Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 1

What is occurring in Scotland is of vital importance and relevance to American Progressives! First a confession. I am of of Scottish background! I am proud of my heritage!  But I believe Americans with Scot roots have made their choice to live here and should respect those who have are closer to the facts and the consequences! Thus while I love Scotland (and the UK) I will not be taking  sides! But the referendum in Scotland has enormous implications for us in America. Especially for those, like myself  who consider ourselves as “Progressives” and/or “Social Democrats“! In this post let’s first examine the reasons for Scottish Independence! I will also try to give you some resources and the Unionist argument in the follow up post on this issue. Neither will be what the American corporate news media would lead us to believe.

The Issue Is Not The Queen Or Bagpipes: It is Globalization And Increasing Wealth Inequality

The strange irony of this referendum is that it is to a great degree the legacy of Margaret Thatcher! Due to her radical Conservative policies and the concomitant drive of globalization, Scotland suffered greatly. Many in the rest of the UK shared the increasing leftist views of Scotland.  The United Kingdom has a “parliamentary form of democracy” with the Queen as head of state and a prime minister as the head of government.  There are multiple political parties which is probably a good idea. But to form a government a majority in the lower House is required.

Most decisions are made on the “federal” or UK level. Both the UK and Scotland are more to the left than the United States. But Scotland has gone much further left in recent years due to the damage done by Margaret Thatcher. The current UK government is a coalition of the Conservative and Liberal parties. Scotland is more toward the Labour Party but like many American Progressives does not see their aspirations being meet.

But over the years the Separatist Party has taken on the aspirations of left leaning Scots who see the Labor Party and the system it is a part of being unresponsive to their goals.

If Scotland were an independent nation then it would be far more leftist. Many in the rest of the UK share leftist aspirations and their frustration can be seen in the videos below. Since Scotland wants to move further to the left their hopes of achieving a more left leaning society are  more viable via the route of independence. The remainder of the UK is still more to the left than the United States but Scotland is frustrated waiting for the rest of the UK to keep up with their political evolution! Nor do they want to be damaged again by a second Margaret Thatcher! 

The above is the real motivating force behind the desire for independence rather than a desire to remove the monarchy. Queen Elizabeth would remain Queen!  – but Queen of Scots! There is some issue concerning if she would be the “second” or “third” as Scotland did have a Queen Elizabeth prior to the union. Some have suggested there might be a referendum latter to make Scotland a Republic but that is not likely.

The Legacy Of Margaret Thatcher: To Build A Society Where Greed Is A Virtue

The American news media are not presenting the real issues concerning Scottish independence. Queen Elizabeth is not the issue. Having a constitutional monarchy is not a barrier to wealth equality and social justice. Most of the Scandinavian countries are constitutional monarchies that are also “Social Democracies”! I would even argue that a monarchy helps make a parliamentary democracy successful. The monarch is an impartial referee, especially if the parties cannot come together. The monarch keeps the military in check during such a crisis.

The problem with the UK is that it is sometimes akin to the USA in terms of being susceptiable to Conservative ideology. But the UK has stronger social programs than America.  The Scots however are further evolved toward “social democracy” than the UK.  Margaret Thatcher caused great pain in the UK and particularly in Scotland. She attacked unions and social programs. She even had a poll tax passed that caused great anger as it made it harder for left leaning voters to participate. But just as the problems in America cannot all be blamed on the GOP because Democrats became “GOP enablers” in many cases. The same happened with the Labour Party in the UK.

The Labour Party messed itself up as a vehicle for Scottish idealism by Tony Blair’s love affair with George Bush and the second Iraq War. So some blame belongs to both the Labour and Conservative Parties in the UK. The Scots wanted the Labour Party to bring about more change. But in the south the Conservatives could “sometimes” win election or at least get other parties to join them in making a coalition.

The Scots were burned by Margaret Thatcher and did not want a repeat! Below is a video of the celebration of Margaret Thatcher’s death by many UK citizens due to her economic policies. They made the song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” rise to one of the top hits in the week of Margaret Thatcher’s death.

Note the above took place in London. Some Scots even worry for their poor UK brethren since a Labor victory will have be achieved without assistance from Scotland after the separation. In the video below are listed some ways that Margaret Thatcher angered UK Progressives. Note Margaret  Thatcher’s similarity to the tactics of the current day Republican Party here in America!

That is why in the next video below celebrations break out at a sports stadium in the UK when her death was announced.

But turning now from the satirical humor in the video above I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW CONCERNING THE ELEVATION OF GREED TO A VIRTUE. The one above was a satire but the one below is a speech by a member of the UK Parliament after the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Yes they do have “accents” but this MP (member of Parliament) would be a great candidate for America’s presidency in 2016!

MP Glenda Jackson talks about the elevation of “greed” to a virtue and the degradation of “real values”!  At the end she says Margaret Thatcher was no role model for woman. This MP should run for the US Presidency!

MP Glenda Jackson is not from Scotland but England. We American Progressives can find much value in her speech and the idealism she expounds as both an English woman and a citizen of the United Kingdom! I am sure the Scottish People share her values. By the way Scotland gave us Adam Smith the expounder of capitalism but even he worried about unrestricted greed.

The reason I presented MP Glenda Jackson’s speech is to set the stage for the reasons why Scotland wants to leave the United Kingdom.

Those reasons are “extensions” of MP Glenda Jackson’s speech which many Scots now feel cannot be realized inside the United Kingdom! Below is an official video from the “Scottish National Party” where the ideals of MP Glenda Jackson are  also resonated.

The difference is what “vehicle” can bring those values to fruition – independence or continued union?


Those Scots who prefer to keep the Union are not evil!

They worry about the banksters being unleashed against a small nation with ideals.

We will exam their side in the next post.

What we Americans are not learning from our corporate news media is that this has nothing to do with the Queen or bagpipes!

The issue is economic inequality and the elevation of “greed” to a virtue. Adam Smith is one thing but Ayn Rand is another!

What is occurring in Scotland and the United Kingdom is of extreme importance to American Progressives! BOTH the Separatists and the Unionists are good loyal Scots and loyal to the Queen.

The issue is how to protect idealism in an era of globalization and greed!

The issue the people of Scotland face is what is the vehicle to achieve that end?

God Bless Scotland!

God Bless The UK!

God Save The Queen!