Robert Reich: Time For Obama To Confront Republican Lies

Robert Reich recently did a post on the Huffington Post where he called on President Obama to confront the GOP lies. Former Secretary Reich also did some follow up interviews on Current TV that I present below. I agree with his argument but I fear he does not go far enough. Obama has not been aggressive enough against Republicans. Robert Reich is aware that American have what he terms “confrontation fatigue” but that is not why Americans are tuning out.

Americans are blurring out for two reasons:

  1. Obama has been a role model of impotence from day one! He has not waged psychological warfare against the GOP and they saw his weakness.  Americans want an “action figure” and jumping up on the stage like Obama is no substitute for a real advocate for change like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was confined to a wheel chair but if you view the video in the right corner of this site you will see why.
  2. Many Democrats in Congress  have a testosterone deficiency themselves from their corporate filled war chests. No one wants to believe Obama is a failure but he is in advocating the progressive agenda.

The time has come for Progressives to take off the gloves and expand on Robert Reich’s basic list of GOP lies:

  1. Austerity
  2. Trickle Down Economics.

Robert Reich is brilliant but I fear he has not confronted Obama enough for being willing to compromise on critical issues to progressives. Note: You may have to hit your browser’s refresh button if the video does not appear below.

As I have mentioned in prior posts that our society is a kin to a living organism. A society is social organism with a political decision making process. This process is relegated to it’s political institutions and they have been corrupted. The “decisions” have been corrupted by two factors:

  1. The “meme” of “Trickle Down Identity” and which makes “Trickle Down Economics” Possible and
  2. Corporate and wealthy donor contributions to candidates. Many Democrats play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donors. That is why Obama only advanced the liberal agenda on “corporate safe issues” like gun control and immigration rather than job creation and a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

Individual Freedom Vs. Subjugation To Corporate Collectivism

When political institutions are freed from the above corrupting factors then we can face an assumption that needs to be confronted in the light of day.

The concept of a “Free Market” does not translate to “Individual Freedom” but frequently to “freedom for the bully”!

The raging river of wealth needs to be channeled by a free society to balance innovation and responsibility to the society that made such innovation possible! Thus the frequent statement by Jim Crammer “It’s Your Money” is not entirely correct. By the way if you agree with Jim Crammer then try tearing up some dollar bills in front of the US Treasury.

Several hundred years ago some aspiring entrepreneurs with gosh darn gutsy “thinking out of the box” created a new “innovation” to product creation that was a smash success! The “Free Market” rewards such thinking that is outside of the dull every day thinking of competitors! These innovators had the gosh darn guts to challenge everyday thinking.

What was their innovation that the “free market” rewarded them so handsomely for you ask”

Why the innovation was SLAVERY! We would not want any of those nasty pesky “regulators” interfering with this “innovation” now would we? Today we have off shoring and the innovations of “fracking” and other externalities of dumping on the environment!

You would think Obama would be enraged at current events but then again why did he even sign the bill that established the Sequester when he had the chance in 2011? We could deal with a default by minting a trillion dollar coin and the Constitution even says our debts shall not be questioned. But there is no way out of the sequester once Obama signed it into law in 2011 when he could have confronted the GOP.

Obama allowed the conservatives to choose what field the battle would be played on. They preferred sequestration over having a default as they could possibly win this battle. Again Obama is a bad general for allowing this to happen by signing the law in 2011 that allows sequestration.

Worst still is that before this he allowed the issue to be changed from job creation and the growing wealth gap to the national debt.

We should have removed the Bush Tax Cuts immediately and had the question changed to when can we roll back both the Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts. But instead Obama gave us a “meow” and preferred to be a Carl Rogers style “facilitator” than a leader.

Obama resigned as the national Pontifex Maximus and allowed the Tea Party to set the national agenda.

The issue is not just the “answer’ but the “question”! Here again Obama is a failure as a leader. Even if Obama should ever give strong answers they are addressing the wrong issue! He allowed the Tea Party, via it’s hostage taking of the GOP, to set the national agenda and decide on the “questions”.

Obama would rather play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his corporate donors. Barrack Obama was the darling of the Goldman Sachs PAC in 2008!

When will Progressives wake up and stand up to Obama like the Tea Party stands up to the GOP? FDR warned us that a “a neccessitous man is not a free man”. Obama is joining with the corporations to build a nation of neccessitous citizens!

