Republicans Use "Slick" Strategy

When will Barrack Obama learn that Americans want POTENCY not intellectualism! The Republicans are actually stealing Democratic issues and making them their own. They are even calling the current BP Oil spill “Obama’s Katrina”! This is absurd yet they may get away with it because President Obama “doesn’t want to point the finger of blame”! Screw this reconciliation nonsense!

When will Obama learn that Republicans are stealing the anger of the Middle Class that should be directed against them and instead turning it against Democrats. Just to name a few example  issues:

  1. The Oil spill
  2. Bank bailouts and Wall Street
  3. Labeling Obama an “elitist”.

The Oil Spill

My God these folks were screaming “Drill Baby Drill”! See the comic video below of the recent Republican Convention! If Obama supporters acted like such a controlled mob then Democrats would have been accused of being Nazi’s. Americans want POTENCY! The Democrats should be smearing this oil slick in the Republicans faces! Hell Dick Cheney is just waiting for the terrorists to score one against our nation! Why is Obama so damn timid about attacking Republicans? Americans want “potency”! (See the video below)

Oh dear we wouldn’t want to point the finger of blame now would we? Can you hear the “MEOW”! A few days ago the news media made a big thing of Obama becoming “angry”. Damn you call that angry? I understand why Obama gave the go ahead to off shore drilling since it muted the Republicans. Besides it placed Republican Governors in the position of saying “not in my backyard” and the net effect would be to stop the drilling and the issue. But thanks to BP we need to drive home this issue and not let the Republicans escape.

Bank Bailouts and Wall Street

The Tea Party is making populist inroads because people are upset about the bank bailouts. While I agree we had to bail them out in order to save the economy, we Democrats are turning into “Corpocrats”! We are being perceived  by the public as mere “intellectuals” and IMPOTENT by not acting out on the populist rage! The Tea Party folks have “drilled into this populist energy source”!

By not using this out rage at the Banks and demanding their break up and increased regulation, Democrats lost an important opportunity. If the Republicans would oppose the break up then if we had some TESTOSTERONE we would go on a CLASS WARFARE campaign. Oh dear we wouldn’t want to do that! We want to have the Republicans join us around the camp fire and sing “Kumbya”! Again can you hear the “MEOW”? Yet Republicans just finished a campaign of death panel talk and are ready to challenge our patriotism in the war on terror! Why don’t Democrats have the guts to take this battle right back to them! –  “MEOW”!

They Called Obama An Elitist!

Yet Democrats don’t want to play the class warfare card! We need to demand why anyone should be earning millions per year! Just what are they contributing to society? Did these effete snobs of privilege create a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids? No they produced schemes to ship our jobs out of America and frequently to America’s enemies! Yet they self label themselves as “The Producers”! Why didn’t the Democrats call them out on this?

Why should anyone be earning more in one day then the average employee makes in one year! While I as a college graduate am expected to pledge my loyalty to my social betters and the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE in a job interview, the investor has as much loyalty to the employee and the corporation as a cheap French whore’s moans of fake enjoyment! Just look at how fast stocks were traded last week on a nanosecond! Yet we are to pledge our lives! We are of the Middle Class are the “producers”! Why didn’t the Democrats turn the argument against the Republican charge that we are against Main Street and hence elitist?

Could it be Democrats are being domesticated by corporate contributions! After all corporations are people! Our mission in life is to serve our social betters by considering Corporations as persons! Investors should not have to stick their hands into their deep pockets to finance their special interest! No they should be able to tax us by raising their K-Street operational expenses from the costs of their goods and services. That’s what my wallet is for! To finance the interest of my social betters!

Gee I think that is called “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”! But what the heck it is to serve our social betters and the Corporate Collective! That is our duty in life as Middle Class Americans!

Damn I don’t want to leave you as angry as I am so let’s meditate now and use the OBAMA MANTRA! ….. “MEOW…MEOW….MEOW”!

I can understand if Obama wants to act “Presidential” and try to play the high ground but if he does that he must use Vice President Bidden as an attack dog, much like Nixon used Agnew! But then again this is where Obama has a serious flaw that I mentioned several years ago in this blog. in the primaries (I was for Bidden then Edwards) he said all the candidates where reliving the arguments of of the 1960’s college dorm rooms. Well I was one of those hippies and I resent his statement. He is now learning how Republicans will go to ANY LENGTH to win. They wrap themselves in the flag and distort the opposition.

Excuse me has anyone seen any job posting on Civil Service Websites for the position of “County Death Panel Membership”? Yet this nation was racked for months by the scare tactics of the Republicans and you would think now that Obama would be calling them out!

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