Republicans Are Becoming “People Of The Lie”

Republicans are being confronted with an existential crisis. The problem began prior to the Trump presidency.

Republicans are a political party that celebrates ignorance. Now under Trump it is worse. They are becoming people of the lie. Republicans now have to choose. America or Trump with his lies. Alternative facts are becoming normalized.

Republicans are now joining Birther Donny Trump in his celebration of fact free epistemology.



It Began Because Obama Would Not Stand Up To The Bullies On The Right

When you don’t stand up to the bully you deserve what you get. Americans witnessed Obama’s marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle.

We Americans see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES. Americans will go against their own self-interest but NEVER against our own “self-image”. We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES.  That is how Trump won. He gave hope to the victims of globalzation. They wanted testosterone and he gave it to them.

Obama did not stand up to the bully and we must pay the price.

  1. Obama stood by and did not call out the racist birthers.
  2. He stood by while the Tea Party idiots talked about death panels. By the way, why hasn’t our new president exposed these “death panels” now that he runs the federal government?

Birther Donny Trump now cries that he doesn’t get respect!

Maybe his mommy never told him that to get the respect he has to first give it.

How Would Republicans React If Trump Were Accused Of Funding Death Panels?

Republicans did that to Obama. They said he was creating “death panels”.

  • How would a real news channel react to such a charge? They would want to see proof!
  • They would do follow ups on the investigation and those who made such charges. They would also not continue to spread fake news of birtherism and death panels.

Well, that is how a “fair and balanced news channel” would react to someone calling the President of the United States a mass murderer.

FoxNews pushed the death panel lies forcefully and with no thought of fact checking. If someone said the term “death panel” then FoxNews would have a microphone in their mouth so fast you would think they were performing electronic fellatio!

FoxNews Is Fake News

These are the folks who whine about “fake news“. But Fox News went even further! They hired the liar, Sarah Palin, to be one of their commentators. So where are the death panels, Sarah Palin?

These are the people who talk about:

  1. “liberal news media biases”!
  2. “Fake News!”
  3. Republicans and conservatives being the victims.
  4. The need to build up our military but refuse to investigate how Russia interfered in our election. They change the definition of “interference” to “vote counting interference”. They are so invested in Trump that they refuse to understand our political institutions are being undermined by Russia. Putin is trying to “atomize our society”. 

As bad as FoxNews and Donald Trump have lied to this nation I have a question for you dear reader!

What is worse: The lies of the right wing or the wimpy response of the Democratic Party to these lies?

Below comedian, Bill Maher addresses this issue. He really gets going after the first minute.

I find it amazing that Obama was accused by the Republicans of being socialist yet they give Trump a free pass with his numerous and strange Russian connections.

Republicans And Democrats Must Stop Becoming People Of The Lie

I share with many Trump supporters a hatred of globalization. I also believe Democrats are liars when some say that blue collar jobs and factories were not lost to “globalization” but “automation”.

No the factories that were shut down and moved to China are there for the lower wages. Automation will become an issue soon but that is not the reason we lost those factories.

We lost those factories because the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have a never ending sense of ENTITLEMENT to place their dividend check over the value of a paycheck. They flooded both parties with campaign contributions to make our political system numb to what was occurring.

Only Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump spoke up. Bernie Sanders went under due to Hillary Clinton and her white noise machines at high rolling fundraisers and massive contributions from the rich. Notice in the links above that one contributor was a high-tech job exporter.


Mainstream Democrats Failed To Standup To Job Loss And Trump Filled The Gap

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama advocate high-tech education as the solution to blue collar job loss. Really? So we are all going to become computer programmers?

The corporations want you to give up.

They want you to join Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to become “people of the lie”.

  1. Trump is a liar and a devil.
  2. Hillary Clinton would still give away our jobs, blue and white collar for the Presidency. Yes, she is better than Trump. But I will not be a liar.
  3. I will not close my eyes to the growing Russia – Trump connections and his lies. Nor will I close my eyes to the relationship of Hillary Clinton to Debbie Wasserman – Shultz who as DNC Chair manipulated the debates so Bernie Sanders would not get a platform. I will not close my eyes to the money that flowed to Hillary Clinton from the banks.
  4. Are we to believe that payday loan sharking parasites have a place in the Democratic Party? That is why I reject Hillary Clinton’s sidekick – to payday loan queen Debbie Wasserman – Schultz.

Dear Reader stop believing life has only two choices. I voted Green in 2016 and would do so again today. I voted knowing I would not be picking the winner in 2016.

I voted Green in 2016 so I could vote Democrat in 2020! GO BERNIE GO!

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