Senate Holds Prayer Vigil To Block Republican Tsunami

In the ancient days of Rome the Senate would pray at the Temple of Janis. Today the entire Democratic Party members of Congress where lead by President Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (The Troika of Impotence) as they worshiped at the Temple Of Joe Lieberman’s Ass located on Washington DC’s K-Street!

President Barrack Obama lead the solemn high ritual assisted by his acolytes Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! Vice President Joe Biden lead the Temple Chorus in a stirring rendition of the “Castrati Sonata” in whinny sharp that brought all the assembled guests to tears!

President Barrack Obama then proceeded to the High Altar flanked by Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to intone the “sacred mantra” of “Change We Can Believe In’.  We have exclusive footage below of President Obama giving the  “Mantra Invocation” at the Temple of Joe Lieberman’s Ass”!  If you listen closely to this short video below you can hear the SACRED MANTRA intoned by President Obama at the Shrine To Joe Lieberman’s Ass. The voices in the background are the visiting K-Street Congregants who thought it was so cute!

Some however did not receive the vibrational attainment “enthusiasm” that the mantra was supposed to arouse! This writer was one of them as I placed a write in ballot for Michael Moore rather than for the blue dog Congressman of my district. (UPDATED WEDS)  I am happy to report my blue dog Democrat Congressman lost! I cannot intone the mantra of “meow” but some in the Democratic Party find it suits them very well. Not me! This is not the “Change We Can Believe In” that I voted for in 2008. If it means John Boehner becomes House Speaker then so be it.

You see I still have my enthusiasm for “Change We Can Believe In”! I just wish Obama did also!

Tanning Salon To Be Set Up In House Of Representatives

It’s Monday night do you know where your Democratic Majority is? Actually for this Progressive Democrat I have been trying to figure that out for the last two years? Well for the House Of Representatives it has been four years that Democrats have taken over. Now we hear John Boehner is going to:

  • Use the House’s power of the purse strings, even to shut the government down.
  • Turn on the subpoena faucet and investigate the White House and dominate the news cycles.
  • Pursue a policy of NO COMPROMISE!

Meanwhile John Boehner takes time off from his tanning salon to campaign for a Nazi re-enactor. Aren’t these Republicans the people who are worried about computer games and the effects that role models have on teens and even adult viewers of TV and computer violence? The Republican he is supporting for Congress is some one who likes to dress up as an SS member with his son! Well at least the guy dresses up as a Nazi SS soldier not a CD. After all the GOP is for family values!

Why don’t the Democrats make an issue of this. Can you hear the “meow”?

Imagine now if a Democrat had done the same thing?


Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi pursue the Boehner’s  three policies listed above? Especially when George Bush was President?

The reason is Nancy Pelosi is a wimp.

  • Oh dear now we wouldn’t want to generate bad karma now would we? All this conflict and antagonism.
  • Anyone who says we should stop the war in Iraq and investigate Halliburton and the Bush White House must be a meat eater and being to negative!
  • Let’s turn the page I got to stop this discussion now and go hug a tree!

Democrats Acting Like Corpocrats

We can say what ever we like about John Boehner but I wish we could have taken Nancy Pelosi and tied her down on a tanning bed! Maybe if she were a liberal version of John Boehner our nation would not be in the mess we are now!

But let’s not forget the other two members of the “Troika Of Impotence! That is to say Harry Reid and Barrack Obama! According to Ed Schultz, Senator Reid is going on a blitz campaign to win. To bad he didn’t do the same for Single Payer Health Care or at least the Public Option.


The Troika Of Impotence however  did have a blitz to stop the importation of cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals from crossing the Canadian Border! But then again they got large campaign contributions from the pharmaceuticals and health insurance industry. They also treated corporations as “persons” by negotiating with the Health Care Industry to kill the public option.

They did a Financial Reform Law but left out that silly thing on “usury”.  Senator Charles Schumer has received large contributions from Wall Street.

Barrack Obama got large contributions from Goldman Sachs! I am not saying they are dishonest. Campaigns must be financed! That is why we need campaign finance reform. Democrats take the money then “play” progressive inside the sandbox of the corporate collective! Yes they are better than the Republicans generally. But we need to return to the idealism of FDR and stop organized money! Unless you have a strong progressive running in your district I suggest you vote Green!

Barrack Obama should have been in “Campaigner in Chief” mode all along. The issue is NOT how much legislation he gets passed but how forceful he presents issues to the American public.

That is what generates in the long term –  CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. But instead he lead the Troika of Impotence at a prayer vigil in the Temple of Joe Lieberman’s Ass!

The expected defeat could be a blessing. Maybe it will wake Obama up that you cannot compromise but must go over their heads to the American people. When Republicans have no problem using race bait and gay bait the time has come for Democrats to question why anyone should be making millions per year when there is no cure for cancer or aids.

We need to return to the days of Eisenhower when we had a 91% Progressive Income Tax. We need to level the playing field and impose a TARIFF to protect not only blue collar but white collar jobs as well. Obama are you with us or against the Silent Majority!

Vote For Change We Can Believe In – Vote For Progressives! VOTE GREEN!

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