Republicans Blame The Middle Class

We hear our “Social Betters” today in the Republican Party looking down on the middle class by pointing out the rise of credit card debt as a cause for the current financial meltdown! Then these same advocates of laizze faire capitalism extol the virtues of of tax breaks for the wealthy while the disposable income of the average American declines and they are forced to work longer hours to just get by! The tolls of globalization are now effecting the American economy and the CUT AND RUN  CAPITALISTS do not want to own up to their responsibility! (See the video below)

The reasons for the rise of credit card debt in America are:

  • American have less earning power then they did years ago.
  • Our jobs and that includes computer programming jobs are either being off shored or filled by lower paid H1–b foreign workers. This is no longer simply a blue collar union issue!
  • The stock market survives on “Aggregate Demand”. Those at the top actually benefit from the indebtedness of the middle class American.

These are the same folks who will lecture the Silent Majority, our great Middle Class on the values of thrift while at the same time buying stock in companies that engage in predatory lending practices! Some of these same people even engaged in “Day Trading”! You know the “I want it now” mentality!” We spent 150 billion dollars on just AIG alone when a “mere” 100 billion would have financed one year of Universal Health Care! Yet AIG was one of the companies that called many of their computer programmers to a meeting and told them they were fired but could stay to train their foreign H1–b lower paid replacements! We now even have computer programmers forming proto-types of UNIONS in the form of the “Programmers Guild”!

When you hear the bull shit that blue collar workers who loose their jobs will be alright in the long run because some can be retrained in computers, remember AIG and visit the “Programmers Guild” web site!

Let’s demand that not only the Bush Tax Cuts but also the Reagan Tax Cuts be eliminated! Who are these effete snobs of privilege to earn more than the President of the United States! Please note I resent this even if their company does not get Federal Bail-out funds! While it is impossible to regulate the compensation for each occupation, unless such individuals are producing a cure for cancer or aids I think they can “get by” with the mere salary of the person who has more responsibity then anyone on this planet! That is to say the President of the United States!

President Obama we need to repeal not only the Bush Tax Cuts but also the Regan Tax Cuts! In this era of licentious permissiveness (don’t you love it when I use their terminology) where day traders have no connection to the enterprises and lives of the people they profit from, where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS spurn the shores of the nation that gave them incorporation, profit, protection and birth, our tax code must impose SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!

  • Peanut butter companies spreading death in the service of profits!
  • Predatory lenders going unchecked and
  • Our technology going to the enemies of America for profit!

This era must come to an end! Our economy needs LAW AND ORDER! What the Conservatives have to learn is that their era of SOCIAL DARWINISM and making monkeys out of the American Middle Class are over! We Liberals demand that our economy and tax system will no longer operate under Social Darwinism but INTELLIGENT DESIGN!



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