The Republicans have a name for a “nation of neccessitous citizens”! They call it a “business friendly environment”!

This is the “freedom” that the Republicans will give us and that Obama is being their enabler. Obama should never have allowed the issue to be changed from job creation and income inequality to the national debt! Stop making excuses for him.

But don’t worry my fellow Democrats we are going to be “free” with Obama at the helm.

Yes the “Freedom” to serve our social betters! While the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS sing their “Corporate Internationalie” and hurl down the American flag to whore their identity to foreign lands, we Americans must subjugate our lives to corporate collectivism. As both blue collar and high tech white collar jobs get off shored and the remaining jobs pay less with no pensions this is just a cool time for Obama to place social security and medicare on the table!

Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”!

  • Pensions are a thing of the past so please Obama let’s put social security and Medicare on the table so you can continue to celebrate the testosterone free political lifestyle. After all my purpose in life is to serve the corporation!
  • We never had a real stimulus when Obama had control of both Houses of Congress. Instead we had Wall Street cronies appointed to jobs and Obama never pulled his face from kissing Joe Lieberman’s ass to confront the rising Tea Party. Thus we lost the election in 2010 as Americans want action figures not wimps!
  • Let’s join President Obama and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party as they appease Republicans yet even more. That way we can build a nation of neccessitous citizens that will work for any wage we can get. Then they can wave their fingers at us while we work full time yet earn so little that we fall below the requirement to pay income taxes!
  • Sure go to college and go into debt, that unlike a company, will never be removed. Then celebrate the corporate Democrats who joined with the GOP to ship even white collar computer jobs overseas! What a cool innovation!
  • Yes this is “Change We Can Believe In” while our social betters sit back and set one employee against another so they can enjoy the “dividend” of our pain!

Stop Making Excuses For Obama

Sure he got sand kicked in his face but did he fight back? No instead he spent the first two years of his Presidency kissing Joe Lieberman’s butt and treating the Health Insurance Companies as if they were “persons” and “equals” before the Supreme Court even ruled on corporate personhood.

  1. We never had a real stimulus and gave more money to AIG then for infrastructure repair. Now all of a sudden Obama talks about infrastructure repair when he had two years of Congressional control to push for real job creation spending.
  2. Obama signed a Free Trade Deal in his first term!
  3. We had Financial Reform that protected “to big to fail” and did not out law the practice of usury!
  4. Obama said he wanted to turn the page on the follies of the crash and how we got into Iraq! Americans need to understand how the banks got away with this or it just goes on and on.
  5. He never pushed for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state. Stop making excuses for him.

Obama has worked from a presumption that should make liberals sick.

President Obama has operated from the premise that corporations are persons and equals in discussions! He fears their money. We need to shame politicians who take corporate money after first offering them an amnesty!

Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Biggest Lie Of All!

This is not “Change We Can Believe In”. Stop making excuses for Obama and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party while they consent to the building of a nation of neccessitous citizens!

Democrats continue to act within the confines of the corporate sandbox of their donors. Stop making excuses for Obama and the corporate wing of the Democratic Party!

Obama in the primaries said that the rest of the candidates still believed political discussions were the same as those discussed in the  dorm rooms of the late 1960’s. He made allusions that he was so much smarter and more up to date.

Well I was one of those participants in dorms of the 1960’s and Obama is wrong. The issues are still the same. Conservatives used rhetoric they still use today. We Progressives must demand an end to this era of licentious permissiveness where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS can ship our jobs, wealth and technology off shore to our enemies while they sing their “CORPORATE INTERNATIONALIE”! We need an era of LAW AND ORDER on Wall Street and to jail those who profited from the pain of others.

We must stand up to the BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers in the Democratic Party who sanction this age of permissiveness that allows the life blood of the American people to be gambled on the whims of idle speculators who have this perverse sense of “entitlement” to the dividends of our pain!  We must demand an end to Pro-Corporate news media biases that allows the crimes of Wall Street to go unpunished and tax havens to flourish off our shores by those who claim to be Americans and benefit from our society!  

Liberals had to separate from the mainstream Democratic Party then and we must do so now!

The building a nation of neccessitous citizens is not “Change We Can Believe In”!

Robert Reich I beg you stop making excuses for Obama!



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