Obama Enabled The Tea Party Black Mail Of America

Once again the Republicans are trying to undermine Obama Care. This time by blackmailing the American people and ultimately our economy. Yes the Tea Party is on a suicide mission. President Obama has called it “blackmail” and I agree with him.

However there is more to the story.

I disagree with some Obama enthusiasts who blame liberals for staying at home in 2010. The blame goes on Obama for not being a liberal but a corporate butt kisser. Wow he got a law passed that warns about “usury”. Guess that is what they call “hope and change“. Well in 2012 I did not sit at home but voted Green!

  • Why not simply out law the practice of usury?
  • Why no call for a constitutional amendment to separate “corporation and state” from the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC recipient, Barrack Obama?
  • Obama even signed a new free trade agreement in his first term!

Yes “change we can believe in“. And he sent an entire last moment 140 character “tweet” in support of the unions fighting for their lives in Wisconsin instead of standing with them!


Barrack Obama’s Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Lifestyle And The Rise Of The Tea Party

I believe the problem is clear. If we did not have a wimp for a President then we would not be in the situation we are in today.

If President Obama were to have removed his face from Senator Joe Lieberman’s ass in 2009 and 2010 then perhaps he would have noted the rise of the Tea Party. Instead he chose to become a role model of impotence. Democrats then lost hope in “change we can believe in” as Barrack Obama fulfilled instead the hopes of Goldman Sachs by “turning the page” on how we got into the financial crisis. This resulted in the 2010 Republican win in the House. It also allowed Republicans to gain control of many states where they began to gerrymander congressional districts.

 In the 2012 election we had over 1.1 million votes cast by Democrats over Republicans for the House of Representatives. Yet we ended up with John Boehner as Speaker and a GOP controlled house.

Again none of this would have happened if Barrack Obama would have paused a moment to take his face out of Joe Lieberman’s ass and act as the Pontifex Maximus of the United States by using the bully pulpit.

But wait that wasn’t enough for Obama. He then joined the GOP and allowed them to set triggers to budget reductions.

Obama’s Legacy Of Impotence Enabled The Tea Party

I am fed up with making excuses for this pathetic looser Barrack Obama. As I write this the government shutdown has begun.

But wait you say! They did this when Clinton was President and it back fired on the GOP.

That is true but there is a difference! We have Barrack Obama as President! I doubt he will canvass the nation attacking the GOP. Sure he will make some speeches but his image is one of a looser.


The Issue Is Message Internalization Not Simply A Message

We need a President who will go on the offensive and not rely on the so called commonsense of the American people.  We need a President who will go to John Boehner’s congressional district and use fire laden rhetoric.

The problem is that Americans have the attention span of an amoeba. Well maybe I am being to harsh on “amoeba”!

Our national debt did not come about because we had eight years of welfare spending under Bush. Rather Bush took a government surplus and added:

  1. A credit card purchased war in Iraq.
  2. A credit card purchased war in Afghanistan.
  3. Tax cuts for the rich which further changed our nation’s cash flow.

Barrack Obama could have used his first term to speak to the issues above!

Instead he choose to kiss Joe Lieberman’s ass and the butts of corporate America.

A real successor of FDR would have used the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United to push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. But the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC top recipient, Barrack Obama could not take his face out of the butts of his corporate donors to practice “Change We Can Believe In“. This resulted in:

  1. The unchallenged rise of the Tea Party.
  2. Democrats loosing optimism and moderates changing sides in 2010.
  3. The GOP taking control of many states and re-mapping congressional districts as mentioned above.


The Result!

  • The unchallenged rise of the Tea Party.
  • The demoralization of the progressive base.
  • The “institutionalization” of continuous challenges of government shutdown because the wimp we have for President would confront the Tea Party.


Where would we be today if the wimp we have for President went before the Congress and on TV to call for a constitutional amendment to to separate corporation and state? Oh it is futile? No Obama is a futile wimp!

