Republican Take Over: Cause For Progressive Joy

Hey it’s not like the Democrats really wanted to be the majority in both Houses of Congress. We could have 250 Senators in a Senate of 100 and the Democrats would still delay so they could hold a prayer vigil to kiss Joe Lieberman’s ass! Hell you would never know they controlled both Houses. What’s that about the Cloture Rule and 60 votes you say?

Well that rule only holds if you have an “enthusiasm gap” to overturn it. When each new Congress starts the Senate can vote it out by a mere simple majority with no filibusters allowed on the vote!

Keep Fear Alive: Nancy Pelosi Style

I voted for Obama and what I have seen in the last two years is not “Change We Can Believe In”. I am sorry but I will not be a liar for Obama, Reid and Pelosi. They are the Troika of Impotence!

The issue is not the amount of legislation passed. Progressives are not whining because the Republicans are the “Party of No”! Progressives are enraged because under Obama, Pelosi and Reid the Democrats have become the “PARTY OF MEOW” –  pathetic wimps!

Reasons to keep fear alive according to Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

1. John Boehner will become Speaker of the House! Check out this video of him giving out checks from the Tobacco industry right on the House floor!

“My God” shouldn’t we be scared to death that this man will be Speaker of the House? No what disturbs me is that the wimps we have leading our Democratic Party did not make this video part of a series of endless commercials and talk about it on the Sunday talk show circuit. Pelosi could have been throwing some “Red Meat” to the low information voters. Oh but we wouldn’t want to do that now would we? Instead we let the Tea Party take possession of populist rage. Democrats have even been linked with the big banks by the Tea Party.

2. Republicans will use the “power of the purse” to shut down the Government like Newt Ginrich tried to do when Clinton was President.

Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi use the power of the purse to shut down the Iraqi War? She was Speaker of the House for two years before Obama even became President. –  “MEOW”. Because Obama, Reid and Pelosi are such wimps the Republicans will have more courage to try this tactic again. They tried it when Ginrich  was the Speaker  under Clinton. But Clinton was no wimp while Obama is.

3. Republicans will use the House’s subpoena power to dominate the news and attack Obama!

Good. The guy is a damn wimp and maybe this will teach him you cannot compromise with Republicans. Why didn’t Democrats do this when we took the House four years ago? Why didn’t Obama press for this when he became President. So where  is that “turning the page” philosophy taking you Mr. President?

4. Republicans will try to kill Social Security.

Good let them come out of the closet and show their corporative streak! We could filibuster this and besides we still have Obama in office for two more years.  But the reason Democrats really fear this is they know Obama is such a wimp that he will probably say, “cannot we compromise on this…. go half way in repeal”. This guy is a total wimp! Anyone who kisses Joe Lieberman’s butt after the way Lieberman treated Obama is a wimp.

5. Republicans may try to impeach Obama.

Obama is such a wimp that he needs to have the Republicans go at him so he can learn to not be a wimp! Might I suggest he watch the short you tube video of Howard Dean’s scream speech and maybe he can learn what real mojo is!

6. If the Republicans take over Congress then big money wins!

Wrong they already won when Obama won the election and put his Wall Street cronies in office. Obama got loads of money from the Goldman Sachs crowd. Reid got more than Eric Cantor. Charles Schumer did very well. Now what was that about protecting Main Street? Obama was talking to the Drug and Big Pharma companies as if they were real people in the Health Care Reform Law. Did Obama, Reid or Pelosi start the ball rolling on a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw corporate interference in our political processes? –  Nope! Can you hear the “Meow”!

7. But we need more time for the stimulus to work!

It was to weak to begin with. AIG got far more money than for the Green Technology job creation or infrastructure job creation! But Obama made nicy with the Republicans in Congress when he gave them a weak stimulus. Then he did not use the bully pulpit to attack the corporate elites! Instead he allowed himself to be branded an elitist by the likes of Sarah Palin.

8. But the banks are paying off their loans and the Republicans don’t acknowledge this.

Sure the banks paid down their loans. But they practiced “usury”! Hey Senator Schumer how about some help for the middle class instead of being the friend of Wall Street and taking their money that is raised by usury?

9. The Republicans will try to roll back financial reform.

What financial reform? Banks can still practice usury. More money is being transferred from the middle class to the upper 2%. With Charles Schumer and the rest of the Democrats getting money from Wall Street the big banks will never be broken up. Obama has forced them to set up a 50 billion insurance fund in case their gambling on the American economy results in a new crises. Great look how far 50 billion will go. We gave 160 to AIG alone!  Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In“!

If you want to increase the “enthusiasm gap” then vote Democratic in this election. If Obama, Reid and Pelosi continue on the same course they will have paired in new voters minds that Progressives have no testosterone. By 2012 the Republicans  will add the Presidency. If you want to affirm “Change We Can Believe In” rather than THE AUDACITY OF IMPOTENCE then for God’s sake do not vote to maintain Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Vote Socialist or Green.

Unless your Congress person is both a Democrat and a Progressive I urge you to vote for the Green Party.

Obama’s last hope is to learn from the coming fiasco and go for a Constitutional Amendment that would ban all corporate funding of our elections. After all it is we who pay the bills. Every time I see a BP commercial I am paying for this ad at the pumps. Did Obama, Reid or Peloisi worry that Middle Class Americans are being forced to pay for K-Street commercials?

Why is no one addressing the issue that we the middle class are being taxed by the corporations to pay their K-Street operations every time we have to use their goods or service. I buy gas I subsidize big oil. I pay my insurance premiums  then I finance K-Street lobbying against the Pubic Option.  I buy pharmaceuticals then I pay K-Street to get the Democrats to block the importation of cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals. Oh sure this is “Change We Can Believe In“. This is taxation without representation. Where are the Democrats?

I hope the Senate goes 50 – 50 then Lieberman joins the Republicans. I will not be a liar for this “Castrati Brigade” lead by Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

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