Sean Hannity Attacks Iran Deal While Silent On Cut And Run Corporations

I am concerned about any nation getting nuclear weapons. But if Sean Hannity is so concerned then maybe he should not have undermined our one “ally” in the region that stood up to Iran. No I am not talking about Israel I am talking about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Then there is the factor of the cut and run capitalists undermining America and our way of life due to their sense of entitlement for profits over patriotism. ¬†By the way as a liberal I love to use Vietnam era right wing rhetoric to show the hypocrisy of the GOP. So enjoy! ūüôā

Due To The Iraqi War We Lost Credibility And Military Deterrence

We lost credibility with our allies when we falsely claimed Iraq had WMD. But we lost our military deterrence when we got involved in the long Iraqi War and allowed the GOP to engage us in a costly right wing social engineering experiment that took place after the war in nation building.

Most of us on the left realize the loss of credibility we suffered but are as blind as Republicans concerning our loss of military credibility due to the Iraq adventure of the GOP.

As bad as going into Iraq was if we had declared victory after removing Saddam Hussein and left Iraq with a reformed Baath military/power structure in place then most of the costs both financial and military casualties would have been avoided.

Sunni Baath Iraq would have prevented the rise of ISIS and would have been a counter weight to Shiite Iran.

Yes it would have been better if we never got involved in Iraq but by becoming involved in a “nation building project” we had to set ever more unrealistic criteria for success. Iran and North Korea laughed at us as they knew we were now tied down in a blood bath. Also we transformed Iraq into a friend of Iran by allowing the Shiites to gain power in Iraq.

Add to this the ever glorious social engineering experiment back home in America with the Bush Tax Cuts while our war expenditures went through the roof. Thus we lost our ability to pose a military threat to Iran and North Korea. They realized they did not have to fear us.

Dear reader the problem did not end there. Don’t forget:

The Cut And Run Capitalists And Their Judas Transfer Of American Technology To Our Enemies

Sean Hannity should watch his own employer’s news channel – FoxNews. Bill O’Reilly years ago attacked General Electric for selling military technology to Iran while the Iranians where supplying Shiite militias in Iraq mines’s that blew off the limbs of American military personal. See video below:


But it does not end there.

We have discussed in this site the Cut and Run Capitalists sending our jobs, wealth and technology to China. All this while they join their new found friends, the Chinese Communists in signing their new song “The Globalization Internationale“.

All this while the “bleeding hearts”¬† in the Republican Party and the Corporate wing of the Democratic Party allow these shirkers to dump their money in the Cayman Islands. But let us confine our discussion for now to the Iranian crisis and the role of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS in building up Iran to the point where it’s military would even get on our radar.

When one uses the term “cut and run capitalist” one must also think of Haliburton. Yes Dick Cheney’s alma mater. The company that moved it’s corporate HQ to Dubai. You remember Dubai the nation that was Iran’s backdoor and perhaps allowed passage of A-Bomb building equipment to be shipped to Pakistan?¬†This was the nation President Bush II wanted to give control of our ports to. Now what could possibly go wrong?

Below Senator Dorgan lashes into Haliburton on their nuclear technology transfers to Iran.


But then again these “corporate persons” have an “entitlement” to betray American values in this “era of licentious permissiveness”. An era where we see new ungodly forms of marriage made not between the images of the Creator but between the artificial mamoon beast. That is to say:

“The marriage of corporation and state!”

While we the middle class foot the bill and our brave troops give their lives so our social betters can collect their dividend checks. Oh yes only in America! 

I doubt most Republicans could take their little finger and point to a map showing where is Iran or Iraq. Nor could they identify the nation that harboured Al Qaeda and allowed them to train there for 9-11! No it was neither of the above but Afghanistan. Most Republicans are just to busy going to Walmart for every day low prices while they wonder why the middle class is shrinking into oblivion.

Below Pat Buchanan, a non-interventionist Republican (yes there are such people) tries to set Conservative Sean Hannity of FoxNews straight.


Iraq existed right on the fault line that separated the old Roman Empire from the Persian Empire. Iraq exists today right on the demarcation line between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Yes ¬†I know that is to much for Republicans to comprehend as aren’t all Non-Christians the same? Well no actually!

Both Sunni and Shiite have fundamentalists which seem to always be in the majority but they are also at warlike odds with each other. Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq while of the Sunni constituency ¬†was more of a secular neo-socialist flavor. Now that we overthrew him the Shiite majority have taken over. The Shiites are also the majority in Iran.

Now gosh golly who would ever have thought that might cause a problem for America?

You know the same Shiite Iran that sent unarmed teenage and pre-teen boys into combat in mass swarms against the Iraqi’s just to to capture their rifles. They did this ¬†after wave after wave of young Iranian boys died. The Iraqi soldiers could not shoot fast enough. This occurred during the seven year war Sunni Iraq, under Saddam Hussein waged against Shiite Iran.

So with all the fun going on why not join in America? Well that is exactly what Bush the second did.

We would not want to disturb our Republican friends with these silly lessons of history. As who could have ever predicted the chaos that would erupt because George Bush II wanted to out shine his dad George Bush I!

So dear reader what does the future hold?

Western corporations are already preparing to sell to Iran. If it is consumer goods that is fine as it will make it harder on their society to risk sanctions. But with the great reputation of the Cut and Run Capitalists to screw America one has to wonder. By the way the article referred to in the link above mentions the Iranian consumers do not have a debt problem. Could these corporations turn Iran into another Greece? Well my concerns are for America.

That is why folks as a Progressive Social Democrat I am just so peachy keen on Barrack Obama!

After all with the great damage that NAFTA has done to America our champion of “change we can believe in” has the solution!

Why it is called “TPP”! And while Obama turned his back on fast tracking “card check” that would have enhanced ¬†unionization, he is for fast tracking TPP. Gosh I wonder why?

As a 65yr old I am so happy that my computer career has been off shored and I work a blue collar job. What makes it even better is now I can NOT get full social security until I am 66! You dear reader will have to wait longer (67 or 68) if you are younger.

That is because we squandered it on the Iraq War and Tax Cuts to the rich. This delay in social security constitutes a de facto life extension gains tax. I would rather have that than a capital gains tax increase! Or God forbid to cut short the eternal spring break of these corporate persons in the Caymon Islands where they keep their funds free of responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, incorporation and profits.

But who cares?

My place in life is to serve my social betters! To serve the corporation is the highest good in life! 


If you go to college you will be in debt only to see your job in off shored. But isn’t that great? That makes us compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks while our social betters enhance their dividend checks! Maybe if we all learned to live on a salary of $5.00 per hour our social betters would not have off shored our jobs!

It is not just blue collar jobs!¬†White collar jobs are going off shore also. Can some get good jobs? Sure. But if the tables for opportunity were as stacked against making an unearned income collecting a “dividend check” as it is from earning an income from a “pay check” you would hear the moochers of the ¬†1% whinning for their never ending sense of entitlement!

While pensions become extinct as dinosaurs in this “brave new world” where “individual freedom” is subjugated to corporate collectivism I am just so happy we have Barrack Obama to stand up for us! I cannot wait till he pushes through his brain child – TPP. Also when he cuts a grand compromise that will weaken the work of FDR even more.


In conclusion dear reader don’t get caught up defending Barrack Obama in this Iranian controversy. Worry about yourselves because Obama like the Republicans ¬†has sold out to the corporate interests years ago.