, protect and defend THE CONSTITUTION of the United States…”! (See Video Below).

As I mentioned in a prior post these are Republicans, you know the folks who think that having a nice semi-automatic weapon in your living room is as American as apple pie. It must be remembered that the reason they believe they need to have such powerful weapons is that these weapons are the last line of defense against our own government! Well maybe we should have weapons at home since Blackwater is being used to replace our armed forces in many instances!

The real issue is not if three terrorists were tortured but what is to protect us from future Presidents of the United States (Republican or Democrat) from isolating Americans from the courts and then torturing those they do not like. Well if I am an alarmist then why do right wingers need assault weapons in their homes? I grew up in the Vietnam era and I do fear the loss of civil liberties!

What I really find laughable about the Republicans is that they are the ones who lecture us Democrats about the evils of “ethical relativism” and the “feels good solution”! I would distinquish between the three who were tortured vs. the the majority of captured Al Qaeda prisoners. I would accept the Alan Dorchowitz solution for a public “Torture Warrant”! What can I say I am a liberal and do believe in ethical relativism and the “feels good solution” sometimes!

However when I hear former VP Dick Cheney saying that the Justice Dept. lawyers should not be prosecuted “simply because they gave bad advice” then perphaps we should subject Cheney to waterboarding! I am sick of the “newspeak” being practiced. OK I would under some situations, such as the threat of a dirty nuclear weapon, use TORTURE! But we need to have a LEGAL method that is such as proposed by Alan Dorchowitz! The real issue with torture is what has happened in Iraq! There our use of torture actually served to recruit young men into Al Qaeda!

Has anyone noticed that the Republicans continue to say that they protected the United States from further attacks? Excuse me but the first World Trade Center attack occured on February 26, 1993! The second did not occur till September 11, 2001. That is a long space between attacks without any military intervention! Yet no Democrat ever seems to challenge this Republican assertion that they protected our nation. Actually with the Republican SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq we wasted valuable time and resources, not to mention lives, when we should have been hitting the Al Qaeda heartland in Afganistan and Pakistan!

We Democrats need to be more aggressive in our attacks on the Republcians!