Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

Recently Robert Reich did an article on Alternet concerning the growing plight of the American worker. The former Labor Secretary believes the greatest threat is the growing sense of insecurity. Well maybe he should have told his old buddy Bill Clinton not to pursue NAFTA. But the problem started even before Clinton. As Secretary Reich states in his article:

“Since 1979, the nation’s productivity has risen 65 percent, but workers’ median compensation has increased by just 8 percent. Almost all the gains from growth have gone to the top.”

I believe economists like Mr. Reich are dealing with the symptoms.

What we have in America today is a belief system that attaches itself to our flag and makes even talking about it unpatriotic. It is a self perpetuating illness, a script of behaviors and values that is transgenerational. Like a virus it robs the host of perpetuating itself and make it replicate the viral information. In psychology when this patter causes mental illness it is called a “schema” by Cognitive Therapists. Or a “script” by Transactional Analysts.

The Trickle Down Identity Meme: A VIRUS OF THE SOUL

You may learned about the concept of a “meme” from the hilarious Hitler parodies  on YouTube. A meme is  a self perpetuating concept. In a sense it is “trans-human” and “trans-generational”. Most are harmless. But not the one that is causing economic inequality today in America. It thrives on the “insecurity” that Robert Reich warns us about. But it more than just a symptom.

If we are to confront this insecurity then Mr. Reich and all Democrats  has to understand the meme of trickle down identity.

It is this meme that enables trickle down economics.

It infects the thinking processes of not only of Republicans but Democrats as well. This Virus on the American Soul works silently by being INTERNALIZED and clouding our world view. Especially the world view of corporate Democrats.

This meme of “trickle down identity” or VIRUS OF THE SOUL perpetuates itself by attaching itself to our idea of patriotism. No I did not say patriotism is bad. I said this VIRUS OF THE SOUL attaches itself to our idea of patriotism and thus like a virus steals the replication mechanism of it’s host – American patriotism! It then like a true parasite numbs the host to the work it is doing. Even those politicians who work in it’s service frequently believe what they are doing is correct.

We have been building a nation of “necessitous citizens“.  Robbing individuals of their individual economic freedom and making them servants of the corporation. This is the new collectivism of the 21st century!

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, quoted an old English judge who said, “a necessitous person is not a free person!” I have been ranting about this problem for years on this website and I believe I got FDR’s quote from one of Robert Reich’s articles.

We are seeing jobs broken into permanent temp jobs so employees will not get benefits and have to live as “necessitous citizens”! This has been going on for a long time and is only now making the news. But without a contract even full time white collar employees have a growing sense of insecurity and this is not being addressed by our political leaders.

Stop viewing this as simply a blue collar problem! Unions are much weaker today then they were in years gone by. But they still can at least make the problems of their predominantly blue collar members known to the public.

White collar employees until recently had to suffer in silence. Now many new college grads face the prospect of unemployment or underemployment while being burdened with student debt. Unlike the moocher banksters who cry and then get bailed out, student debt is not forgiven.

But the insecurity that Robert Reich talks about extends even to white collar workers who are already established in a career. The bromides of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton concerning getting a college degree will not fix this problem because these two are part of the problem. They cozy up with corporate interests.

They will not use red meat rhetoric like the right wing to fire up their base and then they wonder why they loose elections and don’t get their base to come out to the polls.

I will offer some red meat rhetoric styled after the Conservative rhetoric of the Vietnam era and latter to further the Progressive cause. I only wish Robert Reich and the Democratic Party would also use red meat rhetoric to fire up the base and to break the hypnotic spell of centrists.

We need to use right wing rhetoric but with a leftist twist.

Perverse Form Of Marriage Altering Our Society With Unnatural Intercourse


No I am not talking about Gay marriage. But let’s use right wing rhetoric against right wingers! Read on to find the answer. But let’s use right wing rhetoric right back in the GOP’s face.

