Robert Reich Atttacks Right Wing Bullies

Robert Reich wrote an excellent post in AlterNet concerning how Obama is granting the Tea Party folks legitimacy by being proud of making spending cuts when we should be increasing public sector spending. In a recession that is the only way to increase “aggregate demand”!

But I fear Robert Reich and many Progressives just don’t fully get it!

Obama is a wimp! Stop defending Obama and those Democrats who choose to “Play Liberal” in the nicey nice environment of the “CORPORATE SANDBOX”! This corporate sandbox contains a TESTOSTERONE DAMPER that is destroying the Democratic Party! Robert Reich has it right that this is a game of “chicken” where the issue is “who will blink”. The problem is Obama is a wimp!

The President has the bully pulpit. This is why conservatives feared him when he was elected. He supposedly had ‘both” a liberal agenda and the rhetorical abilities to bring that agenda to fruition! But did he use his rhetorical skills? No all we got was “MEOW”!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How did we get from talk about extending “medicare to all” to being proud of “making the hard choices” about maybe cutting Medicare?
  2. How did job creation go out the window and the issue change to slashing the budget?
  3. How did Progressives and Democrats go from being the champions of Main Street to now witnessing the Tea Party accusing us of being the party of bankers? (Well maybe ask Chuck Schumer and Barrack Obama that one.)
  4. How did not only blue collar jobs get off shored but white collar jobs, and especially computer jobs, get off shored but no one even talks about it? (Maybe ask Hillary Clinton about that).
  5. How did Democrats talk the talk about being the champions of the Middle Class yet support barriers to importing cheaper Canadian prescription drugs? (Ask Harry Reid about his received money from the drug companies.)
  6. How did the Public Option disappear and now we have talk about changing Social Security?
  7. How did so called Financial Reform pass without a clause for credit card usury? Oh wow we have an insurance fund against Wall Street casino gambling! Yet the amount is small and why should our nation have to endure a similar crises again?

So How’s That Hopey Changie Thing Working Out For You?

Sarah Palin is an air head but her question is right on the money! OBAMA IS A WIMP! Robert Reich and every Progressive must face the fact that we Progressives have a choice to make:

Barrack Obama OR “Change We Can Believe IN”!

Barrack Obama has played inside the corporate sandbox as have most Democrats! The time has come to throw the middle class some “red meat”. When things were bad economically and with the War in Iraq became unpopular, George Bush had no problem using psychological warfare against us liberals. He tried to make the national issue “Gay Marriage” instead of his failed economic and military policies!

Republicans have no problem using envy and setting one group against another!

They did it with Blacks, Gays, the unemployed and now union members! The time has come to arouse the “envy” of the middle class against the rich! FDR had no problem with that. He used terminology like “economic royalists” and “organized money”! Even if union members do make good money, they spend it locally! The rich invest in China while union members do home improvements, go to the restaurant or buy stuff in general! I guess “Trickle-down economics” only works if you invest  it, like the rich, in China!

Why aren’t Republicans fully attacked on these issues?

The reason is  Democrats would have to stop “playing” progressive inside the corporate sandbox! Do they have the testosterone? Certainly not Obama! Oh dear we would not want to sound like we are talking “Class Warfare”! That is sooo bad karma like! I have to meditate with all this negative talk….”meow”…”meow”….”MEOW”!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2012! We need to start a “DRAFT BERNIE” movement now!

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