Right Wing Attacks Obama's Bow To Emperor

While our President is being criticized for bowing to the Japanese Emperor, the mistake might be on the Japanese Emperor’s side in not bowing back. Bowing is a Japanese custom and President Obama was in his country. But bowing can also be from a “commoner” to a monarch and by not bowing back the Emperor made the Obama bow mean the latter. But then again Obama did the same to the Saudi and even British monarchs! It must be remembered though that the monarch is the flag of that nation unlike a President.

The right wing is having a field day with this sign of respect.

But then again several decades ago when the then reigning pope met the Eastern Orthodox ecumenical patriarch both raced to get on their knees to each other so they could win the “title” of being the “humble servant of the servants of God”. The pope beat the ecumenical patriarch to the floor as I recall. Speaking of the pope I did not hear any criticism about the many public officials who kneeled and kissed the papal ring when the current pope came to New York City for a 911 Memorial Service at the World Trade Center remains!

Move the slider to around the 19th minute in the video below.

The video above shows many officials including Governor Paterson bowing and kneeling to kiss the papal ring. This from the head of the Sovereign State of New York. I did not hear anyone criticize those officials despite the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in denying Gays the right to marry.