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness! While the cut and run capitalists ship our jobs off shore for their own profit they are not only hurting America’s youth, depriving them of a future, but they are enabling China. But don’t worry these same cut and run capitalists will be back once China becomes a military threat and they can make a profit from the crisis they created being the “enablers” of China.

Dear reader every time you see one of those black POW/MIA flags do you ever ask yourself the question: “where was that flag made? Could it be made in China? You know RED CHINA? Or perhaps it was made like many articles of clothing today in VIETNAM! So Conservative$ where are the dominos you warned about during the Vietnam War?

But you see dear reader these cut and run capitalists have a never ending sense of entitlement! They project their flaws on to others after they create the problems.

Robert Reich just does not seem to understand the Democratic Party’s participation in this turn of events.

The philosophy of the 1% is is simple:

“I want you and You and YOU… to all COMPETE with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks! While I sit back with my ENTITLEMENT to enjoy the DIVIDEND CHECK from your pain! “

No I am not against capitalism. When profit is made from ethical innovation the entrepreneur deserves to be handsomely rewarded for taking the risks!

But what we have today is a “game changer”. When the power of the referee (government) is reduced or corrupted by organized money then the power of the BULLY is increased and you no longer have the same game!

They do all this while they whine about future generations having to pay off the national debt.

We did not get into this state of affairs because modernity simply made globalization possible. LAWS WERE CHANGED! The definition of the market place was changed! They were changed because of a new PERVERSION OF MARRIAGE!

What is this unGodly perverse form of marriage you ask dear reader? Well it is not what you think!

It is the perversion of marriage between an artificial lifeform not made in our Creator’s image that is having dominion over our dear earth!

This artificial life form not made in our Creator’s image is polluting earth’s rivers and oceans and not giving fracking krap about our environment! This artificial life form, this artificial “person” has only once concern! The mamoon beast of profit that it serves!

What is this “artificial lifeform not made in our Creator’s image that I rail against?

It is the new class of persons called “Corporations” and their UNGODLY PERVERSE  INTERCOURSE with with our political institutions that is altering the decision making processes of our democracy!

This is a PERVERSION of Democracy! Yet where are Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Do they rally the public for a constitutional amendment to outlaw this perversion? NO! But it gets even worse. With corporations contributing money to super-pacs every time we make a purchase we are being forced to make a contribution to the political interests of the 1%. Taxation without representation! This mark of the beast is the end time for our democracy unless we do something.

The Supreme Court has said:

Money = free speech!

But the court forgets we live in a democracy. A rich person has the right to go home after voting to his/her mansion but when they go to the polls they have no more rights then anyone else. We may not all have the same amount of money but no one should have more rights of free expression then the rest.

Therefore to continue to be a democracy everyone must have the same amount of money or we must get organized money out of politics!

If we do not then economic insecurity will increase and we will become a “plutocracy” and a nation of “necessitous citizens”. (Translation to Republican speak: a business friendly environment)

But FDR had a remedy for this. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted a “Second Bill of Rights”. If you listen to this short speech below at the 1:25 mark he mentions that this will increase the “security” of the individual.

Robert Reich talks in his post about the insecurity of the individual. Well FDR wanted to fix that before he died. Yet you never hear talk about a Second Bill of Rights from the corporate driven Democratic Party of today or the so-called liberal news media.


Barrack Obama Cannot Fill The Shoes Of President Franklin D Roosevelt


Let’s stop judging people by the color of their skin. Be it negatively or positively. We need to reacquaint ourselves with FDR.

In this era where symbol trumps substance we in the Democratic Party forget that great icon of history. President Franklin  Delano Roosevelt!

Yes it may not be “image savy” but let us pay homage to a great icon of the past. That wheelchair bound, old, White,  and rich DUDE, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! 

Unlike the image driven, saccharin, Wall Street loving Barrack Obama, who is younger, athletic and African-American, FDR was not afraid to fight class warfare! Even doing so against his own class. Besides the video above you might want to stop a second and listen to the short clip of FDR in the top right corner of this website.

I admire FDR far more than Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. Bill Clinton screwed us with NAFTA.

