Robert Reich: No To TransPacific Partnership TPP

Robert Reich

Robert Reich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The time has come for Progressives to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in dealing with corporations. TPP is the lastest example.  I applaud Robert Reich and for attempting to educate the American public on the dangers of the TransAtalantic Partnership or “TPP”. But they don’t go far enough. I urge you to view the short video below featuring Robert Reich produced by Many have coined TPP as NAFTA on steroids. The corporate news media have not done their job in educating the American public about this dangerous free trade treaty whose provisions are not even known to Congress.

I applaud Robert Reich for saying “no”.

But both he and need to say NO to the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle by Barrack Obama!  

President Obama is part of the problem not the solution when the issue is standing up for the middle class against the corporate collectivists. 

  1. Barrack Obama should be the national Pontifex Maximus using the Presidential bully pulpit to fight both the TPP and fast track. But instead Obama is in favor of both TPP and Fast Track.
  2. Barrack Obama, our beloved champion of “change we can believe in” turned his back on card check when we had both houses of Congress. Card Check would have speed up the process of unionization. But Obama would not use the bully pulpit to press for passage. Now unions are dying. Yet President Obama  stands up for TPP and Fast Track. I am fed up with Progressives making excuses for him. We need to unionize white collar professionals as well.
  3. Where was Obama when the unions needed him in Wisconsin? Why didn’t he fulfil his promise to march with the unions? Instead Obama stands for TPP that would increase globalization and off shoring way beyond NAFTA.  When the unions needed him in Wisconsin at the last moment he sent a mere TWEET of support hours before the election in Wisconsin.  Hillary Clinton is no better.


Throughout this website I have urged Progressives to up the rhetoric on the full spectrum of issues facing this nation. Do as the Conservatives did in the Vietnam War.

Make it a issue of “patriotism”.

For to long the American flag was the possession of the right wing. At least today Democrats talk about the “middle class” and the GOP can no longer use their slogan “the silent majority“. Yet we are still wimps in pushing the rhetoric. Consider this:

  • The concept of a “stimulus” was a bad word even in a recession. Why?
  • Bailouts” were for banks not for people.
  • The “freedom” of the 1% is believed to be “our freedom”. What I call “trickle down identity“. We cannot win unless we counter right wing rhetoric.

Right Wing Rhetoric Has Shaped Our World View

Pay attention to the war of rhetoric. The right wing advocates of “rugged individualism” have purchased Congress to have laws changed that resulted in globalization.

These “rugged corporate persons” needed a handout to compete in the market place. The hand out was our middle class lifestyle, as we slowly downgrade America to the level of Vietnam. These moochers will not be satisfied till we work at minimum wage with no pensions or benefits. This is their idea of “freedom“. That is to say the subjugation of individual freedom to the corporate collective!

Doubt this then ask a college graduate going to a job interview.

Every college graduate knows the sicking feeling when we go for a job interview and have to praise the corporation’s stock report. Like who gives a F*cken sh*t. (Note I have to use “*” else the mighty lords of Google will list my site as profane.)

Every job interviewee realizes their freedom as an individual hinges on getting a good job. They must pledge their fealty to the corporate collective with no commitment back. Their “intelligence” is measured in how much they verbalize their subjugation of their individual values to that of the corporation without a reciprocal loyalty. There is nothing wrong with being a team player but what is demanded is beyond that. It is instead “trickle down identity“.

This is “freedom” in the lexicon of Right Wing Corporate “New Speak“.  Yet if the CEO screws up he leaves the company with a massive golden parachute worth millions while our college interviewee faces massive debt from his/her student loans. All so they could have the privilege of serving the corporate collective.


Trickle Down Identity And The Subjugation Of The Middle Class

It is no longer just middle class blue collar jobs that are off shored but white collar jobs as well. All this made possible from the sellout of many politicians in both the GOP and Democratic Parties.

I guess if a few rich people make large contributions then changing laws in favor of corporate interest and intervening in the American market via so  called “free trade treaties”  is just fine!

The good of my social betters is my good!

We are supposed to internalize this  “trickle down identity“. Getting the government involved is just peachy keen if it is to serve the 1%.

Yet when there was a recession and the normal reaction was to have a “stimulus” they scream about the evils of  “Government intervention”.

We are to believe the “freedom of the corporation” is the same as the “individual’s freedom”.

This has resulted in the building of a nation of necessitous citizens.

The creation of a society with high unemployment from globalization. While those who do have jobs compete like rats with each other at lower levels of compensation and benefits.

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS do not know the concept of “innovation” to create real wealth. Instead their innovation is globalization and casino betting as America sinks into the level of Vietnam. But the corporate rich know no bottom to their moral depravity since they hold their money off shore,  black mailing America for a tax holiday from responsibility to the nation that gave them profits, birth, protection and incorporation. All this while they call us “moochers“!

Yes this is their concept of “individual freedom” in 21st century America  under the CORPORATIST COLLECTIVISTS who worship Ayn Rand.

Robert Reich and need to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle. If this means the creation of a separate Progressive Party even at the expense of the GOP winning the 2016 election then so be it!


  1. WiseFather says:

    Instead of doing a victory lap, the supporters of Net Neutrality need to stay engaged to stop the TPP. It could be a back-door approach to upend their big win.

    • BrianDude says:

      I agree. At least we have the Net to gather and oppose the TPP. Amazing isn’t that when the Occupy Wall Street movement had protests they could not use loud speakers but had to create the “people’s mic”. Yet the courts have ruled that the rich have the right to use their millions as it is “free speech”. Thus two Koch Brothers can have more “free speech” than the whole occupy movement. Unless they pay the price of mass arrests to get the media to pay attention.