Senator Ben Nelson Blue Dog Hypocrite

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is a damned hypocrite who helped kill real Health Care Reform. He whines against both abortion and government “socialism”. That is why he was against the public option! Yet he has jumped on board to give the 60th vote in the Senate in return for unique “Socialist Medicaid” concessions to his state of Nebraska while denying America the public option! – Hypocrite!

I support a woman’s right to abortion though I do prefer that it be the last tool used for birth control. But it seems to me that if Senator Nelson were so concerned that abortion is the taking of human life then why would he not fight to the end against it? Instead he takes a bribe to enhance Nebraska’s “SOCIALIST” Medicaid program. Hell Senator Nelson  just vetoed the public option yet he wants money for this “Socialist” Medicaid program in his state?

The issue is not so much that we need 60 votes to get legislation through the Senate. We always had the filibuster. But now it is being used constantly. The remedy is a STRONG PRESIDENT who will shame Senators for placing their campaign contribution sources above what is best for America! The REAL ISSUE is Corporations being treated as persons and collecting hidden taxes from Middle Class Americans in the form of higher prices and/or reduced services and employment compensation to finance their K Street agenda.

President Obama this is not “silly season” this is the downfall of your presidency and the Democratic Party! All because you will not lead a campaign against Corporate Collectivism! This is “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”! Who are these people to dip their hands into my pockets to finance their agenda?

The stimulus will take time to work and durning that time President Obama should have been attacking K-Street and CORPORATE COLLECTIVISM. The same CORPORATE COLLECTIVISM that taxes middle class Americans to finance their self interest against our own. Let the rich pay the lobbyists why should I finance K Street? No instead Obama gave more money to AIG then to infrastructure repair  job creation! Why should anyone make millions? What are they contributing to this society when the President makes only $400K? The Democratic Party lacks testosterone!

This is not the change I voted for! To hell with being bi-partisan! Let’s kick some Republican butt.

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