Romney: We Are Entitled To Dividends Of Gain From Your Pain

Mitt Romney’s recent statement is not being addressed aggressively enough by Barrack Obama! The issue is not simply that the 47% pay other taxes.

The issue is that they work full time and yet do not earn enough to pay taxes or are retired on low incomes. The issue is when we as a nation are going to address a so-called free market that is out of control. The game needs an umpire. In a democracy that umpire is the political institutions of a free people.

Mitt Romney is dead wrong about the 47%. But Democrats are also in a bind. Why do I say that?

Because Democrats have passed free trade agreements and allowed the bankruptcy laws to be changed to favor the rich. Let’s stop keeping family secrets.

We have to many people in this nation who work full time and yet are living on a meager level. 

Using Statistics To Lie

Mark Twain once said:

“There are lies, damn lies and statistics! “

The fact that there are 47% who do not pay federal income tax is correct. The inference from this bit of data is where the lie is contained.

Americans are working and not earning enough and family tax credits are under attack by those who are against abortion!

Walmart employees frequently are not paid enough to be above the poverty line or pay income taxes! Yet these people are not “moochers” or “takers”. Instead it is Walmart that is mooching off their “situation“.

Six members of the Walmart family have more wealth than 30% of Americans! As I was preparing this post and checking my facts I found that the situation is even worse! Senator Bernie Sanders stated that the Walton family that owns Walmart own more than the bottom 40% of Americans! Furthermore Politifact has validated this claim!

That is because they profit not from creating genuine innovation but gaming the situation’s of the American worker.

With our economy in a shambles and both white and blue collar jobs offshored and outsourced you could become one of the 47%. Your boss could put you there at his or her whim!

This same “situation” of desperation is what the Republicans want to see imposed on the rest of us in this nation! Worse is that some in Democratic Party have allowed K-Street to influence their decision making. We Democrats have to stop making believe this is not occurring.

The quote below from FDR who was quoting a British judge needs repeating again and again.

“Necessitous men are not free men!”

Those in this nation who want to subjugate the individual to the corporate collectivists call “Necessitous men and woman” by another name, “business friendly employees! Yes this is the “freedom” that they want to impose on America!

These very same Republicans blame the victim (and I am calling them victims) by stating that “no one is forcing them to work at Walmart“! Well no one is forcing these same corporate loving shrills to live in America and be the “victims” of our tax system. So why not leave?

I think it is time to face the facts that the game is rigged.

Democrats have been to wishy washy on this and running from the term “victim”.

When a crime is committed we have a victim! A crime was committed and the bleeding hearts for the bandits of Wall Street want the game of to big to fail to go on! Furthermore they even claim to be the victims!

While the real Atlas class of our society work to create wealth for the Walton’s of Walmart they dream of sending their kids to college. But even here the river of opportunity has been diverted!  Students go to college and study computer science but their jobs are off shored or replaced by H1-b foreign employees working at cut rate pay and at the mercy of what would have been your employer!

The student loan that allowed you to pay your tuition must be repaid. As a college graduate you are not a “corporate person” who can escape this debt by going bankrupt!

However those who turned our economy into a casino for the wealthy whine for the “freedom” to rob us more!

They want to increase the dependency of the American employee on the whims of the corporations!

Does this sound like your idea of “FREEDOM”? This is the future that the Republicans and some Democrats have in store for America!

Mitt Romney was a “taker”. His own fellow travelers in the Republican Party called him a “Vulture Capitalist“!

Mitt Romney Supported The Draft But Went To France

Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy is beyond belief. In 1968 he got a deferment that was available only to Mormons. Since his church uses young men as missionaries he was sent to France.  I urge you to watch the short 7 miniute video below and to pass it on to your friends.


Retort: But Didn’t Bill Clinton Get A Student Deferment?

Answer: Sure he did.

The difference is Bill Clinton demonstrated against the draft. Mitt Romney demonstrated in favor of the draft yet did not want to serve. Bill Clinton’s actions were in harmony with his beliefs while Mitt Romney’s were not. The issue is Mitt Romney was willing to open his big mouth to support the war but not when it involved his own life but rather other young men! Clinton’s actions were in harmony with his mouth, Romney’s were not! Worse yet is that Mitt Romney was enjoying himself on the beaches of FRANCE while the war waged that he supported. (See the video above).

We also must remember Rush Limbaugh who got out by saying he had a cyst on his ass! Nice to put others in harms way but not yourself!

Our Glorious Future

Let me end on a positive note. I will be voting for Barrack Obama! I just cannot wait till he gets re-elected so we can have:

  • A grand compromise and dilute Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protections, and weakening of unions.
  • Obama signing yet another “Free Trade Agreement that will provide jobs for Americans” – sure right!
  • More “Obama Speak” whereby the continuance of the crime of usury is masked by making loan terms more readable and the continuance of “to big to fail”! But with “Obama Speak” we can call this “Financial Reform“!
  • With “Obama Speak” we can compromise on weakening regulatory agencies even more. But no problem. Obama has said he will consider “Tort Reform“! Wow the government will be reduced and thus not protect you from pollution, mistreatment at the workplace or medical malpractice! Now Obama will take away the one private sector protection we have, trial lawyers making class action suits! Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”!

Isn’t it wonderful! We can enjoy the choice of Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama!

Which corporate candidate do you want for President!

  1. The vulture capitalist or
  2. The “make believe liberal” who plays “liberal” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox!

I just cannot wait till election day and we re-elect Barrack Obama!

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