What is Obama’s answer to off shoring and the destruction of unions?

  1. He already signed one free trade treaty.
  2. But now he wants to give us TPP.
  3. Obama would not push fast tracking unionization via “card check”. But he is for fast tracking TPP.
  4. Obama would not stand up and take a symbolic picket line walk with the unions in Wisconsin as he said he would. But at the last minute when unions were fighting for their lives in Wisconsin Barrack Obama sent A WHOLE LAST MINUTE TWEET OF SUPPORT. – President Obama we Progressives are just not worthy of you!
  5. Ah yes “change we can believe in”! -No way! Obama is playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of the Democratic Party’s donor elite class.

What Robert Reich just does not seem to understand is that Progressives need substance not symbol.

We need to stop playing make believe Progressive inside the corporate sandbox of the Democratic Party’s 1% donor class. We need to bring to the surface assumptions that are not completely true and take back our flag and culture from the agenda of the 1%.

We need to confront the means by which this control is maintained over our psyche’s.


The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity


Bill Clinton perhaps did not buy into the theory of “trickle down economics“!  But  the Clintons and Obama have bought into the meme of “trickle down identify“. (I urge you to read my post by clicking on the link). It is based on the false belief:

“What is good for our social betters is good for us!”

  1. Let’s all play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the Democratic Party’s corporate donor class.
  2. Pay no attention to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS as they ship our jobs off shore to China and Vietnam while they make a profit. After all they will be back when China becomes a military threat and these moochers can make a profit off the crisis they created by enabling China.
  3. Pay no attention as the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS join their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists in singing their new anthem, “THE GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE”!
  4. Never talk like Elizabeth Warren in her famous “no one became rich by themselves speech”. Obama once tried to but he did not have the testosterone.
  5. Lets all look the other way while “corporate persons” vacation on an endless spring break on the Cayman Islands with their parked funds. They don’t owe any responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, incorporation, profits and protection. We scared them away!
  6. It’s all our fault. Maybe if we tell the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS that we are so sorry that we wanted a living wage they will come back! How dare we want vacations, health care and pensions? This way when they reduce us down to a third world level of poverty and we have to go on welfare while we work 40 hrs a week they can then call us “moochers“. And why not they have an “entitlement” they are the “producers”. We play no role in making America better.

Every college grad knows when they go for a job interview they have to make believe they hold to the meme of trickle down identity!

By making believe they read the corporation’s stock report and they are impressed by it and the corporation’s growth.

Really who gives a flying FU#K!

Why is their dividend value “automatically” a value of my connection to them? Will the corporation have any loyalty to me? What about a pension? What about a contract, which is standard in europe? This is the meme of trickle down identity at work! I am supposed to internalize the values of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE over my values as an individual!

Do not change what I said. I never said it is wrong to be a “team player”. Yet with all the ranting by Libertarians about the “freedom of the individual” against the tyranny of the collective, why are we to not stand up for our own self interest?

But you see that is the meme of trickle down identity at work! This is what Robert Reich and most Democrats do not see.

  1. Why should I equate my self interest automatically as the interest of the corporation, especially when there is no reciprocation?
  2. Why should recruiting departments judge my intelligence on the basis of how well I internalized the meme of trickle down identity?

The assumptions that contain the trickle down identity meme must be confronted. But will Democrats who are locked in the corporate sandbox of their rich donors rise to the occasion? I doubt it. Robert Reich does not understand that the insecurity he writes about is generated due to this meme of trickle down identity. 

Robert Reich seems to believe we should continue to back these corporate democrats who play “make believe liberal inside the sandbox of their corporate donors”. While they continue to build a “nation of necessitous citizens”. To hell with them.  I am glad Mary Landau lost her Senate seat.

We hear all this big winded rhetoric concerning the “freedom of the individual” as opposed to serving the collective. But the danger today is not a Soviet collective but the corporation just like when our nation was founded. The British East India Tea Company had perverse intercourse with the UK Government.

The assumptions we must confront are the following.

Decrease Government = Increase in individual freedom!

