Republicans Want A “Longevity Gains Tax”

In their never ending War on the Middle Class, the Republicans want to steal the golden years of the Silent Majority to comfort the comfortable in the top 1%! Because they correctly perceive that Barrack Obama is a wimp and they don’t want to see an increase in the Progressive Income Tax, Inheritance Tax or the Capital Gains Tax they want to destroy Social Security, Medicare and create conditions that will enable corporations and State Governments to eliminate pensions!

But Americans are living longer  their minions argue! Therefore why not make these vehicles above more solvent by raising the retirement age and reducing the benefits!  Eliminate the Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax for the economic royalists and fill the hole with a LONGEVITY GAINS TAX on the Middle Class!

To raise the retirement age is a “Longevity Gains Tax” on the Middle Class!



Republicans are like the bully waiting for their innocent prey!

“Hey there little one what’s that you got there? Oh look at that you got some extra years of life and you want some leisure time from working to make us rich?”

“What are you going to do with all that leisure time? You would not know what to do with it? You are workers and we are the LEISURE CLASS! You function in life is to comfort the comfortable!

“Give us your Social Security and Medicare!”

“Your pensions are taking too much from our entitlement of a work free stock dividend! “

( Note I am not attacking stock holding Middle Class Americans. Nor is this an attack on the responsible rich in the top 1%.)

However the above is the krap that these effete snobs of privilege are waging against the Silent Majority in this nation! The question is where is that wimp of a President that claims he is a Democrat? Instead we see the Republicans and their corporate minions in the Democratic Party caving in like the pathetic wimps that they are, instead of standing up for the middle class!

When Barrack Obama was elected with both Houses of Congress being Democrats we felt that the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was going to be actualized. We did not expect to fight for the very survival of what President Roosevelt worked for! FDR wanted a Second Bill of Rights added to the Constitution that guaranteed Americans a good paying job, health care and security in old age!

Let me remind you again of one of FDR’s greatest quotes:

“Necessitous men are not free men!”

The Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Corpocratic wing of the Democratic Party want to create a nation of necessitous men and woman by eliminating pensions and shipping jobs overseas! Those jobs that remain will pay less, while we work more to comfort the comfortable! in the past years as Americans have less disposable income and are driven into debt, bankruptcy laws are changed so that the citizens have no release from usury while corporations have free speech and are bailed out! This is called “FREEDOM” in the Republican lexicon!

Yes the freedom to serve our social betters!

Not only are we to enjoy the glory of trickle-down economics but trickle down identity!

Comforting The Comfortable: Trickle Down Identity

Recently the Fidelity Insurance Company did a survey of multimillionaires! Many of them do not feel they are rich! They believe they will outlive their wealth unless they have seven million dollars! It is with this background that we in the middle class are told that we should be “rugged self-sufficient individuals”  and rely on ourselves for our old age!

Yet millionaires don’t even feel secure and we are to comfort the comfortable! Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax and lay a “Longevity Gains Tax” on Middle Class Americans!

If millionaires don’t feel they will outlive their wealth then what is the average American to feel when they face old age and Republicans want to attack Social Security and Medicare while allowing corporations to end pensions?

As serfs we are to base our identity on how best we can serve our social betters! We do not want to make them fearful least they should not invest in the nation that gave them wealth, birth, protection and profits! This is the “FREEDOM” that the Tea Party and their fellow travelers, the Republicans want to give America!

Yes the FREEDOM to serve our Social Betters and the Corporations for which they stand! One Nation under greed with poverty and injustice for all in the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS STATE!

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