Rush Limbaugh And Hannity Fail Rick Perry’s Patriotism Test

Perry Event 2/1/2010

If you did not serve you are not patriotic!

Rick Perry recently insulted his fellow travelers  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Pin Head O’Reilly and Michael Savage! Rick Perry stated that:

Obama does not love his country because he had the chance to serve in the armed forces and did not do it!

Ok this blogger served but I admit I had to. This statement by our Crusader against “Evil-ution” was made in reference to President Obama. Rick Perry said that Obama had the chance to serve but passed it by. Therefore he does not love his country!

When pressed by a reporter in the video below he tells the reporter to ask President Obama: “if he loves this country?”


Progressive Talking Point

Rick Perry says if you did not serve your country then you are not patriotic. Ok how many voters did not serve in the military? Plenty!

Here is a real chance to drive a wedge between the phony patriotism of the right wing and the average voter!

Rick Perry ever with his cowboy boots in his mouth said a real gem that could be used by Democrats if they had the testosterone to do it. No this is not Rick Perry on evolution or the Bank of America wanting to go to bed with him. Here is a golden opportunity for Progressives and Democrats to use the same tactics that the right wing has been using for years!

What is that tactic”

Divide and conquer! Drive a wedge between those who did not serve in the military and Rick Perry!

Progressives should press the issue of that many conservatives don’t meet Rick Perry’s Patriotism test!

  • Rush Limbaugh had a cyst on his ass that prevented him from serving. Latter it was shon that the cyst on his ass was his brain.
  • Sean Hannity of the the Fox patriots.
  • Bill “Pin Head” O’Rielly
  • Michael Savage
  • Lou Dobbs

Yes there were numerous liberal news commentators also who did not serve. But the point is they are not hyprocrites! Here is a great opportunity to drive a wedge between Republicans and many Americans who did not serve! Rick Perry’s rule of patriotism could set the average voter against Rick Perry

However you must realize we have Barrack Obama as our President and while he is none of the things that Republicans accuse him of being, none the less Barrack Obama is the biggest wimp going!

If Barrack Obama had testosterone we could really run some great campaign videos against Rick Perry. But then again do we want to?

Really if Rick Perry were President then Progressives would rediscover their testosterone. If we have four more years of Barrack Obama there will be nothing left of the New Deal.

However if we have Rick Perry as President then Democrats would be free of Obama Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. You do realize dear reader that it is not the end of the world if we have a Repubican President as we may still control the Senate and even if we did not there is one fall back!

Democrats Can Filibuster Also!

Wow Democrats actually standing up! I don’t advocate voting Republican! Rather I advocate voting for a third party Green or Progressive. I realize that doing so could result in a Republican win. But the real danger to the Progressive agenda is that Barrack Obama should be re-elected!

Just what we need, four more years of surrender to Republicans and calling it “Change We Can Believe In”! – No thank you!

We need Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean for president in 2012!





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