They are wrong because it is more than just two players.

Decrease Government (referee) = Increase in the power of the BULLY to alter the game.

Why Has The Word “Stimulus” Become A Bad Word Mr. Reich?

Aside from the fact that we have a wimp for a President! He who should be lecturing America via the bully pulpit on Keynesian economics. But that is not the only reason the word “stimulus” has become a bad word.

When you have a bleeding economy with off shoring then government spending does not have the multiplier effect. Why is that? Because when those who get jobs from direct stimulation of the economy go to spend their money they are buying goods that are made in China or elsewhere! But this is not simply an economic problem but a sociological. This condition was generated by the trickle down identity meme. This fact must be confronted with red meat rhetoric.

Lack of testosterone by Democrats results in a testosterone free economic stimulus.

We have no “multiplier effect” today and this is due to globalization. Plus growing economic inequality results in a reduced rise in aggregate demand! But Wall Street is doing just fine thank you!

We do not open our eyes and the news media is no help. We lost jobs to China and now purchase large amounts of goods that are produced by the cut and run capitalists in their off shore affiliates, government stimulus does not produce as big of an increase in aggregate demand. Except maybe in China! Mr. Reich you can thank your buddy Bill Clinton for that!


Due to corporate intervention in the decision making processes of our nation we have  NAFTA and soon  thanks to the champion of “change we can believe in” we will have TPP!

Ross Perot warned us about the twin dangers:

  1. This perverse marriage of corporation and state.
  2. He warned us we would soon hear  “that huge sucking sound” as our jobs and technology are being extracted from America to China. See the short video below.


A Remedy For America

A major source of revenue for the federal government has been tariffs. Business pushed for these protections in the early part of our history. While it may not be entirely in their interest to continue them the real issue is whether it is in our interest. What a novel concept?

Oh the joy of serving the corporation! We must work past age 65 in order to get Social Security while capital gains are not taxed as income. What we have in effect is a “life extension gains tax by making Americans work longer for their meager social security. That is if Obama does not use it as part of a “grand bargain”. Pensions are becoming extinct. The former President Bush wanted to privatize social security. Thus making all Americans stock owners on a small scale.

This was a cleaver trick by Bush to advance the “trickle down identity meme“.  Try to make all Americans identify with the 1%. There is nothing wrong with owning stock. But unless you have millions you are deluding yourself that you are part of the 1%.

Imagine if Bush had his way? Where would our elderly be now after the 2008 crash? But unless Mr. Reich and most Democrats up the rhetoric and expose the trickle down identity meme they will continue to be liberals constrained by the agenda of their donors. They will not face the issue we face in America today!

Our society due to the infection of corporate cash has now made a decision of what it values:

We as a society will tax the middle class for living longer and withhold their earned social security by forcing them to work past age 65. This is a LIFE EXTENSION GAINS TAX! Rather than raise the CAPITAL GAINS TAX.

But then again that is my point. The trickle down identity meme!

We internalize the assumptions:

  1. “What is best for the corporation and the rich is also my self interest”!
  2. “Wealth in America is purely a function of hard work and ethical innovation “.
  3. “Every thing the wealthy have is purely because the compensation mechanisms of our market place are near perfection and it is evil to manipulate these or to compensate with a progressive income tax”.
  4. If you doubt the compensation mechanisms of our market place then you believe all of the wealthy are crooks. (That is not what I believe)
  5. My intelligence and patriotism are to be measured in how well I believe the above.
  6. If you want to tax the rich then you are doing so out of envy, atheism and communism.
  7. The capitalist system is homogeneous. You are either for it or a commie!
  8. My freedom is to the same as the freedom of the corporation to be free of government regulation!

If the internalization of these assumptions is not challenged in the political area then our nation will devolve into a plutocracy. The economic insecurity that Robert Reich talks about will go unchallenged. It is not simply an economic issue but a sociological and psychological issue. Unless the Democratic Party is willing to break out of the corporate sandbox of their donor class we will never have “change we can believe in”.

What we really need in America is this: