Senator Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then keep supporting Barrack Obama and his game of “playing progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! No more bull! As liberals and progressives the time has come stop making excuses for this looser! The time has come to stop denying our gut reactions! I had that first reaction within just a few months of his taking office. The issue then was should we wait to let the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich expire or kill them immediately! What a missed opportunity to ride the rage of middle class America! Instead Obama gave his first “meow”! Then there was the weak job stimulus package! Then the summer of the Tea Party going unanswered!

We Progressives had a national grass roots army that Barrack Obama demobilized because he wanted to use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to conduct daily readings of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Make Friends And Influence People”!

  • A real Democrat would have used the Presidential bully pulpit on a daily basis to rally Americans against the Economic Royalists of corporate America!
  • A real Democrat would have called out the base that elected him to demonstrate for tariffs and the return of blue collar AND white collar jobs to America!
  • A real Democrat would launch a “Holy War” to to reduce the income gap in this nation that is destroying our middle class!
  • A real Democrat would not “play” progressive inside the confines of the corporate sandbox!

Instead this wimp President worries with Republicans that we need to comfort the comfortable in the upper 1% least they feel insecure! Below Keith Olbermann asks what about the security of the middle class!

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I urge you to read my post “Support Our Social Betters”, which I wrote under the satirical pseudonym of “Mr Teabag”! Get in touch with your “rage” and place your loyalty to “Change We Can Believe In” instead of Barrack Obama!

I am fed up with Democrats who “play” progressive inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox”. Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and even Nancy Pelosi have taken large contributions from corporate America. They need to stop worrying about making their corporate sponsors unhappy!

Bernie Sanders And Howard Dean In 2012

The real danger that Obama poses for “Change We Can Believe In” is that he will render the Democratic Party worthless and that he will cause those who had hope to renounce political involvement! I am fed up with making excuses for this looser! I am fed up with the Tea Party stealing news media coverage and riding the populist rage against Wall Street when it should be Progressive Democrats that capitalize on this! That is why we must dump Obama! Can you imagine a Democrat was President and yet job creation and the income gap has not been daily issue from the White House?

Instead we have Barrack Obama using the Presidential bully pulpit to perform daily readings of Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Tea Party Friends And Influence Republicans”!  I have had it with Obama! We need to support Bernie Sanders for President!

But wait isn’t Senator Sanders a socialist?

Yes and isn’t that WONDERFUL! These Tea Party nuts call Obama a socialist so let’s give them a real Socialist –  Senator Bernie Sanders! By the way most of Western and Northern Europe is governed by Socialists! Most of our fellow members of NATO have strong Socialist movements in their governments! Amazing isn’t it that nations like Ireland and Iceland, the free market showcases of Europe, are the ones that are experiencing economic problems!

The problem isn’t the Government but corporate controlled Government! We don’t want to create a “welfare state” but a “Social Contract State”.

When you reduce the power of a Democratic government to referee the market you do not increase freedom! Instead the BULLY fills the vacuum! That bully is the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

FDR said that “people who act from necessity are not free people”!

If we reduce the power of “our” government to regulate the market we will loose individual freedom to the corporate collective! There is no freedom without a job! What we have today is the market regulating the political institution of this society when it should be the democratically elected political institutions of our society regulating the market!

I am just so proud that my social betters have faith in me to compete with slave labor in third world nations that I want to return that faith in my social betters! Under President Eisenhower we had a Progressive Income Tax of 91% and yet we still had rich individuals instead of the wimpy rich of today who cry that they need the Bush Tax Cuts to stay secure! These effete snobs of privilege seem to believe that they actually EARN their millions per year. No our society allows them to earn these ridiculous sums because we don’t want to regulate salaries.

The Progressive Income Tax is just “reality” calling at the door of those who feel they actually “EARNED” their millions per year! They don’t produce a cure for cancer but give us derivatives and hedge funds instead! We fear each morning when we leave for work that we will have a job while they fear each morning when they leave their house for the mailbox to see their dividend check! The time has come to reward the real producers in America –  our middle class!

Dump Obama! We need Bernie Sanders For President and Howard Dean for Vice President in 2012!

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  1. I would vote for bernie sanders. Obama has sold the people out. Obama would have made a great republican.

    • I know how you feel. I wish we were both wrong but I am afraid we are not. How can our party take a spectacular win from 2008 and just commit suicide?

  2. I’m thinking about going to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Dem convention in 2012 and standing outside with a big sign urging delegates to write in Howard Dean. Maybe we can start something. Obama was a Trojan Horse. I will not vote for him again.


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