San Bernardino: More Questions For Both Right And Left

There is a tendency by some to only look at events through their own ideological framework. Well, I am a maverick even though I am a Bernie Sanders Social Democrat. Let me point out some interesting tidbits concerning the massacre at San Bernadino that are not directly related to the crime but to cultural factors.

Pakistan Requires Unveiled Pictures On Their National ID Card

The female shooter Tashfeen Malik was shown on the news with her unveiled face. One picture was taken from her Pakistani national identification card! Wow! Remember a few years back when the state of Florida required Muslim woman to unveil and arguments arose concerning civil rights?

Yet Pakistan, an Islamic nation has no problem demanding an open face photo for their national id card.

Guns Vs. Knives As Modus Operandi Of Evil Doers

The NRA and it’s supporters say that guns are not the problem, but people. In the United Kingdom a Muslim terrorist struck but without access to guns he had to use a knife. It is true that this individual appears to have been a lone wolf. A larger group of homegrown radicals probably could still get their hands on weapons.

In the short video below British police subdue a knife-wielding terrorist without killing him. While British citizens shout to the terrorist “you ain’t no Muslim!”

What they mean is the terrorist does not represent the Islamic faith and the British know the distinction.

Maybe we in America could learn something from our mother country.

  1. A society can have gun control and it does help.
  2. Police can prefer nonlethal force.
  3. Citizens can make a distinction between the terrorists and Islam.


Gun control does not guarantee freedom from armed attacks by terrorists but it does add one layer of protection.  Unfortunately, a larger attack is predicted to come in the United Kingdom.

America loves guns while Europeans show restraint.

This is not only reflected in the civilian population but even by their respective police. This short video below shows the difference between America and the U.K. concerning guns. The British police use firearms much less. If American police were as self-disciplined then we would not have the issue raised by the Black lives matter movement.


Radical Christian Terrorism Against Planned Parenthood

Our nation also was the victim of religious terrorism but from the Christian Right. The zanies on the right have a sense of entitlement to use lethal force against those who do not agree with them. But their leaders also have a “sense of entitlement” to hurt our society via attempts to shut down our government in order to punish Planned Parenthood and to deny lawful marriage licenses to Gay couples. 

While I do use the term “Radical Christian Terrorism” I must confess that Christianity has shown a greater growth of liberalization than Islam. To deny so is to live with one’s head in the sand. This is not due to any intrinsic property of Christianity over Islam. Rather it is due to historical forces.

In western Europe, religious wars occurred between multiple Christian denominations. Many small states existed with competing official denominations and they warred with each other. This resulted in an era of secularization.  I am sure the same will occur with Islam.

The problem is do we want our homeland to be the battle ground?

I believe we in America have a right to our national identity while still respecting minorities. Still with that said conservatives do have a point concerning the danger of open borders. Sharia law is not exactly liberal friendly.

What wins votes for the right is the FACT that many of our fellow leftists really do have a masochistic guilt about being American.

A nation must have:

  1. Borders
  2. Law
  3. an Identity
  4. An official language

Other nations have no such problem. When you make believe these are not valid issues you give credibility to the right-wing.

Right wingers need to understand that we can be:

  • a nation of both law and mercy as that is our “identity”.
  • Corporations have to learn they are American companies not trans-national. They have a (here comes a bad word) responsibility to the nation that gave them profits, protection, and incorporation.

In Conclusion:

We must not close our eyes to the fact that both right and left wing orthodoxy can blind us to what is occurring at home and in the world.