Rick Santelli Is An Idiot

Rick Santelli became the darling of the Corporate Elitists today by saying “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbors mortgage who has an extra bathroom?” Then he said to the President “did you hear the response this is America!” WRONG Mr. Santelli that was a room full of pompous over paid stock brokers. These effete  snobs do not represent America!

In writing this political blog I subscribe to an enemy conservative news paper called “Human Events”. In doing so my mail box gets bombarded by junk questionnaires from right wing groups doing “polls” of the so -called American public. My point is that their questions are not questions but are based on artificial premises! Rick Santelli’s question is based on such an assumption. That is to say that in America those who cannot afford to pay their mortgage are sinister and have purchased homes that are above their means!

While there are always some whom that may be true, where does Rick Santellli get his facts? Most so -called sub-prime borrowers could indeed still pay their loans IF:

  • They had been given a fixed rate instead of variable rate mortgages.
  • George Bush’s wild eyed SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq had not caused interest rates to rise thus forcing the variable rate mortgages to go toxic!
  • People did not loose their jobs.

One reporter stated that 92% of Americans are indeed paying their mortgages on time. The implication being that it is a wicked 8% that is causing all this fuss.

Well I wonder what the figure was 18 months ago! If today it is 8% who are not paying on time I bet it was lower then and will be even higher in the near future if we do not intervene! Even if your house is not effected by a foreclosed in your neighborhood that is driving down the value of neighborhood homes, that is not the only danger to you! If these toxic mortgages are not stopped then you could loose your job and then you will be adding to that 8% which was maybe 4% some time prior an may be 15% in the future then 30% even latter if we do not act!

I get a real laugh when Rick Santelli uses a room of stock brokers to be representative of the America people! Maybe he should have spoken to some other people. You know people who actually work for a living! Maybe Rick Santelli should be concerned about the CEO’s who make millions while the President of the United States makes only $400,000 per year. Yet the President of the United States has the most responsible job on the planet!

I suppose Rick Santelli believes those who lost their job must also deserve that also! Let me make one thing straight! I want CEO’s salaries lowered by law regardless if they are or are not receiving federal funds. We need a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AMENDMENT to our Constitution! Yes and enforced by a “Department of Social Responsibility” that would issue DSR Guidelines! If companies cannot practice fair trade then they should loose their license to operate in a free society! As i said in my prior post our society’s economic life should not be held to the social stratification of the SOCIAL DARWINISTS who want to make monkeys out of the Middle Class! As a liberal we should demand instead that our economy should not to be subject to monkeying around by SOCIAL DARWINISTS but the product of a democratic people exercising INTELLIGENT DESIGN over our economy and our lives!

I suppose Rick Santelli’s adoring crowd would have loved for George Bush to have privatetised a part of Social Security! Imagine the situation today if Bush and his fellow travelers had their way with Social Security!

The time has come for the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to take our nation back from these effete snob of privilege!

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