Rudy Giuliani Drags Out Family Values

If there is one Republican who I really cannot stand it is Rudy Giuliani. John McCain at least did wage war against K – Street in the 2000 election! Now we have former Mayor Giuliani attacking Gay Marriage. The very same guy who has been married three times and when his then wife pushed the “manly mayor” out of the official residence he went and stayed with his gay friends!

This is the Mayor who likes to dress up for comedy parties (see above). The above video is a joke but Rudy Giuliani is no joke! When the tragedy of 9–11 too place Mayor Giuliani wanted to have his term extended due to a “State of Emergency”. Then bragged that he as a federal prosecutor used “enhanced interrogation techniques” against the Mafia! What did he force them to watch movies of him dancing in drag! The guy in the video below asks a question that I did in this blog when the Republican Primary for President was underway last year.

Rudy Giuliani is nothing but an opportunist! We had a Civil War in this country yet we still had an election. The British fought World War II and had a change of government in one day after a no confidence vote in Parliament. Does anyone remember the “Reichstag Fire” and the resultant “Enabling Act” that allowed Hitler to take power? No I don’t go as far as to say Giuliani is a Hitler. But he would undermine our Constitution.

It is important to remember that when someone takes the oath to be Presidet he does not swear to defend the United States! He instead swears to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA against all enemies foreign and domestic!

Yet we hear in this era the constant whining by the Republicans about the need for a  “strict constructionist” interpretation of the Constitution! Why don’t they practice what they preach? Water-boarding is torture! Rudy Giuliani better re-examine what defending marriage as an institution in this society means! Maybe we should out law divorce!

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America has to many challenges to face in this 21st Century. Let’s not let Rudy Guiliani “DRAG” us down the right wing path of distraction. Remember Americans love “action figures”! Bush got elected the second time for real when he waged war. True he should have been doing it in Afghanistan instead of Iraq but Americans want “ACTION”! Obama got elected because the issue now is the economy and the Republicans wanted to continue the same old lack of Government intervention routine. Obama instead gave us “ACTION”!

The problem is that Republicans love to side track us from the real issues. Scaring people about Gays is their last hope. We Democrats need to become more active in demonstrating to the American people that the Republicans only want to advance the cause of the corporate elite! That is why pointing out the FAILED MARRIAGES of people like Giuliani and John McCain is not cruel but necessary! That Democrats have failed marriages really is not the issue because we don’t play the morality routine! That is why we should have been more forceful in defending money for condoms when the President’s budget originally came out.

Maybe if Sarah Palin had given one to her daughter she would not be in the problems she faces now. Believe me I am NOT making fun of her! This is what it comes down to:

  • Not every teenage girl has a mommy who is also a Governor!
  • Just what our nation needs now one more WELFARE MOTHER and
  • More fatherless boys to roam our streets with the potential to join gangs!

We must be FORCEFUL in pointing out how the Republicans are such hypocrites! We don’t need any more of Giuliani and Palin spreading their hate!