Look at the Tea Party! I have lost track of the times they have used their control of the House to pass bills ending Obama Care!

Dear Reader,

You must ask yourself why hasn’t this wimp we have for a President and the corporate democrats acted with the same testosterone for our values as the GOP has acted in support of their values!

That is why my anger is NOT primarily against the GOP but the wimp we have at the helm, Barrack Obama! Along with the majority of the Democratic Party in Congress who have their faces of the asses of corporate America!

Some in the Senate have stated that “this is blackmail and if we give in then we will be faced with attacks against social security and medicare when the budget has to be renewed in a few months”. I agree but the real problem is that Obama was willing to negotiate about social security and medicare.

That is why I stated that Barrack Obama enabled the Tea Party and their extortion of America.

In my next post I will try to address what Barrack Obama could do if he were a Democrat instead of being a make believe Democrat who plays liberal inside the corporate sandbox of his corporate donors!


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  1. U R a fuckin idiot. Best you stay the fuck off my blog.

    • BrianDude says:

      No you are a fuckin idiot. I did not comment “in” your site but about it. You commented “IN MY SITE”. If you read the post why didn’t you check the link back to your buddy Obama and his friends at Goldman Sachs? Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”!

      Remember when he was elected and there was all the big talk of making union registration easier? Well the wimp Obama could not furfil his pledge to “put on walking shoes” and man the lines in Wisconsin. OOOHHH WOW he sent a WHOLE 140 Character “TWEEET” of support at the last moment.

      Oh yes that is “Change We Can believe In”.

      Where is the financial reform he promised when to big to fail is still in existence? Did he push for the return of “Glass Steigal”? No he had to check with his corporate sponsors!

      Did Obama call for investigations of Goldman Sachs (his sponsor) or the other big financial institutions? No he said we will “turn the page” just like he did with Bush getting us into Iraq while Haliburton made a fortune! – Not my idea of CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

      Millions are enslaved by “Pay Day Loans” that charge enslaving interest rates! Where was are dear beloved leader Barrack Obama! Wow he signed laws that made the small print more readable. Why didn’t the wimp push to OUTLAW USURY? I do NOT care if it could not get through Congress. My point is the WIMP did not even try! “Change We Can Believe In”.

      Our nation is bleeding from the off shoring of both blue collar and white collar jobs. Many of us progressives turned against Hillary Clinton due to her support of H1-b that undermined the hi tech field. Did Obama do anything here? Hell no instead he even signed a NEW FREE TRADE TREATY. Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”!

      This wimp even talked about making compromises on Social Security.

      Look at the unemployment scene. We NEVER had a real stimulus. Jobs are starting to return but lower wage jobs. We need strong laws to keep manufacturing jobs and high tech jobs at home. Where the HELL IS OBAMA!

      Again I don’t care if he failed in getting good laws passed.

      My isssue is the wimp never even tried. I actually admire the Republicans. They know they cannot over turn Obama Care yet they have tried to over turn it over 40 times!

      How many times has Obama taken to the airwaves to call for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? Over 40 times like the GOP did to over turn Obamacare? Hell no the WIMP never even tried! This nation is becoming a Plutocracy because Obama lacks the guts! I will not even go into the “public option” that any REAL Demmocrat would support. But Obama Care is even going to tax those who have good health care plans. He calls it “Cadillac Insurance”. I call it regular european style insurance.

      Obama is NOT a Muslim, Atheist, Communist Euro Socialist white hating Kenyan born American. No instead Obama is a CORPORATE SHRILL who plays “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his donors!

      But to be fair Obama has brought White and Blacks together.

      Obama has shown us that both White and Black are the same! Yes that’s right! I voted for Obama in 2008 because I believed a Black man would never betray the progressive cause! Well Obama has shown us that Blacks and Whites are the same.

      BOTH CAN BE CORPORATE SHRILLS! Both can betray liberal values.

      Thank you Barrack Obama for showing us that Blacks can be just as screwed up as Whites!