Republicans Do Not Defend Our Flag

As i mentioned in a prior post the Conservatives don’t seem to care that CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no problem in tearing down the flag of our nation from their merchant ships in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to the nation that gave them birth, succor, protection and yes PROFITS! Instead they register their American ships in Liberia or Panama. Now the Republican Governor of Texas flirts with the idea of Secession! Yo we had a Civil War you right wing jerk! See Rachel Madow in the Video below)

The BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers (remember that rhetoric from the right wing during the Vietnam War) look the other way while the Governor of Texas hints at “Secession from the Union”! Well then he is in the tradition of his fellow traveler Governor Sarah Palin, who last year addressed the Alaskan Independence Party Convention. True she was NOT a formal member, unlike her husband but she did attend their functions! You know “just paling around with secessionists!” With few exceptions you did not hear a word from the news media about Sarah Pallin and her connection to these rabid seccessionists who want to tear down the flag of our nation and replace it with the flag of Alaska!

What is even worse is that Democratic Party leaders and officials let the Republicans get away with this!

Can you hear the cry of “MEOW” from Democratic Party Headquarters? How about some testosterone shots? Let’s kick some Republican ass while we wave the American flag! What is the matter with the Democratic Party have they been eating to much tofu that they cannot muster up the balls to really use this as a PATRIOTIC ISSUE against the Republicans? God can you imagine if that had been Obama who talked about seccession or addressed the Alaskan Independence Party?

This is a situation that is tailor made for us Democrats! Time to wave the flag and denounce these TRAITORS to our flag and country!

  • Stop being a pal to Secessionists – JUST SAY NO!
  • Stand Up For America when the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS tear down our flag from their merchant vessels to hoist the flag of Profiteering! The last ship was under our flag and I am glad we saved them. But in the future that will not always be the case. Got Pirates then hold a Tea Party and invite the vast Liberian and Panamanian naval fleets to protect you. Why should our service men and woman die for CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS! Have your Tea Party with the pirates you idiots!

The Silent Majority – Our Great Middle Class has had enough of this permissiveness! Stand up for America!