Say Good Night Hillary H1-b Clinton

Isn’t it amazing that Hillary Clinton has yet to apologize to Barrack Obama concerning her assassination comments! What next is she going to whine that the media is against her and start to cry? Well if she cannot stand this how is she going to compete with the Republicans and John McCain? But then taking the heat was supposed to be why the super delegates should vote for her! Perhaps we owe her the Presidency because she is a woman? But then Obama could say the same because he is Black!

I would like to believe a kinder view of Hillary Clinton’s RFK remarks. When I heard her remarks I felt that perhaps she was addressing the issue of leaving the campaign prematurely! She was not putting Barrack Obama in RFK’s position rather herself! Bobby Kennedy was FORCED OUT of the campaign by assassination. Her assumption being “look at how our nation would have been different if he was not forced out”! Thus she was viewing herself not Obama as RFK in the scenario she listed! But she seems to believe you cannot say you are wrong! That is why she took such heat concerning her vote on Iraq! Hell if I were in Congress then I would have voted for the Iraqi authorization though now I am against the war! I still believe the world is better without Saddam. Mission Accomplished! Now let us get out! But more of that in other posts.

I used to like Hillary Clinton until I realized how she and her hubby where involved in NAFTA and Free Trade. Most of the union folks who support her remember the good old days when Bill Clinton was President and our economy was strong. Yes but he laid the foundation for the coming trade deficit and job losses! One could say that when they realized things were turning differently and not as they supposedly planned, they renounced free trade! I could believe that except that Hillary Clinton to this day is a form supporter of the H1-b Visa Program that is destroying jobs for college graduates in technology and soon will be doing the same in other fields! (See Video below)

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On the blue collar front Hillary Clinton says that those blue collar workers who loose their jobs have a back up! They can be trained to be technology workers! Fine but she is undermining the job market for technology workers with the H1-b program. If there were a shortage of computer students why not let our great capitalist system correct this by allowing the wages of computer workers to rise and thus attracting more to study computers? No instead she chooses to stop the off shoring of American jobs by bringing those off shore here and siding with Corporate America against the dreams of college students and even blue collar workers who want to be cross trained! Then they wonder why “Atlas Shrugged”!

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I really loved Hillary Clinton. She stood alone for Universal Health Care. I even believe her program is superior to Barrack Obama’s! The only advantage of Obama’s plan is that with it’s opting out option it is more likely to pass! So with her superior health care plan why has she sold out American technology workers? The H1-b program will soon be used even against those who major in non-technology subjects! Maybe Hillary Clinton should shed a tear for the dreams of Middle Class Americans she has destroyed!

Hillary Clinton could make an excellent Vice President if she would renounce H1-b! Obama is a great philosopher. Hillary Clinton could be the Dick Cheney and Spiro Agnew of the left! Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton would make a good team. They could play together “Good Cop – Bad Cop”. She could be the “HIT BABE”! She has, as one of her unions supporters stated, “testicular fortitude” and attack instincts!

She demeans herself by advocating she has the popular vote when she does not. There were no valid delegates elected in either Michigan or Florida as both candidates accepted the rules and did not campaign there! In Michigan Obama was not even on the ballot. Hillary Clinton does not even want to count caucus states in the popular vote! She should have told them that before the vote! Then she talks about key states she won but campaigns in Puerto Rico which cannot even vote in the general election! This sophistry is beyond testicular fortitude! Her behavior now is nuts! She should stop and leave with honor!