Republicans Place Party Before Country

Former President George Bush has revealed in his new book that Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell wanted Bush to withdraw troops in 2006 in order to help the Republicans win the Congressional Elections! Then they have the audacity in public to say such decisions should be made by the military!

These fellow travelers of Halliburton attacked Democrats calling us “cut and run”. In the Presidential elections two years latter they wailed at Obama for being a weakling and his so called “cut and run” strategy! They whined that we would leave America unsafe if we left Iraq early! Yet George Bush actually reveals they were willing to do it for their own political gain!

(In the video clip above Keith Olbermann discusses this)

Now take this new “revelation” (no Armageddon intended) in conjunction with President Obama’s “Turn The Page” strategy and the Republican declaration that they are going to launch endless investigations of Obama! The Republican, soon to be committee chairman, said Obama is corrupt yet he has not even started any investigations!

Obama’s “Turn The Page” Strategy Is A “Cut And Run” From “Change We Can Believe In”

Are Democrats trying win the wimp of the century awards? My God we lost thousands of troops, we invaded Iraq on false pretenses and this war combined with the Bush Tax Cuts have destroyed our economy! Yet all we hear from our Democratic Party members of Congress is a pathetic whine of powerlessness and no guts to go on the offensive against the right wing!

Being a liberal and seeking to be honest let first me list two points in Bush’s favor:

  1. Saddam Hussein did act like someone who had WMD. He kept “playing” the investigators.
  2. When Bush was tempted by Senator McConnell to withdraw troops for political gain then President Bush  not only didn’t but started the surge! Bush may have been stupid but this does show he acted in good faith. He did not do what we liberals wanted but he acted against his own political advisors! This point should be kept in mind no matter how much we dislike Bush!

But we are not running against Bush but Senator McConnell and his fellow travelers! They preached the surge but advocated the opposite and solely for political gain!

Where the hell are the Democrats? This is a great attack point!

Yet all we hear is this pathetic “meow”! Granted President Obama is out of the country but talk of keeping the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich seems to find it’s way out of the White House but no attacks on Senator McConnell or demands for investigations as to how we entered the Iraq War in the first place!

If Bush did actually believe there was Iraqi WMD his fault  is that:

  • He kept us there year after year after we won. Nation building was not supposed to be our aim!
  • He did not investigate the intelligence apparatus to find how we made the mistakes or he was to predisposed to believe in WMD.
  • We wasted lives by staying and some military contracts may have had unethical profits attached to them.

We will never know with out Congressional investigations and the Senate can still do it! But instead Democrats have resigned to be wimps!

This is the charge of the castrati brigade! Why don’t Democrats seize on McConnell’s statements and run with this? Why cannot we play the “patriot game”? Why don’t Democrats demand a constitutional amendment to block corporate money in elections! Why should we pay, in the form of higher costs for corporate goods and services, for their political aims? These are issues that have a populist appeal. But Democrats have no testosterone. Can you hear the MEOW!

I am tired of this policy of cut and run from change we can believe in!

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