Rick Perry Can “Bank” On Obama Being Passive

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Obama says "What is red meat?"

Recently Rick Perry had a made for YouTube moment when a representative from Bank Of America told him that they would back him! Keith Olbermann discusses this and the election with former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Reich in the video below.

While this should be red meat for Obama and the Democrats we Progressives should not get to excited.

After all this is Obama and the Democratic Party we are talking about! Obama would not know how to use “red meat” if Captain James T Kirk from the United Federation of Planets where to land at the White House and give him advice.

Progressives And Obama Fatigue

If you listen to Robert Reich in the video above he says he “hopes” Obama will show some fight. Frankly I believe the American Middle Class has far more relevant questions to ask!

    • Are we to sit like teenage girls waiting at the phone for our “boy friend” to call and tell us that he still cares for us?
    • Maybe we Progressives just don’t “DESERVE” to have Barrack Obama?
    • We never had a real stimulus and Obama is allowing Social Security and Medicare to go on the table? Are we nuts?
    • Obama is to much of a wimp to press for a Constitutional Amendment to ban corporations from our political processes! Yet the Tea Party has no problem pushing a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget. Is this “Change We Can Believe In?”
    • How much more of this wimp are we Progressives supposed to endure?

I have had it with this wimp! Just think what will happen to America if we have four more years of Barrack Obama in addition to the yet completed term he already has in front of him?

Oh yes let’s cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, college tuition assistance, and job stimulus so that our social betters are not taxed more! That is our function in life! To serve our social betters!


This is the America that Barrack Obama wants to give us! This is the “Change We Can Believe In”! The issue is not how many progressive laws Obama can get passed! The issue is that Barrack Obama is a WIMP! He does not even try and he will not up the rhetoric. Americans love “action figures” not wimps!

Aristocratic FDR The True Champion Of The Middle Class

If citizens live in fear of job loss they are not free! President Franklin Roosevelt below speaks from his wheel chair with the real passion of a great leader. The conservative news-media has allowed our great heritage to be forgotten. Democrats today are corpo-crats. They play liberal inside the confines of the corporate sandbox!


If we had the aristocratic born, wheel chair bond President Franklin Delano Roosevelt he would be screaming night and day about “Organized Money” and the “Economic Royalists”! Instead of talking about cutting Social Security President Franklin D Roosevelt would be calling for his “Second Bill Of Rights”!

Today we have not only a wimp for a President who loves to act athletic but he is not half the man wheel chair ridden aristocratic Franklin Delano Roosevelt was to champion the middle class against the rich and powerful.

I am fed up with Congress being the “House of Corporations“, both Republican and Democrat, and a President who is a total wimp! I am fed up with Progressives acting like teenage girls hoping their boy friend still loves them!

We need Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean for President in 2012!

To hell with Barrack Obama!

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