Republicans “Outed”: Throw Grand Ma Over The Cliff

Remember when the Republicans and their fellow travellers in the Tea Party where whining about “Death Panels”? Gosh I haven’t seen any, have you? The GOP may have met their Waterloo but the question is do Democrats have a thirst for red meat when they see it? This Progressive Social Democratic blogger wants to go all out and use this as an example of the class warfare that is being waged against the American Middle Class by these effete snobs of privilege!

I fear that mainstream Democrats do not have the instinct for victory but I am encouraged by Senator Harry Reid’s decision to place the House bill before the Senate and thus force Republican Senators to make a public vote.



The dynamics of this are fantastic! This will set Republicans against their Tea Party base! But some of our fellow Democrats don’t have the belly nor the testosterone to go on the offensive! Remember the Tea Party nut jobs at the town hall meetings? I don’t know which was worse the Tea Party, the Corpocratic Democrats or Obama for being a wimp!

Let’s capitalize on this situation! We have seen Newt Gingrich do a flip flop. Newt Gingrich then tried to tell Rush Limbaugh that the nasty liberal News Media caused a distortion in his statement on “Meet The Press”. Rush Limbaugh normally would love to engage in the classic GOP delusion about alleged liberal news media biases but he was not buying it from Newt Gingrich! Let’s hope they continue to slug it out with each other and commit suicide!

But Will Obama Go On The Offensive?

Well you know my answer to that question! I am afraid Obama will only do so for a few news cycles! But if you listen to the Republicans who are attempting to destroy Medicare their behavior could be a great rallying point for Progressives and the protection of the Middle Class.

Watch the video below by Ed Schultz who really exposes the issues here. Republicans in their lexicon of the “BRAVE NEW WORLD” have redefined many key terms of the political debate.

ED Schultz video clip below.

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Dictionary of Republican Speak Terminology


Anything that furthers the movement of capital without regard to human life, the ecology of the planet, and the disparate compensation of those in the top 1% at the expense of the other 99% our society! With the Republican plan for the replacement of Medicare we get the “FREEDOM” to serve our social betters at the expense of our own self-interest!


Closing your eyes and subjugating your self-interest to the self-interest of the “Premium Class”! Becoming subject to the good will of the Health Insurance Companies in your old age after you spent your life making others rich. The subjugation of the individual to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!


Making believe that class warfare is not being waged against the middle class! Not knowing your place in this “BRAVE NEW WORLD” and actually demanding that the self-interest of the Silent Majority outweigh the self-interest of the top 1%. The act of objecting to the class warfare that is being waged by the effete snobs of privilege against the Silent Majority of Americans!



Having more intelligence than Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck and objecting to the elitism they practice and support!


Democrats Must Act

If Obama does not smell red meat here then we are lost! Yes I know he is reacting to the Republicans but how long can his testosterone last before he goes back into “professor mode”! How long will mainstream Democrats push the fight before they return to play acting “progressive” inside the campaign finance confines of the “CORPORATE SANDBOX”! Let’s not forget that Barrack Obama was the favorite of Goldman Sachs, Harry Reid was the recipient of large contributions from Big Pharma and Senator Chuck Schumer has campaign ties to Wall Street!

I do not doubt their integrity but I do doubt their commitment to be Progressive outside of the CORPORATE SANDBOX! We need Vice President Biden to act like a left wing version of former Vice President Spiro Agnew! There is a real opening here for “Change We Can Believe In” rather than being nice little wimpy liberals “playing” progressive inside the confines of the Corporate Sandbox!

In this era where corporations don’t seem to believe they have a duty to the nation that gave them their wealth we need to stand up for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class! If we do not then not only will Grand Ma be thrown over the cliff but the American Dream will be destroyed!



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