Republicans Whine That Occupy Wall Street Is A Hate Protest

Recently Eric Cantor whined that the #Occupy Wall Street Movement is attempting to sow hate and set Americans against each other! Yes this from the party that thrives on hate and dividing Americans against each other. At the same time Herman Cain attacked the unemployed saying it is their fault. The issue is not simply the unemployed but the threat of unemployment to the Silent Majority of America by these effete snobs of privilege!

Herman Cain And The John Galt Hissy Fit Society

Ann Rand extolled a fictional character named “John Galt” who leads a strike by the CEO’s against the so called wicked ravages of the New Deal!  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a super rich American, was a strong defender of the middle class. FDR quoted an old English judge:

“Necessitous men are not free men”!

It is the aim of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party to create a nation of necessitous citizens! In Republican “new speak” a nation of necessitous citizens is called a “business friendly environment”!

The issue is not just the unemployed but the fear of the employed that they too will loose their jobs!

This could happen if  the John Galt’s of this nation are allowed to engage in their self righteous grandiose sense of entitlement! Just one example:  when 400 individuals have more wealth than the collected wealth of 150 million Americans combined! Give me a break!

Yet these effete snobs of privilege have the audacity to whine about “entitlements”!

Listen to the self righteousness of Herman Cain in the video below!

Republicans specialize in hate and turning Americans against each other. When our nation was ravaged with the costs of both the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars, George Bush who never finished his term in the National Guard, tried to change the issue to “Gay Marriage”!

Just recently Republicans tried to set non-union vs. union workers at each others throats by employing envy at union workers’ medical benefits. The aim is to constantly knock down the tallest trees then work on the next layer while our social betters reap the dividends!

We Need A “Middle Class Consciousness”

A few months back Rand Paul said the solution might be to lower the minimum wage! For Christ’s sake then these same effete snobs of privilege try to set Americans against those who use our hospital emergency rooms in order to see a doctor! If the JOB CREATORS paid them correctly then they would not have to do this! Now they want to pay people even less?

I have cited a study of millionaires in prior posts by the Fidelity Investment Corporation that said almost half of millionaires do not feel rich and that they will out live their financial resources unless they have 7 million!

By their definition to be self reliant they would need seven million.

Poor babies! Their solution is to take from the middle class and then lecture us on self reliance and the evils of the liberal “Nanny State” while they and their children live under the umbrella of “Nanny Trusts” in this nation of equal opportunity and self reliance!


Occupy Wall Street Vs. Cut And Run Capitalists

To use the conservative lingo of the Vietnam era that I grow up in but with a liberal twist:

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where loyalty to America is placed behind loyalty to one’s portfolio and corporate profits. Just look at how not only blue collar but white collar jobs are being off shored! Frequently to our enemies! When these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS ship our jobs overseas to China they not only ship the security of American blue and white collar employees but also our technology to a nation that could become our active enemy!

Recently I threw out some Haines underwear. I looked at the tag and they were made in Vietnam!

You know the nation that our troops died to keep from the communists? The same right wing nuts that just recently talked about “Cut and Run Liberals” from Iraq were preaching about the “domino theory” back then!

While our dead soldiers rot in their graves in Vietnam the John Galt Hissy Fit Society walks on their graves to make a profit and to ship our jobs overseas! These CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS have no loyalty to America and yet we are to have loyalty to them! They are now even “persons”!

QUESTION: When China becomes strong and challenges us militarily guess who will “rediscover” their American identity so they can turn a profit?

ANSWER: You guessed it! These very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their corporate minions!

Where the hell is the rage from Obama? Instead he wants to increase so called “free trade” even more in the service of these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS!

#Occupy Wall Street Movement Is A Reaction To The Wimpy Reaction Of Obama

Herman Cain tried to say that the Occupy Wall Street Protests were a cover up for Obama’s failed economic policies! No the protests are a reaction to the Democratic Party playing progressive inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox! They are a reaction to the wimpy stimulus that Obama provided and to Obama himself for not establishing “Law And Order” in our banking system.

When Herman Cain attacks the unemployed where the hell is Obama? Especially after they called him an “elitist”? Obama is not an “elitist”, Obama is a wimp!

Lessons Of History

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a return to the Vietnam Era in that if you were a liberal there was no party on your side back then. The Democrats started the Vietnam War. So we took to the streets.

Today the Democratic Party is largely a shell of it’s progressive past with a wimp like Obama running the show. True Progressives feel alienated in the Democratic Party just as we did during the Vietnam War.

But the Republicans have made a major blunder!

During the Vietnam era the college students were isolated at first and then Nixon made friends with the unions! We witnessed construction workers beating up medical students not far from where the Occupy Wall Street protests are happening today!  Now in the aftermath of Wisconsin the unions know the Republicans are not their ally. The Teamsters and TWU have joined ranks with the Occupy Wall Street movement. More unions are joining daily!

Watch out Tea Party we are going to take our country back from these effete snobs of privilege. Why not join us? We do have some things in common! Stop being the fellow travelers of the effete snobs of privilege!  They are coming for your jobs and social security also!


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