Robert Reich To Obama: Screw Us Progressives Again Please released a short new video (see below) of Robert Reich! In this video economist Robert Reich likes a recent Obama speech that shows a bit of testosterone. I fear this is what is going to be the future of the progressive movement in America. We are going to be like a naive high school girl after her boy friend went out with other girls but says “I always loved you”!

Yeah right sure Obama! Yes I am so glad the White House is (at least currently) saying no to Democratic Senator Wyden’s capitulation to Republicans! Democratic Senator Wyden wants to join Republicans and offer  up Medicare to partial privatization.

No doubt in reality Obama is mad at Senator Wyden because he beat Obama to falling on his knees in even more capitulation to the GOP and Tea Party. Robert Reich and just don’t want to open their eyes and see reality. Obama had almost three years to stand for the progressive agenda but he will not use the bully pulpit. Now he suddenly discovers some of his progressive ideals. Sure and we are supposed to be like a high school girl with stars in our eyes for Barrack Obama!

But weren’t those mean nasty Republicans out to get Obama?

Sure they were. What did you expect!

What I didn’t expect is that Obama would be such a damned wimp and Democrats would follow him in the charge of the castrati brigade! I disagree with Robert Reich and I will not support this wimp again! The issue is to keep “change we can believe in” alive. The Occupy Wall Street Movement are now the custodians of keeping “change we can believe in” alive. 

Obama and most Democrats want to “play” progressive like little kiddies inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox provided by their benifactors! I will have none of it!

But Isn’t Obama Really One Of Us Progressives At Heart?

No he is still a wimp. Sure he took out Bin Laden but how about Joe Lieberman?

Before my readers get all choked up at the nostalgia we had when Obama was elected let me remind you back in the days when we had a 60 vote majority in the Senate! But instead of pushing aside the cloture rules that are not in the constitution President Obama lead the charge of the “castrati brigade”!

Those were the days when:

  1. We were talking about extending medicare below 65 to all Americans. Now we are fighting just to keep it for retirees! Meanwhile Obama let the Bush Tax Cuts be extended while he should have fought to not only repeal them but the Reagan Tax Cuts as well. Can you hear the pathetic wimpy “meow”?
  2. We were going to start a vast re-unionization of the American worker. Now we have those remaining unions fighting just for survival.
  3. Obama was shaking his wimpy fingers at big bussiness talking about the evils of off shoring. Just recently he signed yet another free trade deal.
  4. Obama talked about the evils of banks getting us into this mess. Yet now they have paid off their tarp loans on the backs of the middle class because Obama and wall street Chuckie don’t want to end the practice of credit card usury!
  5. When Obama scolded the Supreme Court at a State of the Union address for their “corporate personhood ruling”. Yet the wimp never pushed for a constitutional amendment to ban separation of corporation and state!
  6. You could buy cheaper Canadian drugs but now Obama and “Pharma Democrats” have passed legislation with their fellow travelers in the Republican Party to ban these life saving drugs to poor seniors.
  7. I could go on and on but finally those were the days when any blazing idiot would know that the combination of the the income gap, reckless leveraging and off shoring was an easy win for Democrats and Progressives! Oh but we have President Obama!

Don’t get caught up in this drama that will unfold in 2012 when Republicans run against Obama. If you do then you are abandoning the Progressive Cause. You will be choosing Obama over “Change We Can Believe In”!

The Republicans will wrongly attack Obama but that is not our problem!

No Obama is NOT a “secular, euro-socialist, tofu eating, tree hugging, home-oh loving, Kenyan born, pinko,  sharia law enabling Muslim” that the Republicans said he is!

No Obama is “instead” really  just a God damned pussy wimp and we Democrats don’t have the guts to open our eyes while we lost this great chance to change history.

Robert Reich in the video does chastise Obama but says we will conditionally give him a second mandate. Hell we all ready gave him one and just think about how much more he can give away with a second? I would rather support a failed progressive third party even if it resulted a President Newt Gingrich!

Why Risk A President Gingrich or Romney?

Because unless we Progressives show as much guts as the Tea Party then we will have four more years of concessions to Republicans by this wimp Obama! If we do have a Republican President then those remaining progressives will not be smothered by Obama Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

When Bush was president Democrats had more guts. Today we have the Occupy Wall Street Movement which I hope will become the start of a genuine new Social Democratic Party that will pass a constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state.

That is why we need Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012. I will write in his name even if it some would say I wasted my vote.



It appears now even the mighty “” is suffering from Obama testosterone deficiency syndrome. What do I mean? Back when the health care debate was the prime issue, sent it’s members an e-mail that we should write a “thank you note” to Harry Reid when he voted for the weakened law that did not have a public option. Like we have to thank Harry Reid just for being a watered down Democrat.

Has lost it’s testosterone also? Robert Reich is a smart man but he needs to join all Progressives and just DUMP THE WIMP OBAMA! If we do not we will never have “change we can believe in“!

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