Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 2

The referendum is over but the results are of lasting importance to us in America and particularly to Progressives. If Scotland voted for independence their citizens would be free of the somewhat more conservative south in their quest to achieve a “more just society“!

As I stated in the prior post I believe that issue is best decided by Scots in Scotland not people of Scottish decent in America like myself. In my prior post I presented the independence side. Below Prime Minster David Cameron presents the case for continued union.

I am a Progressive and have more in common with the Labour Party of the UK but I have to salute the PM for his patriotism. His arguments were not just that it would be better for Scotland on the selfish side to stay but a genuine appeal to UK patriotism. PM David Cameron made a stirring appeal in my opinion from the heart appealing to the loyalty from all the member nations of the UK. Citing their long history and traditions of building a democracy together. Our nation is a child of that democracy. The UK actually ended slavery before we did. Sure they had ethical issues but so did we in our history.

The flag of the United Kingdom is the “Union Jack“. It is composed of the English flag and Scottish flags combined. I believe PM Cameron is an honest and good man. Below are the highlights of his speech after the referendum.

The flip side of Scotland’s quest for a “more just society” is that such a nation would be prey to the vampire squids that roam the seas of global capital.

The UK is composed of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. In the central foyer at Westminster where Parliament is located there are four entrance arches each crowned by the four saints that are patron saints of each of the four nations in the UK.

The UK is far more than just England. The PM went to great lengths to make all feel a part. They are also on a quest for a more just society. They have universal health care. We have a weak impersonation called “ObamaCare”!

What We In America Can Learn From The Referendum In Scotland

As I mentioned the Scots had a choice:

  1. Go separate to create a more just society or
  2. Stay in the Union and try to do it with allies in the south.

Many Scots in America want to play arm chair separatist. The Queen was never the issue. She was staying regardless of the vote. She would become the Queen of Scotland. The issue is not kilts and bagpipes!

The issue is how best to create a more just society.

Former UK Prime Minister (PM) Gordon Brown gives a stirring speech in favor of voting “no” to separation in the video below. Former PM Gordon Brown was the leader of the Labour Party which is to the left of the UK’s Conservative Party and Liberal Party.

If you think:

  • Scotland is a conquered territory of England or
  • That real Scots are only for independance or
  • The quest for a just society can only be traveled by the independence route

Then I urge you to listen to this stirring speech by a man who is both a Scot, the former leader of the UK Labour Party and the former UK PM. I like that he proudly talks about support for the “Welfare State”. Imagine President Obama or Hillary Clinton talking that way?

I urge you to watch the video below!

The people of Scotland voted “no”! True to his word UK PM David Cameron promised more power to the each of the four nations including England to set their own laws.

Now here is where a we Americans should take note! In the UK taxation was generally a UK issue not a regional issue. In America we have 50 states where there is competition. Each state has the right to it’s social programs or lack there of. This even extends to some aspects of ObamaCare and Medicare. Add to that some states seem to lure corporations with “tax holidays”, lower taxes or other avoidance schemes. Did you ever notice how many banks in America are incorporated in Delaware?

When political power is moved toward the local level it has benefits but also dangers! Each locality becomes easy prey to the vampire banksters along with cut and run corporations!

The UK will now face those dangers and it should be a lesson to America to watch how the UK reacts to the flow of capital. I believe the UK will not let investors get away from their responsibilities as they do in America.


Capital, unlike employees has more mobility! When states enact programs to create “a more just society” they have to raise taxes. Corporations are free to move while doing so for people is far harder. Before globalization we had industries leaving the north for the south. Now they leave for China, Mexico or India.

Capital is on a never ending quest via it’s ability to set people into “competition” with each other, to create a SOCIETY OF NECESSITOUS CITIZENS! FDR warned us of this.

This is not always an organized choice but a mechanism akin to meme replication. Which is why I talk about Dr. Jeffrey Young’s theory of “Schema maintenance”. But instead of being an application in individual psychopathology it has to do with global politics.

We are witnessing an alteration in the “incentive structure” of society to favor a race to the bottom. Even a good corporation has to comply or it will loose to it’s competitors. The result is a society of necessitous citizens.  Work till you drop and and the lowest wage possible. Building a “society of necessitous citizens” – one temp and one off shoring at a time!

In fact FDR quoted an old English judge who said:

“Necessitous men are not free men!”

Now because of “devolution” in the United Kingdom, its four nations can be victimized by this meme that perpetuates itself like a “schema” in psychopathology but on a national level. The PM is not doing anything wrong. The problem is that the terrain will now be amenable to this quest to build a society of necessitous citizens.

The UK is not doing this deliberately! They are merely following the quest for greater local rule but the parasites will take advantage of this.

However I believe the citizens of the United Kingdom do not have the inhibitions we have in America. They can enact laws on the UK level that curtail the setting of nation against nation within the UK.

The problem is America. We were burned with NAFTA and we have a President that thinks the answer is TPP! The members of our Congress spend at least 1/3 of their time begging rich people for campaign contributions. Europeans may still have problems but they have more insight into campaign spending and financing  then Americans!

By the way did you notice how every one reconciled after the Scottish Referendum?

If the vote were taken in America we would still be counting “chads” and crying fowl from alleged illegal aliens voting.

Here are some links you might find helpful. You are prompted to accept cookies.

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  3. Better Together – Pro Union Site by Scots. 

Meanwhile I am happy to see back in Scotland the following will continue! Actually it is sanctioned by both sides of the recent referendum.



I see from my stats that some folks on the other side of the pond are reading this. Thank you! In preparing the two posts concerning the Scottish Referendum I watched many videos and enjoyed learning about the land where my ancestors came from. Besides my Scot ancestry I am also an Anglican. My parents raised me in the Anglican Church and for that I have been blessed.  I have great respect to all of the groups in the recent referendum.