Romney Says: Submit To Your Employer Or Be A 47% Looser

Mitt Romney will make even the most devout Republican employee  “dependent” on the “Corporate Collectivists“.

Your boss can make you one of the “moochers” at their slightest whim. Democrats need to draw attention to that fact so that more than 47% have a stake in this!

In Mitt Romney’s dream for America competition is good when it is one middle class American against another.

When you are Mitt Romney and have lived for the last five years from dividend check to dividend check you might have the feeling that you are “entitled” to the dividends of gain from middle class pain!

While Mitt Romney and his fellow travelers off shored jobs and vulture capitalized their take over companies real Americans who worked full time jobs saw their security destroyed!



Mitt Romney on the other hand enjoyed the dividends of gain from middle class pain! Now he wants to lecture us on “entitlements“! What Mitt Romney has done is to bring to light some of the basic assumptions of our system! It involves a question of values!

“Paycheck or Dividend Check: which do we value more as a society?”

The latter just keeps on giving without work and is taxed far less!

In Mitt Romney’s America we middle class Americans have to “learn our place” in the new 21st century gilded age of our social betters! What type of life is this when the average American works longer and harder than those of Western and Northern Europe. Why it’s called “Freedom”!

Yes the joy and ecstasy that comes from the “freedom to serve our social betters!

Oh yes but the poor dears in Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Finland and Sweeden all have severe “chiropractic problems”! Yes it’s true if you believe the Republicans and their fellow travelers at FoxNews.

You see according the GOP and FoxNews the Europeans have hunched backs and walk around in a sad stupor with their faces to the ground because they live under the burden of socialism!

Time For Some Psychological Warfare Against The GOP

Democrats need to constantly point out that many of the 47%

  1. Work full time and are paid so low they are below the line to pay income tax. Maybe the solution is to increase their wages! Mean while Mitt Romney sits at home living from dividend check to dividend check!  His “contribution” is to use his free time to warn us about the dangers of a sense of “entitlement”! 
  2. Many of the 47% are retired.
  3. Are unemployed and want to work.
  4. That most Americans could end up in this group by the mere whim their employers.

Democrats need to use ads that:

  • Illustrate how Mitt Romney and his elitist fellow travelers are the ones who have a sense of entitlement! They have a “right” to ship the wealth they made in this nation to off shore havens. Be it to hide their wealth from the IRS or to ship American jobs and technology to China! Their slogan is “your pain is our gain“. They have a sense of entitlement to off shore while they build a desperate work force at home! Why it is called a “business friendly environment”!
  • A “sense of entitlement” comes from the rich with their sense that they have a right to sit home and are entitled to the fruits of your labor!
  • When jobs are off shored, and frequently to America’s potential enemy China, our national security is diminished. We need to stress in ads that regulating corporations from off shoring is the patriotic thing to do!

Democrats must also stress in their ads an appeal to those who are not in the 47%:

  • Make Americans realize they could be made part of the 47% at the whim of their boss! They could be fired!
  • Use psychology to place their boss’s face on Mitt Romney!
  • If they are not fired they will work in an “artificial market” created by off shoring that results in fierce competition for a job! This will result in lower pay that could make them part of the non-taxpayers!
  • Romney portrays the 47% as victims while he and his BLEEDING HEART fellow travelers in the Republican Party all whine that they need more tax cuts. Oh dear we would not want  all the Atlas types at Bain to  “shrug”? We need to off shore more American jobs and create more people who don’t earn enough to pay taxes!
  • Middle Class American have  to begin to have FAITH IN THEMSELVES AND WORTH. Instead banksters get away with destroying our economy while they have this SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT to millions in compensation for destroying our economy!
  • Middle class Americans  need to raise their self esteem in their accomplishments! We have a a RIGHT to a vast safety net and vacation time! We have a RIGHT to be independent of the whims of our employers!
  • Why should someone be compensated with millions per year while those who work full time earn so little they pay no income tax? 
  • We need to question why the market values of jobs are to be seen as purely legitimate. Sure we don’t want to get the Government into setting pay scales but we need societal action to break the dams on the river of wealth that the elites have built. By taxing the gains of off shoring we can then  “Tame The Beast” of corporate power.

The middle class has got to face some fundamental assumptions. The market is not a perfect device but is channeled by the 1%.

Worse is that they feel they are “entitled” to wreck our economy while it profits them. Many of them do not worry about national security only their security. This nation will pay a heavy price for allowing our jobs to be off shored to China!

I realize it is not always fair to blame the “player” when it is the “game” that should be blamed. But the market has some who have bullied their way into the decision making processes of our society that they are “game changers” rather than mere players!

I just hope that President Obama does not wimp out in his second term! We need to separate state and corporation!

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