Right Wing NRA Has New Friend – Al Qaeda

Al Quaeda just loves right-wing Americans. Remember how right-wingers went ballistic (sorry bad choice of words) concerning Obama? Birther Donny Trump claimed Obama was not one of us. He hired his own intelligence operatives and sent them to Hawaii to look up Obama’s past.  According to Birther Donny Trump in his own words:

“You would not believe what they are finding”. But we never got this intelligence. Just like we never got Birther Donny Trump’s income tax returns!

These right wingers worry more about death panels then the 59 innocent victims killed by the permissiveness that allows semi-automatic weapons and weapon caches to be owned by individuals.

Remember they talk about fake news.

But Birther Donny says he had evidence that Obama was not one of us. Why didn’t he disclose it? So sad…. so sad for the right wing as this could have annulled Obama’s presidency and his DEATH PANELS! Yet these clowns talk about “fake news“!

By the way where are these death panels?

  • Show us the bodies of the dead.
  • Where did these death panels meet?
  • Who were their members and how did they get appointed?
  • What were the questions on the civil service test to become a death panel member?
  • All civil service jobs have a pay scale class. Even the Army.
  • What is the pay grade of a death panel member”
  • What about the local chairman’s pay grade?
  • Where in the budget do I find the money allocated to these death panels?

The Right Wing Has A Distorted Mind Set

They do not want to be legitimate gun owners who use them for sports and home protection but to amass arsenals as they fear the government is coming to get them.

The same folks who whine about a football player taking a knee for the national anthem are the same ones who amass arsenals to overthrow that government which the American flag represents. Listen to them. This is the psychosis these people have. They really believe the “deep state” is coming to get them. So sad….so sad.

Meet The NRA’s New Pal: AL Qaeda

In the video below an American born, Al Qaeda leader urges would be terrorist to check out the good ole USA because of our lax gun control laws. He recently died due to an Obama drone strike. But his warning to us lives on.

Will America learn? Hell no!


We Have A Problem In America – Organized Money aka NRA

Ed Schultz who is a liberal news commentator frequently would take week-long vacations to go deer hunting. Senator Bernie Sanders supported the rights of gun owners in Vermont. Bernie Sanders still supports the right to own a gun. I support the right of a citizen to own a gun for home protection, sports use and authorized protection outside of the home if local law enforcement deems the individual to be under threat.

But why authorize:

  • Semi-Automatic assault weapons?
  • Cop killing, armor piercing bullets?
  • Gun silencers? People would not even know where to run.
  • Ownership of gun arsenals.

As I mentioned they believe the Illuminati are coming to get them.

“Look out it is a black helicopter overhead!”

They have a never-ending sense of entitlement whereby they believe they can take from this society but taxes are beneath them. Well got to go to my Illuminati meeting. They are nominating me for my local death panel.


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