Republicans Using Psychological Warfare

Remember when George Bush wanted to divert funds from Social Security for “Private Investment Accounts?” He wanted to play the young against the old and also try to make even those with little income identify with the richer elements of the investor class by owning stock! Well now they are at it again! They have taken Obama’s criticism of McCain and used it out of context against him. Today one of Obama’s economic team stated that the economy is fundamentally sound. The Republicans and the news media then tried to link that with McCain’s statement from the campaign. See the video below and how the right wing is using it to smear Obama.

When McCain said that he was trying to prove his belief that little or no government intervention is needed. When Obama today says “that the economy is sound” he is saying that for two valid reasons:

  1. He understood that the economy was NOT sound, now as President he has taken big steps to correct it.  With those steps now taken now he can make the statement that the fundamentals of the economy are strong! McCain on the other hand with his do nothing Republicans only wanted to create more tax cuts for the rich and increase their wealth redistribution program away from the Middle Class and toward their fellow travelers in the Upper Class.
  2. As President, after taking strong action rather than saying Government is the problem, President Obama has said “Government is the solution!” Thus it is now IMPERATIVE to increase consumer confidence! If he did not talk positive then he would be, and already was,  criticized for being to negative by the Republicans!

Dr. Christina Romer is not a political analyst and hence was red meat to the talk show host here who wanted to score some points. Yes now imagine if instead it was Sarah Palin who said that. The right wing would be all over the news media that the news media is biased.

Where are these right wing Republicans when Rush Limbaugh (their leader) says he wants our President to fail?

The time has come to take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege! I am mad not only that corporate CEO’s are making millions while destroying our economy! But when the President of the United States with all his responsibilities only makes $400K who are these CEO’s even if they do good to make such money?

The time has come to raise our CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS (oh dear did I say something wrong) and ask WHY SHOULD SOMEONE BE MAKING SO MUCH MORE THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN? WHAT ARE THEY CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY? No I don’t mind a doctor or lawyer making three times my salary. But when I see this ridiculous wealth curve and their influence via the “K-TAX” on our political decision making processes of our society, then I believe we must use our democracy to bring about SOCIAL RESPONSIBLY!

Who are these people to make so much more money then the rest of us! We need a  PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX to reward the PRODUCERS in this society! That is to say the great Silent Majority, the American Middle Class!

“Time to be Patriotic” as Vice President Joe Biden has said! Let’s have “Tickle up economics”!




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  1. Well said friend.

    I had an epiphany recently, sitting under a tree. The myopia of trickle-down economics is tantamount to an orchard-owner only allowing sunshine and water to reach the fruit of a tree. The fruit at the top, of course, is the thing of real value, so why not give all the attention to its health?

    If the roots of the tree aren’t healthy, there’s no fruit to worry about… vilifying corporations and the rich purely out of envy is foolish, but at some point we as a society have to grasp the fact that without us working- and middle-class folks leveraging labor to produce wealth for the rich, they have nothing.

  2. This post reminds me of a book named “Unspun: finding facts in a world of disinformation” that I have recently read. According to the book, it says Bush never proposed that the entire social security program would be moved from governmental control to private ownership. Democrats framed his plan calling it “privatization” so it seemed like a loss for those who benefited from Social Security. The book is by Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Read it.