Republicans Holding America Hostage

This Progressive has once again had his opinion of President Obama reinforced. President Obama is a God damned wimp who lacks the guts to stand up to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow recently outlined the Republican strategy which you can view in the video below.

Basically Rachel Maddow believes the GOP has been cornered by their stupid vote on the Ryan Bill to kill Medicare! Now they are fighting back like a cornered animal and willing to place the financial solvency of the United States of America at risk! They want Democrats to join them in some Medicare cuts so that they can get out of the mess they placed themselves in! By forcing the Democrats to stain their hands they will gain some safety in the next election from political ads against them for their position on cutting Medicare! I believe Rachel Maddow did an excellent analysis and I fully concur with her. Now the issue is what will the Democrats do?

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Where Is President Obama?

Psychologist Carl Rogers years ago advanced a leadership style where the leader does not lead but serves as a facilitator in a “Person Centered Approach” to problem solving! The application of this style would be let’s all sit around the campfire with Republicans and sing “Kumb Bye Yah”! If Obama continues along this line it will not be a “Person Centered Approach” but a “Corporate Centered Approach” to politics.

Years ago many liberals wanted to see a reduction in Presidential leadership.  But the issue then was Richard Nixon and the “Imperial Presidency!” It seemed that Congress was losing it’s power to the executive branch. But Barrack Obama has gone to far!

Besides the issue is not “Congress vs. The Presidency”! The issue is our “elected government vs. the power of the corporations”! We all know Republicans are going to act against the middle class. The issue now facing our nation is:

Will Obama and the Democrats stand up for the Middle Class or continue to be the wimpy pathetic testosterone deficient agents of the corporate class! With their pathetic castrati sonata of  “Meow”, Democrats  “play liberal” inside the confines of their corporate sandbox! Their campaign contributions place limits on their allegiance to the progressive cause!

Stand Up To The Republicans

Democrats need to stand up to the Republicans! We Progressives find ourselves in this situation due to a combination of Barrack Obama’s Rogerian “Person Centered Approach” that I mentioned above plus the fact that Democrats are too scared to have some testosterone due to their reliance on corporate funding!

We need to go on the offensive by balancing the budget along Social Democratic lines!

  1. Demand an immediate end to both the Bush AND Reagan Tax Cuts!
  2. Raise the inheritance tax on estates over 1 million to insure that Pell Grants to College Students, Medicare and Social Security are solvent. Don’t call it the “Death Tax” but the AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PRESERVATION TAX! After all isn’t this land the land of equal opportunity?
  3. Raise the Tariff and forget about the national deficit. Worry about the TRADE DEFICIT and jobs being shipped overseas! The issue is not simply blue collar manufacturing jobs but white collar computer tech jobs being lost to Americans.
  4. It was reported that in the last year of the Bush Presidency 47% of American households did not pay Federal Income Tax because their income was so low! Well maybe if we could bring back some of those blue collar AND white collar high tech jobs to this nation our treasury would be taking in more money! But if the Republicans continue their Walmart-ification of the American middle class employee then the federal deficit will increase even more!
  5. End this era of licentious permissiveness that allows these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS to place their corporate headquarters in phony addresses on Caribbean islands to avoid their responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, profit and protection! We must not allow these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS to tear down the American flag from the ships they build here to then fly them under the flag of foreign nations! All this to avoid their responsibility and the debt they owe to this nation!
  6. The BLEEDING HEARTS of Republicans and their fellow travelers, the “Blue Dog Democrats” will no doubt wish to continue this era of permissiveness! But we liberals must rally to the cause of Law And Order, our flag and our nation! In this debt crisis, the debt these Cut and Run Capitalists owe to our nation must be paid! We must stop corporate interference in the political decision making processes of a free people! If we do not we will lose our democracy!

Time For Democrats To Up The Rhetoric

Democrats must push the above deficit cutting methods immediately and refuse all cuts to Medicare and Social Security! We cannot be a nation of equal opportunity if we deny our youth a college education! That is why we must fire back at Republicans when they talk about the so called “Death Tax”! Our nation cannot guarantee equality of outcome! But we can guarantee a fair and equal start to all!

We can no longer as a society make believe that those corporate executives who earn more in one day then their employees earn in a year are deserving. We don’t want to get involved in regulating salaries but we can have a fair Progressive Income Tax that rewards innovations but not off shoring!

Not “Death Tax” But “American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax”

The Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, are entitled to have their children have the right to a college education! But what good is an education if white collar jobs are also being off shored! The so called “Death Tax” and Progressive Income Tax are not the evils of run a way government but serve as parts of an AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PRESERVATION TAX! Democrats must act now to preserve and extend the legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt!

We must force the Republicans to accept a repeal of both the Bush and Reagan Tax Cuts instead of cutting Medicare or Pell Grants! Then we must push to extend Medicare to all! But this will not occur if Obama in 2012 repeats his 2008 donations from Goldman Sachs, Harry Reid gets donations from Big Pharma and Charles Schumer goes to bed with Wall Street! Their connections must be laid out in the open for them to choose their loyalty!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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